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TK Days – Jan. 13 – 17

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Martin Luther King

MLK was an important and impactful man in our country. We value his desire for peace and his outlook for loving all others and treating everyone with kindness. This past week we took a little bit of time to take a look at who he was, his life and what we valued most. We wrote about how we could change the world similar to MLK with even a small act of kindness. In addition, during our buddy time, each 3rd grader stepped their TK through a directed drawing of MLK…adorable! These will be in the hall soon! 

Character Ed. – Compassion

This week Nicole Meyer came in to teach the students about one of my favorite concept/traits ever….compassion! Compassion is a valuable tool in accepting differences or setting aside hang-ups and being able to love and accept others especially in a time a need. Nicole brought in a book about hugging and discussed how this is a way you can show compassion to others. She also brought in a stuffed pig to help explain that not everyone wants a hug and the value in asking first. She proceeded to her stuffed pig friend give every child a hug or the alternative option of a high five to show compassion. The students enjoyed and understood the story and the hug/high five!


In case you haven’t heard we have started a new writing unit in which we explain “how to…”  do one of our expert knowledges. We began our unit with everyone starting to write “How to get ready for school.” This is something we were all familiar with and fun for the students. So far they have been very motivated to write these books and you may even get some books similar to these made at home! Enjoy these little authors and their writing talents!


In addition we began a new STEAM unit on robotics which you may have also heard about. We have discussed what robots are and how they might help us. We spent time designing a robot we’d like to create and dreaming about what we would intend for it to be able to do (many students brilliantly thought up a “clean-my-room” robot). We then went on to introduce a robot we would be using in class…the kids are dying to get their hands on these (if you haven’t already heard).  Students will be collaborating in groups of 3 or 4 to use one robot and experiment with it together! 

Winter Dance

This year, in lieu of our typical Father/Daughter dance, our school is having a “Family Dance” in which attendance is open to any and all. This is a fun night and loved by all will be unique this year with the inaugural invitation for a whole family dance! If you missed bowling night consider this event! 

Star of the Week

Our first two posters are going home this week! Each student will get a turn. Your student will receive a poster and directions and a sample rubric to this oral presentation. Keep in mind that the students are NOT graded on the poster in any way (other than be turned in on time). The main focus will be:

  • Independently presenting
  • Using a loud enough voice and eye contact with their audience.
  • Listening: Being able to listen to other presentations and being able to respond to the presentations.

The poster portion is a piece for the student to have fun with, but doesn’t not need to look professional or perfected. Enjoy the experience of making it together but focus efforts on the practicing piece.

100th Day Activities

Our 100th day is approaching soon! Each day we count the number of days we are in school while imbedding some math skills into our counting process and we are about to the big 100 on February 5th! We will have some special activities that day! One of the activities involves a home counting project which will go home at the end of this coming week. A sneak peak picture is below! Have fun letting your child create this project and practice counting to 100! Enjoy!

Save these Dates

  • No School – Martin Luther King Day – Monday, January 20th
  • 100th Day – Wednesday, February 5th
  • Winter Dance – Friday, February 7th
  • Class Valentine’s Celebration – Thursday February, 13th
  • President’s holiday weekend – Friday, Feb. 14th – Mon. Feb. 17th

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 1/20/20

  • NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Holiday

Tuesday – 1/21/20

  • EBS Morning Run Club begins @ 8:15am – 8:30am

Wednesday – 1/22/20

  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am
  • Family BBQ – 12:30 (Please check in at the office before 12:30)

Thursday – 1/23/20

  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Friday – 1/24/20

  • All School Half Day Dismissal
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

TK Days – Jan. 6 – 10

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Family BBQ – This Week (Jan. 15th)

Our Family BBQ is this week! If you are planning to join , make sure that you: 

  • returned the blue slip by January 10th. 
  • Come on the 15th to the gate ready for lunch with your child. 
  • Check in at the office first to get a volunteer sticker. 
  • When I release the kids you can come in the gate to join your child for lunch at the lunch court. 

Run Club Accomplishments

This guy amazes me! He’s been running and running at Before School Run Club! He’s now run 300 laps! Give him a round of applause for his endurance and effort!

EBS Bowling Bash

Did you get to go? I sadly was out of town, but my sweet family enjoyed the EBS community spirit and fun! If you missed it, don’t forget to sign up next year! Here’s a few pics from the fun night of community! 

Valentines Day

This fun day is coming up! For those early, go-getters, just a reminder to:

  • No candy or food can be included in valentines
  • Please do not write the “To:___” section as this makes the passing out portion accessible for the students. Only sign the “From: ____” portion from your child. This is a great way to have your child practice proper formation, casing and sizing when writing their name. 
  • We will be celebrating on Thursday, Feb. 13th due to the President holiday on 2/14. 

Star of the Week

This will be coming home soon for TWO students each week. Each student will get a turn. 

Your student will receive a poster and directions and a sample rubric to this oral presentation. Keep in mind that the students are NOT graded on the poster in any way (other than be turned in on time). The main focus will be:

  • Independently presenting 
  • Using a loud enough voice and eye contact with their audience. 
  • Listening: Being able to listen to other presentations and being able to respond to the presentations. 

The poster portion is a piece for the student to have fun with, but doesn’t not need to look professional or perfected. Enjoy the experience of making it together but focus efforts on the practicing piece. 

Sight Words

Dark Green Sight Words came out this week! Keep on practicing and playing games to build your sight word base. The students are doing great! 

Save these Dates

  • Western BBQ, Wednesday, January 15th 
  • No School – Martin Luther King Day – Monday, January 20th

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 1/13/20

  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Tuesday – 1/14/20

  • EBS Morning Run Club begins @ 8:15am – 8:30am

Wednesday – 1/15/20

  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am
  • Family BBQ – 12:30 (Please check in at the office before 12:30)

Thursday – 1/16/20

  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Friday – 1/17/20

  • All School Half Day Dismissal
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

TK Days – Dec. 16 – 20

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Cheers to 2020!

2019 has been amazing! Your child started TK and made lots of new friends, and we all got to experience bonding and connection as a 206 family! As 2019 finishes we start to prepare for 2020! Set a 100 day goal!!…Maybe a challenge to help others in specific way? Maybe a health goal to try a new vegetable every week? Possibly a time goal to leave earlier or spend 30 minutes of screen free time as a family? Or maybe even going to bed earlier every night to start the next day refreshed and without rushing? So many options! Regardless of your goal, may you reflect on all the good in this life of ours and strive towards your goal with confidence and accountability and of course with love! 

Make sure you relax, rest, and recover from the busy! Take time to enjoy yourselves as a family. Play a game, go for a walk, and try to have a schedule free evening or day! May be the best Christmas gift ever! 

I’m so grateful to begin this new decade with you all! Thank you again for the daily support you all provide in our class and in your homes! Cheers! Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020! 

Best News Ever!!! (well maybe this month!!)

So many not the best news ever…but some of the best news this year!…our class is finally getting Chrome Book Devices! We have waited patiently and are so excited to have a set of our own!!

Winter Sightings!

Friday we got see EBS Santa in our class. He was visiting the Kinder classrooms and stopped in. (Our kids might have recognized Mr. Tom right away, but know he is also a helper of the real Santa ;). 

Also, Mr. Waczek and the choir did some caroling in the courtyard! The kids had a great time! Check out a video on the Facebook page! (Will be posting soon!)

Family Card

The card/letters to our family presents didn’t get sent home with the gifts. We sent them home Friday and wanted to give you all a heads up! 

EBS Bowling Bash

The annual EBS Bowling night is near! This was formerly Mother/Son Bowling but this year the night is open and inclusive to all. Please know this sells out! Make sure to sign up soon! 

Winter Wonderland Party

What a ball we had at our Winter Wonderland Party! We got to play the Dreidel game, Elf ourselves and have a feast for kings! A special thanks to our parents who planned the fun festivities! It was a great time! 

Another thanks to you all for the generous and awesome gift from the class! So many favorites! You spoil me! Thank you for sharing your sweeties and being so kind!! 

Computer Log In 

Amazing progress in logging in at the Computer Lab! Thank you all for your support in practicing logging in at home and for those that have come to help each week when the kids get stuck! If you haven’t already…..challenge your kiddo to log in without looking at their code! This will help even more once get the Chrome Books up and running! You can do it! 

Letter/Sound Hh Week!


Save these Dates

  • Winter Break – Saturday, December 21st – Sunday January 5th
  • EBS Bowling Night – Friday, January 10th, 2020
  • Western BBQ, Wednesday, January 15th 
  • No School – Martin Luther King Day – Monday, January 20th

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 1/6/20

  • Welcome Back to School! 
  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Tuesday – 1/7/20

  • EBS Morning Run Club begins @ 8:15am – 8:30am
  • Mrs. Miller is at TK/K PLC Meeting – Mrs. Whelehon is teaching!

Wednesday – 1/8/20

  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Thursday – 1/9/20

  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Friday – 1/10/20

  • All School Half Day Dismissal
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am
  • EBS Bowling Night (Must be pre-registered)

TK Days Dec. 8 – 12

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Winter Gifts

This week you will receive a gift from your child. They are planning to share this with you for either Christmas, Hanukkah or the New Year. They love you dearly and are trying their best to keep this a secret. 

Amazing 206 Team

This post tells of multiple amazing talents and gifts shared by different parents in our class! There are so many more of you who contribute this TK Tribe! Thank you for your efforts, time and all that each of you do for these 27 sweet little faces! You are the difference that makes this year and class so unique and memorable for your lovelies! Thank you so much for partnering with me! 

Holiday Shop Visit

The Holiday Shop visit was a success! A special thanks to the parents who came out to assist our young shoppers! They were awesome and super helpful!

Pajama Day

This Friday is an all-school Pajama Day! Come dressed in your cozies! Remember to check the weather for PJ choices and don’t forget to wear regular shoes (no slippers or feetsie pj’s). 

Letter of the Week – Gg

This past week we studied the letter/sound Gg. We worked to practice and understand that Gg has 2 different sounds (/guh/ and /ji/). 

Character Education – Generosity

Nicole Meyer also  came in this week to teach the December Character Education trait! She read them the book, Stone Soup and had them interactively participate as they each got to contribute different pretend items to the shared soup pot. We also discussed and tied this trait of giving to others with joyful heart to the recent generous act we participated in of bringing meals of rice, beans and legumes to donate to families in Mexico. This is an important trait and valuable in building the care and empathy for others. Thank you for participating in discussing and sharing this with your child! 

Hallway Art

In case you haven’t noticed, we are excited and ready for winter!! Caitlyn Tschernkowitsch came in and read Snowmen at Night with our class. She had the class each make their own snow globe with a snowman inside. The students had fun creating their own glittery winter art for the season! 

Mrs. Miller Planter

Our TK planter was struggling to survive! Jen Vanderveer donated some succulent clippings along with some donated clippings from Chinmay to create a lovely and revived planter! 

Another Running Club Accomplishment

Our dear friend Walter achieved the 100 lap ribbon from the morning Run Club! We are so proud of him and his efforts! 

Buddy Time

This past Friday was our last visit with our buddies until 2020! The TK’s love, love, love their buddies! It is for sure their highlight of the week! This week, we had prepared a little gift and card for their buddies and also received a card in return! It was a special moment! 

Math Tiles

Many of you received a colored penguin this week. The students are doing great in Tile Math and moving along. If you see one of these penguins come home, commend your you little student for efforts and great counting! 

Save these Dates

  • All School Pajama Day – Friday, December 20, 2019
  • Winter Break – Saturday, December 21st – Sunday January 5th
  • Class Winter Wonderland party – Thursday, December 19th (stay tuned for details)

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 12/16/19

  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Tuesday – 12/17/19

  • EBS Morning Run Club begins @ 8:15am – 8:30am

Wednesday – 12/18/19

  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Thursday – 12/19/19

  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Friday – 12/20/19

  • EBS PJ Day
  • All School Half Day Dismissal
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

TK Days: Dec. 2 – 6

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Meals for Mexico

This week we collected our Meals for Mexico bags! Our class brought in many, but 2 other classes decided to join our efforts as we all discussed our December Character Education – Generosity! By the end of Thursday we had 143 bags of beans and rice! Thank you for contributing to bringing meals to these families and to discussing the purpose of this opportunity to your kids! There were many smiles at the end of this day of giving! 

Farm Assembly

This past week, we also had an outdoor assembly that was rescheduled from awhile back! The Dairy Farmer came out to visit and speak to the students all about cows and their milk. We learned a lot, and were able to visit with Milkshake the cow and pet baby Sundae! 

Running Club Accomplishment!

This little lady made the huge accomplishment of running 100 laps at the before school running club! Please give her a standing O for her hard work!!! 

Holiday Shop

I want to start with a secondary apology for your patience and grace as I got the week wrong for our Holiday Shop visit! We will be going this Thursday….for realz!! I promise! If you are willing to come back we would love to have any visitors to help the kids in shopping! We will be going from 9:00 am – 9:30 am. See an example of some of the items that will be for sale at the holiday shop! 

Save these Dates

  • EBS/206 Holiday Shop Visit – Thursday, December 12th, 9:00 am – 9:30 am
  • All School Pajama Day – Friday, December 20, 2019
  • Winter Break – Saturday, December 21st – Sunday January 5th
  • Class Winter Wonderland party – Thursday, December 19th (stay tuned for details)

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 12/9/19

  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Tuesday – 12/10/19

  • EBS Morning Run Club begins @ 8:15am – 8:30am

Wednesday – 12/11/19

  • Computer Lab – (Can you log in without looking at your code)
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Thursday – 12/12/19

  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am
  • Visit to the Holiday Shop 9:00 am

Friday – 12/13/19

  • EBS School Spirit Days! Wear Spirit Wear!
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Nov. 18th – 22nd (The Gratitude Edition)

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I have to take this moment to say thank you to each and every one of you! You have produced these beautiful children and taken great care of them to get them to the place they are today. Not only do you clothe and feed them, but you have filled them with love and acceptance regardless of their faults, weaknesses and stinker moments! You have extended a similar love to me in that you all have come together as a team to provide a rich and fun experience. This isn’t a part of any curriculum nor is it found and most schools or classrooms! Your participation and the time you’ve taken to get to know other students, parents and myself (as you all have participated in many ways) is all the difference. Thank you for being you and for playing a crucial part in our year! 

Meals for Mexico

This is our first giving project of the year! We will be collecting meals for families in Mexico! You may be thinking…meals? How can you give a whole meal? It’s easier than you think! A paper went home on Friday with a ziploc attached. Simply….

  • Decorate the bag with Sharpies or sticker and/or an encouraging message
  • Buy a bag of beans, OR rice, OR legumes
  • Then fill the bag and return by Thursday, December 5th! 

My family and I will be bringing these meals down to Mexico on Saturday, December 7th to pass out to families who are in great need! Here’s the best part of the whole giving project….the conversation. Take time to involve your child in the purchasing, decorating and filling and discuss why we are doing this and how there are families who don’t have full pantries of food like we do! This can be mind blowing for many kids and creates an opportunity for future conversations!

I invite past families to participate in this too! Our goal is to get to 100 bags so feel free to bring more than one bag!!

Volunteer Calendar

The volunteer calendar was supposed to go home in folders on Friday, but guess who left it in her mailbox….Mrs. Miller, the master mistake-maker!! It’s all another great example to remind ourselves that we do love mistakes even in the adult years…they help all to learn!

Here’s a copy of December’s calendar. Take a moment to check it out as there are some other events on there. If you have any questions or need to change anything…simply let me know! Thank you! 

Gift Cards

You received a gift card form in your child’s folder last week. This is a fundraiser we do as a school! You can purchase gift cards for friends and families and a small percentage of the purchase goes back to help EBS. So think ahead on those Christmas and Hanukkah lists about what you might be already planning to buy and purchase early to save you time and to help EBS and a portion of your purchase will help our schools. Cards will be delivered shortly after to our classroom (me) and I’ll pass them on to you! 

Family BBQ

The week we return is the Family BBQ day at EBS! This is a day where families can come and have lunch with their kiddos at school. It happens 2x a year. They will bring a grill to the school as part of the cafeteria experience. Kids can punch in their lunch numbers but parents can purchase and eat with their kids as well. 

Since we don’t have lunch, due to our half-day TK, you are welcome to come to pick up your child at 12:30 (as on typical days) and check in at the office. Then at dismissal, you can come in the gate when I release your child and go have lunch with them and their friends. If your child is at SAY, they will also have the option of purchasing the Family BBQ for their lunch! Its a fun day!! 

Grandparents Day/Thanksgiving 

What a fun day we had! Please thank all your family members who made it to our class to celebrate Grandparents Day or Thanksgiving! Here is a couple of the highlight pictures as we read a book, created a craft with grandparents and then listened to our song. I’m posting the song here (please excuse my murmuring voice in the background as I was trying to guide and totally forgot the mic was picking up my voice!….master mistake-maker! 

At our Thanksgiving feast the kids got to shake heavy cream and make butter! So much fun! They ate like kings as their feast with their own butter! Such a treat!! 

Holiday Shop in December

This is another flyer you received in your folders last week about a holiday shop at EBS! This is a shop created at school in the parent room where kids can come with their classes to purchase gifts for their friends and families. We will be going as a class on: 

Thursday, December 5th at 9:00 – 9:30. 

Ways you can help:

  • Send your child with a little bit of money that day so they can purchase something for you or a friend. This lets them practice generosity and feel they get to have a surprise for you!
  • Come with us to help students shop! Students will have envelopes similar to the book fair. 
  • Plan a shopping list with your child before they come that you are comfortable with and that might not overwhelm them. (mostly there are little trinkets of different sizes and prices).

Scholastic Book Order

I know we just had our book fair so you may be “booked” out, but if you are interested there are some good book deals that I always buy for gifts I I have to get each cousin a gift and a book…promoting reading is always a good thing!). If you are interested simply return by next week so we can get them in time for the holiday break! Thanks! 

Rr Week

We studied the letter Ll last week! We came up with words that start with Rr and did an Rr hunt around the room! 

FINAL Color Week Celebration….Rainbow Week!

One more COLOR DAY left! Next week we will celebrate Rainbow Day! This day is when your child gets to choose their favorite color to dress in! Come fully decked out in their favorite color and we will make a rainbow of children in their favorite colors! 

Save these Dates

  • EBS Holiday Shop Visit – Thursday, December 5th, 9:00 am – 9:30 am
  • Return ALL Meals for Mexico – Thursday, December 5th 
  • Scholastic Book Order – Due Thursday, December 5th
  • Winter Break – Saturday, December 21st – Sunday January 5th

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 12/2/19

  • Computer Lab – Practice logging in at home!!
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Tuesday – 12/3/19

  • EBS Morning Run Club begins @ 8:15am – 8:30am

Wednesday – 12/4/19

  • Computer Lab – Practice logging in at home!!
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

Thursday – 12/5/19

  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am
  • Rainbow WEEK – All K/TK wear Rainbow
  • Visit to the Holiday Shop 9:00 am
  • Meals to Mexico due!

Friday – 12/6/19

  • EBS School Spirit Days! Wear Spirit Wear!
  • EBS Morning Run Club @ 8:15 am

TK Days: June 10 – 11

IN THIS POST:  Room Mom Gratitude, Summer Playdates Save the Dates, Human Impact Effect, Last Day of School, 206 Floor Renovation, Summer!!!!

Room Mom Gratitude

I’m sure each of you will agree when I say how amazing Dani Powell has made this year! She has loved on every child and treated us all (myself included) with great care. She planned and communicated on each and every activity or event we had and helped in our class 1-2 days a week from our October Volunteer Start all the way through the last day of school! She always reached out to see how she could help and did everything with a smile, without complaining and always in a kind voice! It is with great gratitude and sadness to say goodbye that I applaud and cheer on this stellar mom, wife, volunteer, art teacher, nurse, connector, communicator, reader, and much, much more! Thank you Dani Powell

EBS Summer Playdates

Don’t forget about the EBS Summer Playdates! Its such a great way to reunite with our TK buddies and meet some new friends that will be joining us in Kindergarten this year!

Practice some introduction language with your child so they can be a leader in making new friends and joining old friends and new friends together!

Practice Introductory Language

  • “Hi, my name is _____, what is your name?”
  • “Do you want to play with me?”
  • “This is my friend _______.”
  • “What do you like to play?”
  • “My favorite _______ is _____. What is your favorite _______?”

Human Impact Effect

We had quite an impact on our EBS Community! On Thursday, May 24th we made an attempt to get our school to vow to completely avoid using plastic bags for ONE day! We set up an, “I promise…” sheet for students in the school to sign if they didn’t use a bag that day! Check out the results below!!

Last Day of School

Our last day of school was a blast! We just soaked up the time together and took it easy! We watched a movie together and ate pizza and Otter Pops! Special thanks to our Room Mom, Dani Powell for getting our pizza on the last day! 

We also snapped these cute pictures of students on their last day! Enjoy! 

Mother’s Day Photos

In case you missed your e-version of Mother’s Day photos, I’ve uploaded them here! We love you Mom…every day of the year! 

Room 206 – Floor Renovation

Special thanks to those mamas who came in to help pack up our classroom. I had to be completely out of Room 206 for the summer by Thursday, June 13th! I would have never made it without the help of Dani, Emily C. and Chrissy! Thank you so very much for helping! If you are curious what the room looks like during renovation, I’ve had some pics sent to me while they’ve worked! Its amazing! 


Summer is officially here! What are your plans??? Hopefully lots of play, rest and rejuvenation! Maybe you visited the fair, went to the pool, went on a trip or lounged around for a day or two! We are starting our mornings off with reading and math each day to keep in good habits and get in our brain exercise each day, then play and some cleaning out of our drawers! So far so good! Hoping your summer has started off with lots of fun and smiles as the sunshine has finally made its way to SD!


TK Days: June 3 – 7 (LAST WEEK)

IN THIS POST:   Father’s Day, All Book Bag Books Due Now, Newspapers or Packing Paper…Help Wanted, Parachute Fun, TK/K Summer Play Groups, Ramadan – Thank you Sania Ghandi, Library Summer Reading Program, ST Math, Yearbooks – Thank you Emily Caballero, Save the Dates, The Week Ahead

Father’s Day

What a fun time we had at our Father’s Day! We love to celebrate our dads and how they make such a difference in our lives! They for sure balance out the house and bring a whole special and fun feel to parenting! Thank you for taking the time to move your schedules around and spend some fun moments in class with us!! We had a full house! 

We spent a moment showing dad our top 3 Reason’s why we love him and giving him our Father’s Day gift! Then we watched the students version of Here Comes the Sun and finally we got down to the fun stuff! We played some Minute to Win It games. We had to up the challenge with our dads though! They not only had a lot of fun with us but they are total studs! They did amazing!! We love you dad!!

All Book Bag Books Due Now

If you haven’t turned in your 206 Book Bag yet, please do so tomorrow. We use these books each year and let the next students borrow them to learn to read, just as your child did. If you happen to still have them, send them in your folder tomorrow. If you already sent yours in…Thank You! 

Newspapers/Packing Paper? – Help Wanted

Room 206 is having a little reconstructive surgery done over the summer. Our floors will be completely ripped out (foundation and all) and replaced. With that said, I have to pack up all my personal belongings by Wednesday while the work is being done. If you are interested in coming in on Monday to help pack up, I’d be more than grateful! 

I’m in search of some newspapers or packing paper to pack many of these items up. Thank you so much! 

Field Trip Recap!

What a fun day we had a the San Diego Science Discovery Museum! The kids had a blast exploring all the options to play with their buddies! We took a STEAM class on Force and then got more play time together! It was a perfect way to celebrate the finish of our school year together! Thank you to all the parents who chaperoned and helped our students!!

Parachute Fun

This past week we got to rotate to all the kindergarten classes to do a quick and fun activity for 20 minutes. In Room 206, we did parachute play! Catch these pics of our class having a blast with the parachute! 

TK/K Summer Playgroups

Just a reminder to mark your calendars regarding our Summer Playgroups! As TK’s, you have a unique position in that your are getting a reunion and meeting new classmates! You never know who you might meet and how you could connect! Some best buddies were met at these playdates…and different friends and some EBS staff show up at each one! 

Ramadan – Thank you Sania Ghandi!

The last week of May, Sania Ghandi came in to teach us about Ramadan & Eid! This year we have learned about many different holidays and traditions from many different cultures! It has been an absolute joy to share how each family celebrates! I have taught for 20 years and I still learn more every year! This also helps us gain and appreciation and respect for all families with similarities and differences! This is important learning and greatly impacts who we become and how we appreciate life and those who we get to share this world with! Thank you Sania! 

We learned about when Ramadan comes and how it is around the lunar calendar! For Ramadan, we fast in the day time for 30 days and when the moon is sighted on the 30th day, we begin the celebration of Eid. Eid last three days and is full of fun! My favorite part of Ramadan is that during the 30 days of fasting, the focus is on respecting others, helping those in need, doing your best and giving to the poor (those who have less than you). This is our best self and this is something we can always improve on! I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing Sania! We all learned so much and gained a new respect understanding and respect for Ramadan! 

Library Summer Reading Program

If you haven’t ever joined the summer reading program put on by the public library system…this is something you should try this summer! My kids have done it for  years. There are no strings and each summer our accomplishments have varied but we have always had fun! Sign up at the link below and simply read 10 books or 10 hours (your choice) and you can receive a free book, some coupons and usually a little gift or swag! Its motivating for us to get to the library and try out some new books as well as read a book or two while we are there! The Scripps library is fun and close or if you haven’t visited the PQ library…thats a great one too (its in our old hood and we had many great memories there). Take a moment to check it out, maybe sign up and see some of the other activities they are providing over the summer!

ST Math 

Set a learning goal for summer! My family has set a time and goal for our reading…what about Math! Conveniently, you can keep using the ST Math log-in and system through July 31st. If you complete it to 100% you will receive a certificate in the fall. Set a time goal or a number per week goal that your child will work on ST Math. Just get your kids to the EBS website and they should be able to navigate to the Clever Portal and sign in from there! 

Remember in ST Math to let your kiddo do most of the problem solving. If they get stuck and keep making the same mistake over and over, use guiding questions to help them move past the bump. 

Yearbooks – Thank you Emily Caballero!

Our annual year books showed up this past Friday. If you ordered one (it was a pre-order) they brought yours to the class. If you still wanted to purchase one you can typically get one at the front of the school tomorrow before or after school until they are all sold. 

This year was especially unique in that there are 2 Mrs. Miller pages! It was a mistake by the company, but in the first Mrs. Miller page, I was paired with a 3rd grade class. If you turn the page, our actual TK page and class are there! Totally okay though…right….as the TK’s say, “We love Mistakes!” 

Check out the beautiful layout that Emily Caballero spent a lot of time to build! Thank you so much! There are some class favorite pictures to remember our year! 

Puppet Show

We got to visit Mrs. Gelaro’s annual Puppet Show! The students make their own puppets and write their own versions of plays to present! They did awesome and our class enjoyed!! Thank you Mrs. Gelaro’s Class! 

Save these Dates

  • Spirit Week – June 5 – 12
  • Last Day of School – June 11th (whole school minimum day)

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 6/10/19

  • Music @ 9:00 am

Tuesday – 6/11/19

  • Movie & Pizza in Room 206

Wednesday – 6/12/19

  • Summer begins!!

TK Days: May 20 – 24

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Field Trip Paperwork Return

If you have not returned your Field Trip Paperwork and plan to drive on our field trip, please turn in your paperwork on Tuesday, May 28th as I have to turn in our driver information a week in advance. If you already turned in your license and insurance information for the last field trip I still have it, therefore there is no need to submit new copies.  If you are willing to drive in another car, please note this on the paperwork or email me. 

Volunteer Appreciation Assembly – May 30

This is our new Volunteer Appreciation Celebration. We have never done this format before and are hoping it accommodates more parents’ schedules. We look forward thanking you formally! 

8:30 am Donuts and coffee on the lunch court (adults only)

8:55 am Assembly on Blacktop

  • Volunteers will march down the red carpet onto the playground and take a seat
  • Student speeches
  • Choir  performance
  • Volunteers gather with specific class for individual thank you’s

RSVP’s were sent about 2 weeks ago if you were planning to attend. 

No Plastic Bag Day Follow Up

Our push for no plastic bags was a great success and a chatter in the lunch area. We set up a sign for students to write their name if they participated in the day of no bags! This movement has made my own family more aware of the amount of trash we have been opting for rather than being diligent in our support to Impact the Earth in a positive way! Though our unit is over, we will keep the momentum going by growing our awareness! 

Last Volunteer Calendar/Summer Bucket List

The last volunteer calendar of the year is ready to go out on Tuesday! Special thanks to all of our volunteers who stuck through thick and thin to make this year so amazing!! 

On the back of this month’s volunteer calendar, is a summer bucket list! I’m not sure if you do these with your family, but we make one of these ever summer and try to cross all of items off as a way to set some goals and create a summer of eclectic activities! There are lots of choices to choose from on here, but hoping you have fun choosing some 10 items (or more if you want) to try out a 2019 Summer Bucket List! Have fun!!

Spirit Week

The end of the school year always warrants a SPIRIT WEEK! The whole school is involved and these are also marked on the June Volunteer Calendar! Join the fun and dress up! 

The only conflict is that our class will be wearing our Jog-A-Thon shirts on Wednesday, June 5th as well for our field trip! 

(see volunteer calendar above or in your child’s folder on Tuesday for spirit week details)

TK/Kinder Playgroup for Summer

There is a playgroup for Summer for new incoming students in Kindergarten (which includes our TK class). There are a multiple dates to attempt to accommodate your summer plans! Its a great way to join up for a TK reunion with a few memorable buddies and meet some new buddies that will be in your class and/or on the playground this upcoming year! 

Early Bird Volunteer Apps for 19-20 School Year

The Volunteer Applications for next school year are out and ready. A copy will go home on Tuesday in your child’s folder. This will help you to be one of the first processed for the next school year so you will be able to help your child’s teacher and other on campus events in the fall! I highly recommend to fill this out if you are able. You will not need to re-finger print or re-test for TB (unless your test results have expired). Don’t forget to sign all the areas and send back in your child’s folder. 

Join EBS @ 4th of July Parade

Interested in walking with the EBS Float in the 2019 4th of July Parade in Scripps Ranch! Its a popular, and fun Scripps Ranch event! Check out the flyer if you are interested in joining the fun! 

Last 10 Sight Words

 We are officially on the last set of 10 sight words of the year! If you kept up that was a huge challenge! No matter where you are on the Rainbow Words Journey, keep going! These words are super helpful in continuing to develop reading and writing! Keep plugging away over summer! #100 words

Library Books Due This Week

Please begin to return all library books as you finish reading them. We have had our last check out date so we will not be returning to the library this year! I strongly encourage you to visit the local libraries over the summer or even join their summer reading program. My kids and I are going to attempt to visit the downtown library too…if you’d like to add that to your list…its beautiful! 

Save these Dates

  • End of Reading Rotation Groups – Wednesday, May 29th
  • Volunteer Appreciation Assembly – Thursday, May 30th @8:45 am
  • Children’s Discovery Museum Field Trip – June 5th (aka End of Year Party)
  • Kindergarten Round Up (rotation) – June 6th
  • Father’s Day in Room 206 – Thursday, June 6th @ 8:50am – 9:20am
  • Last Day of School – June 11th (whole school minimum day)

*NOTE: For our Father’s Day event, another relative is welcome to participate on behalf of a parent if a family member is unable to make it. 

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 5/27/19

  • No School

Tuesday – 5/28/19

  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am

Wednesday – 5/29/19

  • Last day of Reading Rotation

Thursday – 5/30/19

  • Mrs. Van Duren will be teaching.
  • Music @ 11:05 am

Friday – 5/31/19

  • Mrs. Van Duren will be teaching

TK Days: May 13 – 17

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No School

Just a reminder that we have a 4 day weekend ahead of us this week. There will be no school on Friday, May 24th or Monday, May 27th. We’ll see you back in the class on Tuesday, May 28th. 

Field Trip Recap

What a trip we had last Wednesday! We were lucky enough to visit Sunrise Living Senior Center this past week! The residents were excited and waiting for our arrival! Our sweet TK kids sang “Here Comes the Sun,” to the seniors. Some of the seniors joined in the singing, but they all loved bright little faces! 

We practiced our conversation skills we had worked on by introducing ourselves and telling about our selves and then asking about our senior friends! We were able to play “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” and a little game of catch using scarves! Smiles were all around! At the end we were able to play our 2 recorded songs from our Mother’s Day in class and give them a little craft gift we had made! This was a memorable and loved time for everyone in the room! 

After saying goodbyes, we headed to a nearby park for our snack and lots of playtime! These kids had a great time playing on a new structure at a new park with some gorgeous San Diego weather! We all loved this day and are so excited for the next trip! Thank you to all the parents who came out to help and join the fun!

PS…check out the picture of “the list.” This was given to me by a student the day of the field trip! This is a student who was not only excited but prepared for this trip! #adorable


Western Family BBQ

This Wednesday is the Western Family BBQ! If you haven’t ever gone to this before, it can be a lot of fun. It is during the afternoon lunch after our dismissal. If you plan to go, please make sure you stop in the office first to check in as a visitor before the 12:30 pick up time. You can then: 

  • Come directly into the classroom and pick up your child a minute or two early and head up to the lunch courts together. 
  • OR you can wait until our class comes out and when we dismiss at the gate you can come IN the gate (if you have a visitor sticker on) and walk up to the lunch courts with your child. 

Your child will need to know their lunch pin and will put this in at the cafeteria. This will charge lunch to your account for your child (or I believe you can pay cash for your child). Adults will pay at the table/stand with the register. There are also additional offerings to purchase such as waters, cookies and some other extras….I believe these are typically a dollar each. 

We hope to see y’all there! 

PSA by TK!!

This week we are closing up our Human Impact Unit that many of you experienced at Open House! Our final learning in this unit is how to share the learning we gained to others to spread the impact. We discussed many ways to make an impact, but one way that we thought our whole school could benefit from (including Mrs. Miller;) would be to challenge our school to go a whole day without using plastic bags! With almost 750 students at our school we know that for one day we can reduce the number of bags used, but we also hope to leave a memory in people’s mind’s for the future ahead! Check back next week for the PSA Video we are asking all teachers to play in their class on Wednesday, May 22nd! 

Last Library Visit

We will be taking our last visit to the library! Our kind librarian allowed us to visit on Wednesday, May 22nd (the last visit day possible) as we were on our field trip last Wednesday, which was our normally scheduled day. 

Many or most of you have turned in your books, but if you haven’t, please return them this Monday or Tuesday so your child can check out for the last time this school year!!

EBS Padres Night

Were you at the game??? What a fun night at Petco Park for Teacher Appreciation Night! Many EBS families (it was rumored that 200 EBS peeps were there) came to watch the game on Friday night! Our awesome AFP purchased “The Landing” which came with hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, mac n cheese, peanuts and beverages as part of our package. Families socialized and enjoyed watching a game! Our own Ankrit from 5th grade was able to call “Play Ball” to start the whole game! High recommendation to come on out and enjoy it next year if you missed this year’s game!!

Home Help??

We are threading together quilts (punching holes and tying squares together with yarn) and writing books! If you think you would be able to take home one of these projects, email me and I’d be happy to share the load with anyone able and willing to help! 

Thank you! 

Father’s Day

Just a reminder that our Father’s Day is on Thursday, June 6th from 8:50 – 9:20. We are looking forward to a special time with our dads! If you wish to have someone else special come in place of a dad who isn’t able to make it (such as a mom, uncle, grandpa, or grandma…please welcome them into our 206 home!)

Generosity Bags

We are at 98 Generosity Bags! I think I know 2 little elves that may be making 2 more bags to get us to 100! Super exciting as Room 206 has really loved the giving, counting, generosity discussions around this momentum!! Let’s celebrate the gifts we’ve collected and those we are giving them to!

Save these Dates

  • Family BBQ – May 22nd @12:30 (check in at the office before 12:30)
  • Memorial Day Weekend – Friday May 24 – Monday May 27th
  • Volunteer Appreciation Assembly – Thursday, May 30th
  • Children’s Discovery Museum Field Trip – June 5th (aka End of Year Party)
  • Father’s Day – Thursday, June 6th @ 8:50am – 9:20am
  • Last Day of School – June 11th

*NOTE: For Father’s Day events, another relative is welcome to participate on behalf of a parent if a family member is unable to make it. 

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 5/20/19

  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am
  • Mrs. Van Duren is teaching!

Tuesday – 5/21/19

  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am
  • TK/PLC Day  – Mrs. Van Duren is teaching!

Wednesday – 5/22/19

  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am
  • Family BBQ @ 12:30 at the lunch courts

Thursday – 5/23/19

  • Before School Run Club
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30
  • Music @ 11:05 am
  • No Plastic Bags Day….remember to pack a No-plastic-bag lunch! 

Friday – 5/24/19