206 Student Links

Student Link Page

This page has the main links we will use for class this year.

Clever Portal Access

This login will give your child access many district apps that we use in class and additional apps they may use and explore. You can access: 

  • Seesaw
  • Razkids
  • ST Math
  • Zoom
  • …and more!


The specific login information was emailed to you on 8/27/20. The username and password will remain the same throughout their entire San Diego Unified School District journey. 


We will be using Seesaw often during Online Learning as it is a place to not only due activities but will be the primary location to turn in student work.

We will learn how to navigate this platform together and will become more familiar with it. 

The login information will be the district Username and Password that is used for the Clever Portal. 


This is an online reading subscription. Students will each have their own account once set up in September. (click on title for link access)

    • “Your Teacher’s Username”: ebs206 (case sensitive)
    • Picture Password: Individual by student
    • Students progress as they “Listen, Read, and Answer” questions for each book within a level. Teacher will give this out individually to students. 

ST Math

This is a math subscription. It builds great problem solving around key math concepts with trial and error practice. Try to let your child discover the solutions as they build their growth mindsets! (click on the title for link access)

If you finish ST MATH through the course of this year, Ms. Sloan will announce your name over the Friday Announcements (during the Friday Announcements!)

  • SDUSD Username (input a second time once in Clever)
  • SDUSD Password (input a second time once in Clever)

Tumble Books

Students are able to listen to books read aloud in both fiction and nonfiction.