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EBS Clearance – Are you cleared?

In order to come on campus for any events or volunteering, you must be cleared, meaning you need a TB test and clearance with the volunteer application). Please encourage other parents or guardians in your house to get cleared in order to participate throughout this year and future school years.

Most all of the volunteer opportunities require a TB test and volunteer application. Once your paperwork is turned in our nurse will add you to the school-wide “Cleared” list and you will then be able work in the classroom, attend field trips and classroom events. I highly recommend getting cleared even if you are only considering to come to a class party later on in the year. Each year at Father’s Day and Mother’s Day I have parents who aren’t able to join us since they weren’t cleared. Our nurse ends volunteer clearance processing at the end of March each year. Please drop by the class or nurse’s office for an application if you didn’t already get one.

Field Trip Drivers: You must get a Category D Clearance to drive on a field trip (new district policy). We may do 1-2 field trips this upcoming Spring. Please get your D Clearance now if you plan to go and to ensure we have enough drivers to make the trip possible.  You must also hold a CA driver’s license to drive on a field trip.

Volunteering in Room 206

Thank you volunteers! Our class rocks! We have so many helpers in this village…this all makes a difference to each child. Our class greatly relies on volunteer support to coordinate with representatives from other classrooms in order to connect us in whole school activities and events. We also LOVE and can greatly use weekly in class volunteers to read with children, prep materials, fill daily folders etc.

A form will be available at Back to School Night to fill out for those who wish to volunteer time in our class on a weekly or monthly or (or even 1x a year) basis. A calendar will then go out each month based on parent availability of requested time/days.

When you come in….

  • Start on projects on the back round table. A list of projects might be set up for volunteers with a sample and date it needs to be completed by or its priority level.
  • We might come back and chat with you as soon as I get the students going on an independent activity if there are special instructions. Also feel free to ask if there are any questions.

Volunteer Area and Supplies

  • The round table in the back of the classroom has been set up for volunteers. Please make yourself at home. There should be a whole set of supplies in the drawers (stapler, tape, scissors, etc). There are also waters in one of the drawers…help yourself.
  • The Paper Cutter is on the back counter. This is my own personal one. Its old, so when cutting with it pull the blade in tight toward the board for a clean cut. You can also choose to use the extra large cutting board in the teacher’s work room in the office. This one works much better and is great for large pieces of paper.
  • Another supply area is under the counter, near the round table. There are many supplies in there. We also have an electric pencil sharpener in our room. Feel free to use this to sharpen pencils, preferably during recess or at the very start or end of the day.
  • When working with students you can use the back table, or take them outside (the hallway or outside the double doors) if it is less distracting.
  • In the Teacher’s work room, (near the large paper cutter), there is an electric hole puncher, and electric staplers.

If you are unable to come in as a volunteer but still want to help there may be take home items or there are some classroom support positions that do not require you to be in the classroom. These are listed below.

  1. Room Parent(s) – communicates and joins 206 parents in activities and events in our school and class
  2. Homework Folder Helper (fills and empties daily folders…this job can be shared)
  3. Box Top Organizer (counts box top totals for the class 2-3 times a year)
  4. Reading Volunteer (reads with students in our class)

206 EBS Representative Volunteers

These volunteer positions are representative positions. These were discussed at the Kindergarten/New Student Orientation before school started. The sign-ups were available that day and will also be out on Back to School Night. Most of these positions have more than one slot available for those who are interested and most positions can be shared. These include positions such as:

  • AFP Representatives (attends monthly AFP Meetings and sends out info to our class)
  • Fine Artist Representatives (Attends trainings, then teaches our class lessons)
  • Character Education Representatives (Teaches monthly character traits to our class, trainings, lessons and materials are all provided…this job can be shared as well)
  • Yearbook Representatives (Collects pictures throughout the year, works on class page)
  • Jog-A-Thon Representatives (class rep./coordinator for spring Jog-A-Thon)

Thank You Volunteers!!!

This school wouldn’t be what it is without you! Our AFP and all its members (that’s you) are so supportive and make EBS so outstanding! Our AFP annually funds many programs, classes, activities, materials and enrichment for our students that wouldn’t otherwise be available to our students!

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  1. I would love to help out with filling the folders. Please let me know when you need me and I will stay behind with Paisley to complete that task.

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