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Mrs. Miller’s Professional Life

Mt. Whitney 2009
Mt. Whitney 2009

This year marks my 21st year of teaching! I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University and started teaching shortly after graduating.  While teaching my first few years I got my MA in Curriculum and Instruction from San Diego State University.

  • I began my career teaching Kindergarten and about 7 years later changed to 2nd Grade.
  • After and handful of years in 2nd Grade I taught a year in 3rd Grade.
  • The following year, I got a new position working at my last school as an Intervention Specialist to help develop an RTI system and eventually became a Project Resource Teacher to facilitate teacher learning in Kindergarten, 2nd Grade and 4th Grade.
  • Where I’ve taught: I worked for 5 years at Dingeman Elementary in Scripps Ranch, another 4 years at Torrey Pines Elementary in La Jolla and then spent 7 years opening and working at Joyner Micro Society Magnet Elementary in City Heights. I’m currently teaching my sixth year at EBS in a TK Class while supporting our school in the afternoons.

During my time at Joyner, I received National Board Certification in which I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Recently, I went back to school and received my Administrative Credential at PLNU….life-long learning! I have had a range of experiences and loved all of it! I have a great appeal for the challenge of learning and growing each day!

If you need to personally reach me, feel free to contact me at lcaldera@sandi.net

Mrs. Miller’s Personal Life

I am a mother of 2 crazy and silly children that I couldn’t be more proud of. I have a 9-year old daughter and a 6-year old son  who are also fellow Super Penguins at EBS! These are my people! They add a joy to life that is inexplainable. They keep my husband and I laughing, but and mostly on our toes!

I am fortunate to be married to a wonderful and talented man (he’s a web designer . . . and helped me create this site) who continues to make me a better person, parent and friend while bringing heaps of laughter and spontaneity to our life. We are all very involved in our local church and love spending time with our community.

In the little extra slices of time (the before sunrise rises time) I squeeze in another passion of mine…running! I love to run and seek the thrill of an endurance race! I’ve been running since I was 12 years old and have a unique trust and friendship with this sport! I feel truly blessed to live this life as a teacher, mother, runner, wife and friend!

This year will be your child’s first year in elementary school and I’m elated be a part of it! This is a very special year and will hold many memories for all of us! I’m looking forward to meeting each of you and being a part of this inaugural year in your child’s education!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. HI Mrs. Miller,

    Thank you for sharing this information with us. You have a beautiful (and silly) family. =)
    I look forward to meeting you!

    Cathy Sin (Dylan Sin)

  2. Hi Mrs. Miller,

    Thank you for sharing your stories. Your family looks amazing :)We are so fortunate to have you as Caleb’s 1st teacher in BIG KIDS’ SCHOOL!! We are also PLNU alumni!! My husband did his undergrad in biochem there and I was in MS program in BIO there 🙂 I was so happy to see that you studied there too!! Have an amazing year with little ones and Caleb enjoys your class so far 😉

  3. Thank you for this wonderful website! You are well known by other parents. They are very impressed with your blog and website. You are a great teacher and my son Ethan absolutely adore you. You are a great influence in his life and I hope you are enjoying your time with Ethan too.

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