TK Days – Oct. 10 – 14

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Mrs. Miller’s Birthday!!! THANK YOU!!!

I absolutely love birthdays and getting older has some challenges, but the benefits and excitement by far beat the downsides of aging! This past Friday, many parents came in to join the kiddos to present a wonderful birthday present along with the sweetest birthday card/poster! I am so grateful and after a week of illness, termite tenting and packing I was a bit sluggish….the gift, poster and smiles seriously brightened up the week! Thank you!

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Super Pledge Update!

As to date, we have turned in 24 of 26 envelopes! Thank you for all of you have turned yours in! If you haven’t turned yours in yet, please fill out and return (no donation is required) to help our class complete 100% success of returning our class Super Pledge envelopes! We are SOOO close! Thank you!

Character Education – Generosity

This week Meredith Nady came in to teach the students about Generosity (one of my favorite topics)! She read the book, When the Doorbell Rang to the students, in which the main characters in the story find themselves sharing their cookies each time the doorbell rang and more guests came in! There was a discussion about sharing with others and how it can be difficult but can help or be kind to someone else and bring joy to the giver. Finally the students went to their desks and colored a cookie at their desk. They were able to give this cookie to anyone they wished. Some student wanted to give their cookie to a family member and other students wanted to give their cookie away to a friend. At the end of our day, one student said he received 4 cookies! He said he wanted to pass them out to other friends who hadn’t received any cookies.

This year our class will have the opportunity to be involved in many acts of kindness in giving to others who have needs that we aren’t as familiar with on a regular basis. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the We Have Heart page on our website to see some of the ways we gave to those who are without ___. It was a great and important part of our year, where students were able to give to those without homes, health, company, food, etc. We practiced this act and learned about the true joy that comes from giving!

I have some new ideas for this year and will keep some of the old ideas, but if you have any contacts or ideas of other ways to give, please email me or stop by!

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Fine Artists Lesson 1

This past Wednesday the students had their first Fine Artists lesson with Kiersten Morton. Many other parents came to help teach the lesson (Tina Wang, Fawn Wang, Nary Xaysanasith, Neda Afshar) and guide the students through the steps. The lesson was inspired from a famous collage artist, David Hockney. The students deconstructed CA road signs with scissors and then reconstructed them with glue in an abstract way. Thank you to all the Fine Artists Volunteers for making the lesson so fun and successful!

The next lesson is Wednesday, November 16th if you are interested in joining in the fun!

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Halloween Celebration in 206

Just a reminder that there is a Shutterfly Sign-Up to help with this event. Please take a moment to check it out if you are cleared and able to help. Here’s the link the sign up if you are interested in helping.

Read to Self

This past week, we talked about how we Read to our Self. We discussed 3 different ways to read (see the chart we made below) and listed what is important to have a good Read to Self time. One of the items on that list is to build Stamina. We started with a couple minutes and are slowly building our stamina of being able to read the whole time. This can be a challenging task for some students. You can go over these at home and have your child show you the motions that help us remember what each item means!

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Rainbow Reading

Starting this week, we have updated the Reading Log (Homework) as well as have a visual tracking system for students as they turn in a log completed with books read to them and by them. Each time a student turns in a completed log their marker will move to the next rainbow color until they get to the cloud at the end. At this point the student will work their way back through the rainbow of colors and back again. We’re hoping this is a little motivator, accountability and reward for students as they read. This is not meant to be a competitive visual, but a small detail to keep track that students are reading regularly.

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Book Borrow

I hope the first week in Book Borrow has gone well! Don’t forget to have your student’s return their book bags each Monday where they will get new books. If you ever get a difficult book or a double of a title or any other issue, stop by and feel free to trade out books. Don’t forget to log these in your Reading Log. Your child may prefer paper books or may prefer RAZKids online reading. Either is fine and its even great to interchange to do both throughout the week.

Feel free to keep the book bags the entire weekend and return them on Monday if necessary. Thank you!

RAZ Kids

Each week, I get reports on who has logged in and what they read and how long they read for! I was amazed at how many kiddos logged in this past week! How awesome is that! So much reading going on! Don’t forget to remind your child to make sure they LISTEN to the book first, READ the book next, and if able in their level, ANSWER the comprehension questions! As they complete each part of each book they will move on to the next level. Congratulate your little reader for their hard work!

Purple Week

Here’s a pic from Purple week and Green week (since I forgot to put the green week picture up last weekend!)

img_5464 img_5523

Birthday Shout Outs

Here’s the birthday sweetie from this week!


Mrs. Miller is Moving

This next week, Mrs. Miller will be absent on Tuesday, due to her family moving to a new home. I apologize for inconvenience this is causing as I had to be out absent this past week for a family illness. We are hoping to be settled soon and I’ll be back on Wednesday morning with a greeting for each little one! Thank you in advance for your understanding and support! Ms. Granucci will be present on Tuesday!

Upcoming Events

  • All School Assembly to Celebrate Miss Ellen Browning Scripps- October 18th
  • CA Great Shake Out (Disaster Drill) – October 20th
  • Fall Festival – Friday, October 28th

MONDAY – 10/17

  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)

TUESDAY – 10/18

  • Before School Run Club
  • Ms. Granucci will be here this day!
  • All School Assembly to Celebrate Miss Ellen Browning Scripps


  • Before School Run Club

THURSDAY – 10/20

  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Color Day – Don’t forget to wear ORANGE
  • The Great Shake Out – CA Disaster Drill

FRIDAY – 10/21

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club



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