TK Days: January 4 – 8th

Welcome to Week 15! This post includes: • Volunteer Calendar  • Penguin Parade  • We Have Heart  Update  • Wish List  • Star of the Week  • This Week’s Curriculum  • Future Dates   •The Week Ahead

This is our weekly blog post is to inform you, update you and share the school world of your Transitional Kindergartner! Feel free to give feedback or ask questions.

Happy 2016!

Volunteer Calendar Apologies

If you noticed any odd mistakes or changes on this month’s volunteer schedule, I greatly apologize. I cut and pasted from the original volunteer calendar. Please feel free to email or stop by regarding any errors or changes. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Penguin Parade

PURPOSE: This is the 2nd Annual Penguin Parade! The purpose of the parade is to stand tall and march for something we believe in. Last year my class had a “Determination” theme all year long! When it came time for the parade, the majority voted that we walk for Determination. This year, our class has focused so much time and effort on our awareness of others needs and how we can give to them! Our We Have Heart Campaign has grown larger than I could have expected and we still have half a year to give! Its been so awesome to focus on this with them! As we spoke about the parade and what was important to us, sure enough the large majority of our class voted that “Generosity” is what we believe in and what we should walk for!

WHAT TO EXPECT: For those of you experiencing our parade for the first time, we essentially grab any signs or decor we have prepared and head out to the parking lot. We line up as a school with the younger grades to the older grades. This means our class will be at the front of the pack! The whole EBS crowd (led by Mrs. Sloan and a police escort) walks up Cypress Canyon and turns right into the center field just above our school and below the park (the morning Run Club field). We all stand in a circle while a few words are said and then we walk down the ramp back to the class and pack up to head home! Its a cool event!

VOLUNTEERS: If you’d and are able to volunteer, please sign up on Monday on the whiteboard outside our classroom. You do not need to be cleared to participate in this event.

Permission Slips: Please make sure your turn in your child’s permission slip so they are able to participate. Also, make sure to write your child’s name on the permission slip as we had 2 turned in without names. Thank you in advance!

Here are some pics from last year!

DSC00094-500 copy DSC00096-500 copy

We Have Heart

I can’t tell you how exciting its been to bring awareness to our class about the many people in need and to practice generosity! Thank you all for participating! I WISH would have thought to count how many bags we sent to Mexico, but I didn’t think of it until after I dropped them off. I’m hoping to get some pictures from our awesome liaison who brings everything down for us!

As the new year has started, we have a new way to focus on being generous!

Check out the new “We Have Heart Page” that is documenting our giving this year!

Generous Homework Assignment

On the back of your homework logs this month is a list of 4 options to practice being generous. Have your child choose 1 choice each week to be generous. At the end of the week, have your child write about their Generosity Mission! Feel free to help in the writing or dictate your child’s writing. We’d love to read some of these aloud in class for the children to hear how generosity is taking place all over!

Future Generosity

We are hoping to take a field trip to a local Senior Center to give love and attention! If you know of, or have any connection to a local Senior Center, please stop by to visit, or email me or stop by! Thanks!

See our new “We Have Heart” Page to see a recap of what we’ve done!

Wish List

We have almost hit the mid-way point in the year….(phew that went too fast!). We started to run out of some of our supplies. If you are able and willing to help out we need a few items in our class. These were posted outside our class on pull-off shapes.  If you are able to purchase any, please take the slip in order to not overbuy. See Below! Thank you to all the families who have already donated!

  • Tissue (for all those running noses this cold/flu season
  • Disinfectant Wipes (to clean all the germs, dirt and glue stick off our tables)
  • 5 sets – Take and Toss Bowls (to sort our math manipulatives for math practice)
  • Little toy/favor prizes (stickers, bookmarks, pencils, rings, etc) you may have left over at home (for our new prize box!)

Star of the Week

This week the first Star of the Week Poster went home with one of our students. Each week, a new poster will go home with directions. We hope your family has fun filling it out and decorating it. The purpose of the poster is to practice listening and speaking. The presenter will be scored on knowing their poster, using a loud (presenter voice) and clear voice and looking at their audience as they speak to their audience. The audience will be practicing listening skills and asking questions regarding the poster content.

Thank you in advance to the Lyman family for providing the protective tube to hold the poster in for transit! 😉


Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Just in case your family likes to get an early start on your valentines, keep in mind a couple things….

  • To keep it simple for your own personal TK mailman/mail-lady, leave out the “To:” on each valentine (this often makes delivering difficult and very time consuming). Just write the “From:” on each card …this is a great way to practice name writing with correct casing.
  • At EBS, due to the Food Policy, no candy is allowed to be attached to Valentine’s that students deliver (as there is no way to check the label on every piece being attached). With that said, there may be some sweets provided that day that have had the labels turned in. There are lots of ideas for Valentines without candy on Pinterest if you are looking for an idea.


This past week in…

  • Math – We spent time finishing up number concepts 5 – 10. We also have been doing Problem of the Day (POD) most days. The students work together to solve a problem on the Promethean board. Then they solve the same problem with different numbers at their desks using a sticker problem.
  • Interactive Writing – We practiced writing our first and last name as part of our warm up routine. We also made some labels in our class to label our New Year Goal’s Board as well as a list about how awesome “Mistake-makers” are! (see pic below)
  • Writing – Started a new Information unit  on How-To Writing.
  • Letter Hh /h/ – Spent time practicing the /h/ sound and writing the upper and lower case H. We also made a list of many different Hh words…they thought of a ton along with 2 names in our class that start with /h/
  • Art – Happy New Year Faces with a goal for the new year!

File Jan 09, 4 55 27 PM File Jan 09, 4 55 44 PM

Upcoming Events

  • Penguin Parade – Friday, January 15th
  • MLK – No School Day – Monday, January 18th
  • Father Daughter Dance – February 5th

See Calendar Dates Page on our website to see important dates for this year!

A Look at our Week Ahead

Monday – 1/11

  • Mrs. Miller’s Teaching! (Switch Day)
  • Volunteers: Shiho Brenner

Tuesday – 1/12

  • AFP Meeting at 6:30 pm
  • Volunteers: Stacy McMullan

Wednesday – 1/13

  • Volunteers: Jeannie Smith, Megan Black, Sharon Elbaz

Thursday – 1/14

  • Wear COLOR and have an COLOR Snack!
  • Computer Lab with Mrs. Martin
  • Lunch Only day at 11:35 pm (eat a BIG breakfast)
  • Minimum Day, whole school dismisses at 12:30pm (dismissal in 206)
  • Volunteers: Laarnie Chou and Melissa Adomeit

Friday – 1/15

  • Mrs. Hickson’s Teaching! (Switch Day)
  • Penguin Parade!!!! (11:30 – 12:20)
  • Music with Mr. Waczek – 8:50 am
  • Volunteers: Leng Teng-Ritchie, Karrie Yi, Monica Rashidian



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