Mindset – Fixed or Growth?

This was a topic that I spoke about at Back to School Night and included an Info-Graphic in your packet. (It was on white paper just behind the agenda). This is a topic near and dear to my heart. It was professional development that I was involved in last year. It had such an impact on me and my outlook on personal goals, parenting, teaching, and much more. I have shared this with my family and before I was even hired at EBS, I had the desire to share this at Back to School Night this coming year.

This is a concept developed by a woman named Carol Dweck, that has changed personal outlooks for many people …including me. I am making it my personal goal to praise effort, persistence and determination! I believe we all have areas in our life that are Fixed and areas that are Growth. I have challenged myself to target my own Fixed areas and to foster a Growth mindset for our classroom environment. You may have heard the students share our classroom language around mistakes. I heard one of our students cheering herself on the other day saying, “Hooray! I just made a mistake!” I had to chuckle to myself with a big grin as she has captured this so well…in that our mistakes are a pathway to learning and hard work. They are to be applauded as we learn to persist through them.

I planned to open our Back to School Night with a short video, but had some technical difficulties with sound. I promised you I would put the link to the video (a TEDtalk) on the website so you could view it yourself. Its about 12 minutes long. Take a quick break this week to view it. If you’re interested, there’s loads of more information if you google the topic. I’d love to hear what you think!


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