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We Have Heart – Meals for Mexico

2017-18 We Have Heart: Giving #1

Family Food Bags

As our first class project this year for “We Have Heart,” we will be collecting food for families in Mexico who sometimes go without food! This is a class event where we try to sponsor a small community in Tijuana who have so little. We personalize our donations in special way! In past years, we’ve learned that a sandwich bag of dry food can feed a whole family an entire meal!

If you are considering to take part of this giving, it  can lead to some powerful conversations in your home about the world around us! Here’s how you can create a bag of your own:

  1. Buy grain, rice, legumes, pasta
  2. Color, draw, write, decorate….1 or more sandwich bags with sharpie markers
  3. Fill the ziploc bag with enough room to seal it.
  4. Return the bag to school by Thursday, December 7th to donate

Feel free to share or pass on to friends who wish to make a bag…the more the merrier. We will keep track of how many bags we collect in class.

-Mrs. Miller will be taking the food down to the community in Tijuana on December 9th to give to this local community

*As always this is an optional opportunity.

Thank you in advance for your support in helping others!

We Have Heart!

Corpus Christi – Hurricane Harvey

This past weekend I went down as a group of 12  to Corpus Christi and took an opportunity to join an organization called Samaritan’s Purse. They help local areas during disaster relief. They have been helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Individuals and groups, men and women of all ages have been coming for as little as 4 hours to weeks to donate their time to help fellow American’s rebuild their lives.

The storms left this community torn apart and in a state of need and recovery. We were able to help one home, one family, one story. We spent 2 days clearing out their home and back yard. We spent time getting to know this family and emotionally supporting them. This couple had an adopted grand daughter and a son with special needs. They were overwhelmed with the amount of work to do and were missing the tools, knowledge and man power to get the job done. We removed the bottom 2 feet of the walls and insulation to remove mold, walls, nails, flooring and screws so the house was clear and ready for a contractor to come in and begin rebuilding their home. Check out some photos that captured our week!

Our San Diego Team from Canyon Springs Church.
This is the house we worked on for the weekend. This pictures captures what it looked like right after the storm.
This is the outside of the home. The pile near the street is all that we pulled out of their home. These piles are all over the place down there as people go through the rubble and discard the trash that was personal items or parts of their home.
This was day 2 after much of the progress has been made. This kitchen was almost all cleared out by the the time we left.
We had to remove the wall and insulation from each room to remove the water damage and mold that had built up in 6 weeks.
This is Mrs. Miller in her HazMat suit to take out insulation or heavy mold. We all had to wear masks in the house at all times due to mold spores being so bad.
These X’s were on the homes. Its a way the fire depart and rescue teams could mark and communicate about the homes that had been evacuated, condemned and other details about the condition of the home.
This was our team with the family we helped. They were so kind and so grateful that someone helped them get through this emotional and physical part of the disaster.
This is our team with bands we received that say, “I am Corpus Christi.” So many people from all over the US traveled near and far to give time to help all the families that had to deal with pain of Hurricane Harvey.
A McDonald’s Sign after the storm. Many local signs were destroyed by the storms.

This experience was impacting on many levels, but mostly was a great reminder of the awareness of reality that is out there each day. There are so many in need and so many to help. People right here in our neighborhood to those in other countries.

This awareness keeps returning to me and is a large part of why I offer awareness and opportunities of generosity for our class to participate and learn from. It can be hard to look outside of our day to day lives, but I challenge you and your family to grow in awareness and action! Stay tuned for “We Have Heart!” A class experience and effort to give to so many in need! An awareness/action challenge is coming soon!


You may have seen the email I sent yesterday. I am sending it again via blog post so you can all  be updated on the Facebook issue. 

Dear 206 Families,
I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! I just wanted to let you all know that we have a NEW Facebook Group. The original one I set up was not done correctly and I had to create a new one. While you might still be able to see and/or access the original group, it will no longer be used. I will only be posting on the new group from here on out. (My husband Blake will be putting a message out on the old group with these details.)
As like last time, it is PRIVATE (no on other than members can see who is in it and what is being posted). With that being said, we will have to go through the approval process again. Thank you in advance for understanding.
Click here to request to join the new group:
I apologize for the inconvenience – this is the first time I’ve been working with Facebook Groups to create a community for the parents of my classroom and there is obviously some learning curve. 😉
Let me know if you have any questions or issues.
Thank You!

Our First TK Week

IN THIS WEEK’S UPDATES: 1st Day Photos, Art, Math, Writing, Classroom Rules Recess/Snack/Cafeteria, Music, Facebook, Reminders

Welcome to this week’s updates! Each weekend I’ll be putting out a newsletter/update to tell 206 families about our week. Typically the e-blast will come out on Sundays so you can read it on your weekend. If it is a holiday/vacation, the blast make come out later.

Please take time to read or skim these posts as some information is very significant to events, holidays, date/times, etc.

1st Day Photos

My sweet and talented husband came in the first day to capture your sweet children on film! Here’s your official 1st Day Photos!

Lots of Art This Week

This week, we did many pieces of art this week! Some of the art was to celebrate this first week. Other pieces were 2-fold in that they practiced a skill, such as cutting, or following directions in addition to creating a piece of personalized art!

This week, we made 1st Day of TK Headbands, we decorated foam frames which were then used to house our photographs. We made our own EBS Penguin, and followed specific directions to draw a self-portrait. Finally on Friday, we made mosaic art, by building our name with small, colorful pieces of paper.  The students tried their best and enjoyed making some colorful and stunning art!


This week in Math, we focused on sorting and classifying. We discussed what sorting is and practiced grouping different math manipulatives by color and by shape. We will continue discussing classifying next week and practicing with different manipulatives.


We started our week with writing on the first day of school! We started off our writing week, with the realization that WE ARE ALL WRITERS! Each child told a story of their own. (These are currently hanging on the back wall by the door). In the days following we learned how to date stamp our papers, and discussed that when we tell/write our stories, we

  1. Come up with a topic
  2. Draw a picture (to help tell the story)
  3. And add words

Over a couple of days we collected a few pieces of writing and needed a way to store our writing. On Friday, we each got our own folder to keep our writing that was finished (red dot side) as well as our writing that we aren’t finished working on (green dot side). It was such an exciting week of writing! We can’t wait for next week!

Classroom Rules

As spoken about at Back to School Night, we had a discussion about how to be kind, fair and safe at school. We developed these rules together and we have referred back to these each day as situations arise to remember:

  • Respect others (nice, kind, polite)
  • Respect our school (take care of our class, materials within and the school grounds)
  • Respect yourself (do your best!)


On Friday, each child received some information regarding the cafeteria. One paper gave your Child’s PIN number and a practice keypad they can use. The purple paper listed some important information about purchasing meals. If you plan to purchase meals from the cafeteria, please make sure to tell or email us for the first time so we are aware and able to help them through the process. Thank you in advance!


On Thursday we had our first music class. The students met our wonderful music teacher, Mr. Waczek (/vawt/ /seck/). The students loved their first class and go to music every Thursday!

Facebook Page…Join the fun!

If you haven’t joined our FB page, please join! We have up to 20 members as of now. I have been posting special pics that don’t come out anywhere else! You don’t want to miss out. If you need to get added, please email me and we can add you to the Private Group.

In addition, please add in your own posts and photos! Its a place we can all share about these sweet kiddos!

Assessments? What are they for?

If you’ve been wondering about the assessments that we had last week after school, no worries. Since all the students are coming from different backgrounds with different personalities, it allows us a little one-on-one time to get to your know child a little better, along with knowing what their next steps are.


To make our days continue to run smooth, below are a few reminders:

  • Please make sure you have your child use the restroom before school.
  • Don’t forget to label your child’s name on everything.

Upcoming Events

  • September 12th – Monthly AFP Meeting @ 6:30 pm, MPR
  • Movie Night – 9/15/17 (Movie: Boss Baby) @ 6:30pm
  • October 3rd – Picture Day TK – 2nd Grade
  • October 4th – Picture Day, Grades 3 – 5

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 9/4/17

  • Labor Day – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday – 9/5/17

  • Mrs. Leatherwood teaches

Wednesday – 9/6/17

  • Library Day – 12:00 – 12:15 (every other week)

Thursday – 9/7/17

  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30
  • Computer Lab @ 11:00 am
  • Music @ 9:00 am

Friday – 9/8/17

  • EBS Spirit Days: Wear Red & Black or any EBS shirt!
  • Scholastic Book Orders Due (these went home last Friday, Code: G6LT6)


Welcome to TK 2017-2018

Welcome TK Families!

It was so wonderful to meet so many of you at Back to School Night. Thank you for coming out and making the time to be there! We went through a lot of material and passed out a lot of information. Please take more time to go through it all and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us or stop by at Kindergarten Orientation!

If you weren’t able to make it to Back to School Night, make sure to stop by at Orientation or we will plan to send your packet home on the first day with your child so you can read through all the information.

Some Highlights we touched on at Back to School Night:

Independent Morning Routine: Encourage your child to independently…

  • Hang up their backpack on a hook.
  • Put away their snack in one of the tubs.
  • Put their folder in the folder tub (by the snacks).
  • Walk around the outside of building into the playground to our line.
  • Our class line is labeled “206” in chalk and is by the drinking fountain.

Parking: Plan enough time for parking and walking to school. The first bell rings at 8:40 am. It gets very busy in the morning.

What will my child need to bring? No materials are necessary (Thank you AFP!). The only items your child will need is a larger backpack that will fit their daily folder, a snack, and water bottle. If your child plans to attend SAY they will pack a separate lunch bag that will be stored in their backpack until after school. Make sure you label ALL belongings.

Assessments: We will give an individual assessment after school for each student (please sign up for a time slot). This will give us an idea of where each child is coming in and lets us get to know your child outside of the whole group.

RETURN: All the papers that need to be returned (not including the Clearance application from the nurse) have been printed in bright green. Please bring them back at Orientation or the first day of school! Thank you in advance!

Contact Information:

Thank you again!!!

Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Leatherwood

TK Days – June 12 – 14

Thank You!, 206 Father’s Day Celebration, The Last Week, Last Day of TK, Book Share, Ways to Practice for Summer, Upcoming Events.

Goodbye to School and Hello to Summer! Can you believe 180 days actually passed by that fast! Thank you all for supporting throughout this year and enduring the ride! Thank you for the generous and memorable end of year gift along with the trust you shared with us in letting us spend each day with your child! Your children are so special to us and we loved getting to know each child along with watching all the learning that took place this year! 

Father’s Day Celebration

What a fun time we had! Many of our daddies and some mommies came out to celebrate this past Tuesday! We started the morning with letting the students open their father’s day gifts the students had made! Each father received a keychain with their child’s handprint shrunk down to size with a photo attached! The kids were so excited to give these to their dads! Next we watched a short video of the students sharing what they loved about their daddies! Then we played 2 Minute to Win It games! The parents and kiddos did awesome! Finally, we finished the morning off with some snacks and time together. Thank you to everyone for coming out! I know its not easy to get off work, but your kiddos were very appreciative and had a lot of fun with you!


The Last Week

This last week we had some work items we needed to complete, but in addition we had some special play activities that were loved by all!

  • Bubbles and Chalk – On Monday we spent some time outside enjoying bubble wands and sidewalk chalk!
  • Bucket Lists – On Tuesday we made 4 bucket list items that we want to complete this summer! We placed them in some summer buckets with class memory pictures attached! (Thank you to our Room Moms! In addition, we passed out a gift to each student from the teachers…a year-long memory book!)
  • Movie Day – On Wednesday, we enjoyed popcorn and a movie…Toy Story!

Last Day of TK

At the beginning of year, on the first day of school, each student took their “First Day of TK” picture. On the last day, we each took a, “Last Day of TK” picture! So much growth and so much fun! (PS Don’t forget it was Superhero Day at school so we had many little superheroes in these pics!)

Book Share

Wednesday was the last day of school for students, Thursday was the last day for teachers, so Friday was my first official day off! My daughter and I were privileged to join the Book Share at Central Elementary! Many of you donated books to this cause back in May! As a class we collected 224 books total! There were about 7,000 books that were donated in total ….last year there were 6,000….AMAZING! Each of these students, were so grateful to received FIVE books each! It was such a fun day to witness and be a part of! Thank you for all your donations and please know they are already taking donations for 2018, so if you have any books you are ready to pass on, please stop by Room 206 next year and bring them by!

Ways to Practice for K this Summer

These next 2 months will fly by! These months are most important to relax, rest and play so students get the needed down time to gear back up in the fall! It is still important to work some regular practice into your routines to help your child maintain all the hard work they accomplished this year. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Reading: Dedicate a reading time and hold to it 3-5 times a week! This may be reading to your child, with your child or maybe a reading time for everyone in the house to have a reading time for 20 minutes. It should be fun and focused around developing a love for reading!
  • Math: Write number stories based on your summer experiences. You can choose to write them or have your child come up with the idea once they get the hang of it. Try to change up the type of problem to keep your child familiar with different types of problems. Adjust your number based on your child’s ability to show and share their thinking aloud. (ie. There were 5 beach balls on the sand. Then 3 of them rolled away. How many beach balls were there now?)
  • Writing: Have your child write letters/cards this summer with a picture as well if they want. They can write to local friends from our class, or send mail to family members. (Translate the writing as needed for your recipient.) Encourage your family members and friends to  send a letter/card back to your child.
  • Check over your child’s report card and look for any areas that they are continuing to work on: Sight Words, Printing, etc.

Upcoming Events

  • Lakeview Park- Mira Lago 10794 Mira Lago Ter, San Diego, CA 92131

    • Wednesday, July 19 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
    • Saturday, July 22 10:30 am – 11:30 am
    • Sunday, August 13 3:00 m – 4:00 pm
    • Wednesday, August 16 4:00 pm – 5:00pm

  • Kindergarten Back to School Night – August 24th
  • Kindergarten Orientation – August 25th

TK Days – June 5 – 9

IN THIS POST:  The Last 3 Days, Yearbooks are In!, End of Year Party, End of Year Assembly, Father’s Day Celebration, Spirit Days Continue, Running Achievement, Summer Reading Log, Summer Playdates, Stars of the Week, Upcoming Events, This Week

Three Days Left! Seriously! Its really here!

The Last 3 Days!

  • Continue to bring backpacks each day along with snack and folders. We will be sending some items home.
  • Monday or Tuesday a Trader Joe bag will go home with last of your child’s classroom belongings.
  • There is a great chance we may be eating snack/recess inside the classroom on Wednesday due to the 5th grade promotion ceremony. If you regularly buy snack at the cafeteria you may want to send a snack this particular day. 

Yearbooks are in!

Yearbooks came in on Friday afternoon after our Year End Party. These will get passed on on Monday. Students are welcome to bring these the rest of the week to get friend’s signatures. Feel free to send a pen for signing. They will go home in backpacks each day.

End of the Year Party

Our End of the Year Party was so fun! We lucked out on gorgeous weather as the days previous and following were cloudy and overcast! The kids rotated through water stations, while listening to music in these last days with their class. Afterwards the students ate their pizza lunch followed by popsicles! A special thanks to all the parents who helped in bringing the shade tent, cooler/ice, water, popsicles and for everyone who helped clean up at the end of our event!

End of Year EBS Assembly!

Friday morning we had our end of the year EBS Assembly! We listened to our choir sing and the first grade sing a song they had learned and performed. There were 2 fifth graders that were chosen from a speech contest to read their speech (that will be read at graduation). It was a great way to celebrate the accomplishments and hard work of every student!

Father’s Day Celebration!

Don’t forget to stop by at drop-off (from 9:00 – 9:30) so we can celebrate all those Fantastic Fathers! If Daddy isn’t able to make it that day, don’t fear…please feel welcome to send mommy or another friend or family in their place!

Spirit Days Continue

  • MONDAY – Crazy Mis-Matched PJ Day
  • TUESDAY – EBS Jog-A-Thon T-Shirt Day
  • WEDNESDAY – Superhero Day

Run Club Achievement!

This sweet girl made it to 300 laps before the year came to a close! She received a certificate and a medal for this running goal! Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Summer Reading Log

A Summer Reading Log was given out to all EBS students to read books over the summer. These will go home Monday. There is an incentive for all who read, fill out their log and return it! RAZkids will be available all summer for student reading! Please take advantage of this summer leveled reading!

Summer Playdates

Don’t forget to calendar these dates in. We’ve already had a few class discussions about how special and important our job is in welcoming our new Kindergarten friends next year. The Summer Playdates are a great way to get to know and welcome new friends and their parents.

Lakeview Park- Mira Lago 10794 Mira Lago Ter, San Diego, CA 92131

  • Wednesday, July 19 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday, July 22 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Sunday, August 13 3:00 m – 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday, August 16 4:00 pm – 5:00pm

Stars of the Week

Upcoming Events

  • Father’s Day Celebration – Tuesday
  • Summer Playdates – See above for dates/location
  • Kindergarten Back to School Night – August 24th
  • Kindergarten Orientation – August 25th

MONDAY – 6/12

  • Yearbooks Get Passed Out
  • SPIRIT! – Mis-Matched PJ Day

TUESDAY – 6/13

  • 206 Father’s Day Celebration!
  • SPIRIT – EBS Jog-A-Thon Shirt Day


  • Last Day of School!
  • Minimum Day for all EBS!
  • 206 Movie Day
  • SPIRIT – Superhero Day

TK Days – May 29 – June 2

IN THIS POST:  9 Days Left, Stars of the Week, Sight Words, Upcoming Events, This Week

There are only 9 days left!! Wowzas! Stop time…its going to fast! 

Zoo Day Recap –

What a day we had at the San Diego Zoo! So much to learn and see! To start out our special tour the guides at the zoo, took us through a special entrance that took us to the giraffes where we had a special lesson all about giraffes along with getting an up close and personal look at these fascinating animals! Our eyes were amazed to be that close and we loved seeing their finger-like, black tongues as they reached for the lettuce! Did you know these long-necks only live to be about 20 years old!

Next we boarded the double-decker, green tour bus at the zoo! All of us got to ride up top! What a fun experience! During this tour, we were able to drive around and look at many different animals and plants while the zoo guide told us lots of information! We made a stop at the elephants, where we got to go behind the scenes in the zoo-keeper area to learn an additional lesson about elephants! On the way back they drove us back near the giraffe area to unload. From there we ate lunch and then broke into small groups to explore the other animals at the zoo!

It was an amazing day, with the exception of Mrs. Miller leaving her school keys at the zoo! Great news is that our friendly San Diego Zoo found them and she reconnected with her keys on Saturday!

*FACT/HELP- One of the many facts our zoo guide taught us was about “micro-trash.” She said that all the little tiny shreds of trash (straw wrappers, corners ripped off of fruit snacks, etc) are micro-trash. She said the California Condor often thinks these shiny threads of trash are food and will eat these and they can harm the Condor. She told us we can help by making sure we pick up our “micro-trash” and get it in the garbage can!

Insect Lab @ EBS

This past week we got to experience the Insect Lab at our school! The San Diego Natural History Museum came all the way to EBS to share with us all about insects. The docents from the library were so kind in explaining lots of information (with many visuals) to teach us. The head docent, opened with a discussion about insects and then read the students a book! After, the students broke into 5 groups (with a docent at each table) to tell about different bug topics. See the table topics below! Ask your TK about some of the information that they’ve learned!

  • True Bugs & Beetles – This table explained the differences between bugs and beetles. In addition, this docent explained about their body parts and some extraordinaire facts about these unique creatures!
  • Butterflies and Moths – This docent shared about the differences between moths and insects as well as explaining about their life cycle.
  • Metamorphosis – She spoke about gradual and complete metamorphosis in insects.
  • Social Insects – This table taught about the community among some different insect groups such as bees and ants.
  • Spiders & Insects – In this group they spoke about the basic differences from spiders than bugs as well as a lot of other detailed information about spiders. They shared about their exoskeleton, egg sacs, web to catch food, etc. She even brought in the the museums tarantula to show the students!!!

End of the Year TK/K Party

THANK YOU all for your flexibility of getting in numbers for additional meals! It should be a fun day! Just a reminder, siblings are only able to participate if they are 4 years old and will cost an additional $9.00. If you haven’t turned in your payment for this day, please send in on Monday! We do have an all-school assembly earlier that morning so we will plan to head up to the basketball courts shortly after or immediately after the assembly!

No folders needed that day. Send a change of clothes for the end of the day if you wish and  a towel to dry off with. Lather in sunscreen. Participation is optional as some kids tucker out or get chilly after awhile. The class will need to stay together, but can take a break from participating if desired. Here’s some pics from last year’s fun!

Volunteer Applications for 2017-18

Volunteer Applications are in the nurse’s office for the next school year. Each year you must submit and updated application but D clearance does not need to be renewed as you stay in the system. This is highly recommended for those that plan to do any volunteering as it will clear you early for the fall!

Spirit Week

The last 5 days of school is an all-school Spirit Week! Flyers went home last week, but here’s a copy of the flyer. The back of the flyer gives some important information regarding the end of the school year!

Book Bags

Book bags are being collected at school. If you still have yours, please send it in to the class this week! Thank you for all your support in helping your child with all their hard work this year!

Volunteer Breakfast

This past week we had the EBS annual Volunteer Breakfast. This year’s theme was “Picnic Day.” The EBS choir came in to sing while all the amazing volunteers were able to relax, eat treats and enjoy! I only saw a couple of you at the breakfast and know not everyone could make it, but we wanted to send a special thanks to you all who helped in the classroom, taking home projects, and planning all the school activities, such as parties, Character Education, and Fine Artists! Pictured below is our classroom Thank You Poster, and some of the parents I found at the breakfast! You are huge part of what makes this school so amazing!

Trader Joe Bags

We are in need of about 20 TJ bags. If you have 1 laying around at home please send it in Monday or Tuesday. Thank you! These will be going home with some of your child’s classroom belongings before the end of the school year.

Book Drive!

We brought in a total of 144 books this year, plus tons of stickers, book marks and markers! So amazing! My daughter and I will be helping the day of the official Book Fair Share on June 16th! I’ll post pictures on the blog for the kids to see all that they contributed to!

Check out a Generosity Heart from this year! Each student has a Generosity Heart going home with them! Each color dot represented all the giving they shared with so many others who go without daily luxuries of home, shoes, good health, smiles, food, etc.

  • White Dots – Gifted dry foods for the Food Bank
  • Light Pink Dots– Stars to encourage our Troops
  • Light Blue Dots – Meals for Mexico
  • Orange Dots – 100 Coins for the San Diego Food Bank
  • Yellow Dots – Generosity Bags for the Homeless
  • Green Dots – Shoes for homeless students in San Diego
  • Red Dots – Book Donation for Book Fair Share in Escondido

You seriously have to applaud your child, family for even bringing in one dot of love this year. We use this heart as a reminder of perspective on those days when we are feeling down, stressed or like everything is against us….we have so much to be grateful for!

TK Summer Playdates

Lakeview Park- Mira Lago 10794 Mira Lago Ter, San Diego, CA 92131

  • Wednesday, July 19 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Saturday, July 22 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Sunday, August 13 3:00 m – 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday, August 16 4:00 pm – 5:00pm

Upcoming Events

  • All-School Spirit Week 6/8 – 6/13
  • TK/K End of Year Party – 6/8/17
  • 206 Father’s Day Celebration 5/13/17
  • Last Day – 6/14/17

MONDAY – 6/5

  • Before School Run Club
  • Mrs. Hickson will be teaching


  • Mrs. Hickson will be teaching


  • Before School Run Club


  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Run Club Awards Assembly 8:00 am in the MPR

FRIDAY – 6/9

  • Whole School Assembly @ 9am
  • TK/K End of Year Party (12:30 dismissal up at the Run Club Field)

TK Days – May 22 – 26

IN THIS POST:  Zoo Field Trip, Final Reading Logs Due This Week, Yearbooks, End of Year TK/K Party, Western BBQ Lunch,  SR Library Visit – Summer Events, Volunteer Calendar, Stars of the Week, Sight Words, Upcoming Events, This Week

12 days left and is there a lot still happening before the year ends! 

Zoo Field Trip

TUESDAY is our Field Trip! We have a bus arriving to pick us up so we need to make sure that we arrive on time! See the flyer that went home on Thursday (also pictured below). Parent Chaperones are also welcome to come in the classroom at 8:30.

  • Come in the classroom at 8:30 am on Tuesday, 5/30/17
  • Stop by the bathroom on your way into the classroom
  • Wear your PINK EBS Jog-A-Thon Shirt
  • Send a disposable lunch, labeled with your child’s name (no snack needed)
  • Wear sunscreen, hat and comfortable walking shoes
  • NO 12:30 pick up, students will arrive back around 3:00 pm for pick-up (SAY kids will be walked to SAY after we return).
  • ALL students will need to return on the bus back to school with our class.

Final Reading Logs Due This Week

Next week is the last week to turn in Reading Logs! NOTE: You will not be getting any replacement logs once you turn in the current log you are on. Congratulate your child for all their effort on their Rainbow Reading this year! In addition, we hope you not only continue the reading over summer, but keep encouraging your child to read over the summer for fun, pleasure, knowledge, and stamina! Try different kinds of books, visit the local library and if you are reading with your child, have some conversations about opinion, understanding, etc.


A flyer when home this week regarding the 2016-2017 EBS Yearbook. I did have a conversation with the students about what the yearbook is. These are fun collector’s items to preserve all the memories from this year! Purchase online at These will be delivered to the classroom near the last days of school. When they come in, we will have time for students to sign each others yearbooks in class.


End of Year TK/K Party

Flyers will go home this week (if possible on Tuesday depending on Field Trip timing).  The End of Year Party for all the K’s and TK’s will include water activities with JW Tumbles ($9.00) and a cafeteria Pizza meal ($2.25). If you plan to come and eat with us, the cost for adult meals are ($3.50) and if you are bringing a 4-year old to participate, they too will be able to purchase a meal ($2.25). We will just need to turn in the number of kids and adults that plan to order pizza, so if you or your 4 year old plan to join us and will be added into our count, you must let us know by Tuesday, May 30th. Thank you in advance!

Pizza Cost Kids $2.25, Pizza Cost Adults 3.50

Western BBQ Lunch

Flyers went home for the all-school BBQ lunch. If you wish to purchase and eat lunch with your TK student:

  • Get a visitor badge at the office before the 12:30 pick up time
  • When students are dismissed at the gate, you may come in to join your TK for lunch
  • Pay for lunch up at the cafeteria area
  • Enjoy a lunch with your cutie-pie!

*Return the slip if you plan to attend.

SR Library Visit – Summer Reading Events

This week the Scripps Ranch Library came to visit our class. They read us 2 stories and  shared with the students regarding the summer reading program available to students. The program rewards students with prizes for reading books. Students who participate will also be entered into a raffle to win an iPad.

Volunteer Calendar

Running Club Achievement

Check out this little lady! She made it to 300 laps! She will be receiving a medal at the Run Club Awards Ceremony for this accomplishment!

Stars of the Week

Upcoming Events

  • Zoo Field Trip – 5/30/17
  • On Campus Insect Lab – 5/31/17
  • Family Lunchtime BBQ – 5/31/17
  • EBS Volunteer Breakfast 6/1/17
  • All-School Spirit Week 6/8 – 6/13
  • TK/K End of Year Party – 6/8/17
  • 206 Father’s Day Celebration 5/13/17
  • Last Day – 6/14/17

MONDAY – 5/29

  • NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day Holiday

TUESDAY – 5/30

  • Zoo Day – Arrive at EBS at 8:30, Return at 3:00 (approximately)


  • Before School Run Club
  • Insect Lab – On Campus (San Diego Natural History Museum)


  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 6/2

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am

TK Days – May 15 – 19

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Only 16 days left! Ahhh! Where did this time go! We are in the closing weeks!

Character Education – Cooperation

As one of our last Character Ed lessons, Alison Jones came in with a memorable day for these kiddos! She read them a book about cooperation and then let them work in small cooperation groups! This is a fantastic skill for students to work on especially with a difficult task. Letting them struggle within a group can be a fantastic challenge and perfect opportunity to learn to really practice cooperation. Each student had a role and worked to share the responsibilities which again can be a struggle (Some kids want to dominate the group and others prefer to take more of an observation role…giving each child job helps to get away from this.)

Each group was to given a special job all in preparation to build a rocket ship. Then each group got a chance to launch their balloons! They seriously had a blast and got so excited and full of giddiness!

Each rocket was released by letting the air out of the ballon and letting it spiral down the string line!

Scholastic Book Order

Don’t forget to turn in the last scholastic Book Order by 5/24/17.Coupons for a free book were placed in folders this past Tuesday. Let me know if you missed it.

Scholastic Book Fair

Don’t forget next week is the Spring Scholastic Book Fair! There is BOGO deal as well! On Monday there will be Rita’s samples after school to kick off the book fair! The book fair is open before and after school!

Jog-A-Thon Pajama Day

As a whole-school celebration, all students will be wearing PJ bottoms and their Jog-A-Thon Tees on Tuesday May 23rd! Don’t forget yours! (remind your friends to check in who don’t read the blog so they don’t miss out!)

Wear this pink shirt on Tuesday!

Shoe Drive Update!

Its almost time for the Shoe Drive to come to a close. We had some friends who didn’t get to participate because we ran out of sizes so I got a few more from my friend! If you still wish to get in on this, come stop by and get a size and name to purchase for! All shoes are due back on May 31st! Thank you so much!

Book Drive Update

We have so many books coming in! Hooray! Thank you so much! Check out how many books we have as of Friday! Book collecting will stop on May 31st as well! Thank you for sharing your books and lots of love with these children!

Zoo Info

This week more detailed info will be going home in folders regarding our zoo trip! Keep your eyes peeled! Some basic information:

  • disposable lunch
  • no snack
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • wear your pink Jog-A-Thon shirt!
  • Arrive at 8:30, Return time 3:00 (approximately)

Fall 2017 – Kindergarten!!

  • Playdates – Check out information going out from the school regarding Kinder Summer Playdates! Each year 1-2 parents plan a few summer playdates at park! This is a time for all TK’s and K’s coming in the fall! Its a fun way to meet new faces you’ll be entering the gates with each day! If you are able to make these, they are lot of fun and there are many new friends to be made!
  • Back to School Night – This year the TK/K Back-To-School Night will occur on a new night! TK/K will be having a parent only Back to School night the night before New Student Orientation. This will be a chance for parent’s to get the scoop on the school year and find out all to be expected before school even starts. The following day will be New Student Orientation. There will be no other Back to School Night
  • Orientation – You likely attended this last year on the Friday before school started. This will mostly be the same. The entire school will come to hear the MPR presentation and then students will go to classrooms. The main difference will be that the focus of the classroom time will be to visit/view classrooms and meet/greet with their new teacher! It will be more like Open House, without all the work to show around the room. I hope to see you there!

Stars of the Week

Upcoming Events

  • Jog-A-Thon/Pajama Day – 5/23/17
  • Scholastic Mini Book Fair – 5/22 – 5/24/17
  • Holiday Weekend – 5/26 – 5/29/17
  • Zoo Field Trip – 5/30/17
  • On Campus Insect Lab – 5/31/17
  • Family Lunchtime BBQ – 5/31/17
  • EBS Volunteer Breakfast 6/1/17
  • Last Day – 6/14/17

MONDAY – 5/22

  • Before School Run Club

TUESDAY – 5/23

  • Before School Run Club


  • Before School Run Club
  • Last TK/K PLC Day – Mrs. R. will be here!


  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 5/26

  • NO SCHOOL – Memorial Holiday Weekend! Have a ball!