We Have Heart – Meals for Mexico

2017-18 We Have Heart: Giving #1

Family Food Bags

As our first class project this year for “We Have Heart,” we will be collecting food for families in Mexico who sometimes go without food! This is a class event where we try to sponsor a small community in Tijuana who have so little. We personalize our donations in special way! In past years, we’ve learned that a sandwich bag of dry food can feed a whole family an entire meal!

If you are considering to take part of this giving, it  can lead to some powerful conversations in your home about the world around us! Here’s how you can create a bag of your own:

  1. Buy grain, rice, legumes, pasta
  2. Color, draw, write, decorate….1 or more sandwich bags with sharpie markers
  3. Fill the ziploc bag with enough room to seal it.
  4. Return the bag to school by Thursday, December 7th to donate

Feel free to share or pass on to friends who wish to make a bag…the more the merrier. We will keep track of how many bags we collect in class.

-Mrs. Miller will be taking the food down to the community in Tijuana on December 9th to give to this local community

*As always this is an optional opportunity.

Thank you in advance for your support in helping others!

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