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Corpus Christi – Hurricane Harvey

This past weekend I went down as a group of 12  to Corpus Christi and took an opportunity to join an organization called Samaritan’s Purse. They help local areas during disaster relief. They have been helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Individuals and groups, men and women of all ages have been coming for as little as 4 hours to weeks to donate their time to help fellow American’s rebuild their lives.

The storms left this community torn apart and in a state of need and recovery. We were able to help one home, one family, one story. We spent 2 days clearing out their home and back yard. We spent time getting to know this family and emotionally supporting them. This couple had an adopted grand daughter and a son with special needs. They were overwhelmed with the amount of work to do and were missing the tools, knowledge and man power to get the job done. We removed the bottom 2 feet of the walls and insulation to remove mold, walls, nails, flooring and screws so the house was clear and ready for a contractor to come in and begin rebuilding their home. Check out some photos that captured our week!

Our San Diego Team from Canyon Springs Church.
This is the house we worked on for the weekend. This pictures captures what it looked like right after the storm.
This is the outside of the home. The pile near the street is all that we pulled out of their home. These piles are all over the place down there as people go through the rubble and discard the trash that was personal items or parts of their home.
This was day 2 after much of the progress has been made. This kitchen was almost all cleared out by the the time we left.
We had to remove the wall and insulation from each room to remove the water damage and mold that had built up in 6 weeks.
This is Mrs. Miller in her HazMat suit to take out insulation or heavy mold. We all had to wear masks in the house at all times due to mold spores being so bad.
These X’s were on the homes. Its a way the fire depart and rescue teams could mark and communicate about the homes that had been evacuated, condemned and other details about the condition of the home.
This was our team with the family we helped. They were so kind and so grateful that someone helped them get through this emotional and physical part of the disaster.
This is our team with bands we received that say, “I am Corpus Christi.” So many people from all over the US traveled near and far to give time to help all the families that had to deal with pain of Hurricane Harvey.
A McDonald’s Sign after the storm. Many local signs were destroyed by the storms.

This experience was impacting on many levels, but mostly was a great reminder of the awareness of reality that is out there each day. There are so many in need and so many to help. People right here in our neighborhood to those in other countries.


This awareness keeps returning to me and is a large part of why I offer awareness and opportunities of generosity for our class to participate and learn from. It can be hard to look outside of our day to day lives, but I challenge you and your family to grow in awareness and action! Stay tuned for “We Have Heart!” A class experience and effort to give to so many in need! An awareness/action challenge is coming soon!



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