TK Days: Oct. 16 – 20

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Fall Festival

What a fun evening everyone had at Fall Festival! A big cheer to Mrs. Leatherwood as she co-chaired the event and the evening went on fantastically without a hitch! Here are some pics we captured of our 206 littles! Thank you for everyone that came out to enjoy the night, support our school and those of you that volunteered to help!

10/19/17 Disaster Drill

Thursday morning at 10:19 am on 10/19/17 we participated in a disaster drill. We have had one before so the kids did a great job. They know their whole body needs to be under a table and their head and eyes are most important to protect. After room has stopped shaking (pretend shaking is signaled by Ms. Sloan over the intercom), we leave the room to get out the safest place possible which is outside. Our goal for next time is to keep working on staying close together in line as we walk without getting distracted so the line doesn’t get separated or lost. Give these kiddos a round of applause for their efforts and bravery as we learn and practice what to do in the event of a true disaster.


New volunteer calendars will come out this week. If you have any changes based on last month’s schedule, please email me before Tuesday regarding any such changes. Thank you for making our TK program so successful! Its because of you that we can do what we do! #solucky

Just a reminder for all parents coming in to volunteer….

  • If its possible (depending on your volunteer time), please come in early around 8:35 to go over instructions for the day.
  • If you are volunteering, please know you are free to go out with the kids for snack and recess if you wish. You get a very different picture of the class/students when they are in their unstructured time and they love spending that time with you.


  • We’ve spent this past week and half really focusing on stretching words out in writing. They are getting much better at it! So exciting to uncover the code of writing. They use their alphabet chart and sight word lists to help aid them in their writing. Slowly they are starting to write out their desired messages!
  • This week we also wrote out wall writing by the door with the prompt of… “I’m scared of…” Stop by and read your child’s response and see their writing!

Generosity – Character Ed.

This week, we had 3 fifth grade students come in to teach the students an additional lesson responsibility. These 3 ladies were fantastic! They were helpful and encouraging to the whole class and kept the students engaged the entire time by explaining generosity, reading a book about it (Rainbow Fish) and playing a game where the kids had to show thumbs up or down to tell if the example given was generous or not. Bravo 5th graders! We are looking forward to you returning next month!


  • Mrs. Leatherwood made some adorable “Franken-art” with the students. Check out their talents!
  • In addition we also made spiders and webs for our quilt art!

Color Week


  • If you  need a new reading log or something of the like, please feel free to leave a note in your child’s folder with their name on it and the folder helpers can put it in your folder or if needed pass the note on to the teachers.
  • Please encourage your child to carry their own backpack, and put away their own snack, folder, and backpack. This sends a encouraging message to your child that you believe in them and their ability to do the task on their own. In addition, it makes them responsible for not only bringing their own materials, but an awareness about their materials. Occasionally we can’t find someone’s folder or snack and when we ask if they brought it that day, they have no idea if they didn’t put it away themselves. If they are the ones to put away their own belongings, they will have the knowledge if it came to school and if it was put away. I know this takes a little longer, but is very important for your child and gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Upcoming Events

  • October 31st – 206 Halloween Party – 11: 20 – 12:20 pm
  • November 6th – Make Up Picture Day, Volunteer Picture Day
  • November 7th – Monthly AFP Meeting @ 6:30 pm, MPR
  • November 10th – Veteran’s Day, NO SCHOOL
  • November 8th – 17th – Book Fair
  • November 13th – 17th – All School Minimum Days for Parent Teacher Conferences
  • November 17th – Grandpersons Day @ EBS

The Week Ahead…

Monday – 10/23/17

  • Mrs. Leatherwood Teaches
  • Before School Run Club

Tuesday – 10/24/17

  • Before School Run Club

Wednesday – 10/25/17

  • Library Day – 12:00 – 12:15 (every other week)
  • Before School Run Club

Thursday – 10/26/17

  • Before School Run Club
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30
  • Music @ 9:00 am

Friday – 10/27/17

  • Before School Run Club
  • EBS Spirit Days: Wear Red & Black or any EBS shirt!




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