TK Days – Nov. 7 – 11

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Veteran’s Day Special

Friday, November 11, is a very special day! In fact, it is so special it is a national holiday in which we are all off! This week a wonderful father in our class who serves in the Marines, came to read a book to the class about Veteran’s day. At the end of the text, he and his wife passed out Marine Corps stickers and Red Poppy clips to signify the value, honor and respect we pay to all our veteran’s! A special thank you to all who have served!
PS…Thursday, November 11th was the Marine Corps birthday! Happy Birthday Marines!

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Food Drive

Just a friendly reminder to bring in any dry or canned food for the EBS annual Food Drive. If you have any to bring, drop it off at our class first as we are keeping count in our class and then we deliver it to the school collections. We have brought in 26 items so far! Thank you for all who have donated to help so many that are in need!

Our school is trying to fill 10 barrels of food this year. So far there are 4 barrels filled. There are still 3 days next week to donate. Check your cupboards or stop by the store and pick up a few extra items to help others in need!


Gift Card Orders

Gift card orders went out today! This is a fundraiser that EBS does 2-3 times a year. This comes at a perfect time of year as the holidays are just around the corner! There are many different gift card options in multiple dollar amounts. Go through your lists of those you are purchasing for and see if anything on the list matches. If so, considering buying these early and through our school to help fundraise!

*If you decide to order, you can have the cards delivered to our classroom in which I can personally deliver them to you, or you can choose to pick them up across the hall in Mrs. Offord’s Room (Room 202). Gift cards will be ready for pick up on December 8th.

All orders are due next Wednesday, November 16th!
A special thanks to Kindergarten Teacher, Mary Offord, who updates and organizes this fundraiser! Thank you for giving your time to help benefit our school!



Thank you so much for signing up and arranging your schedules to meet for Parent Teacher Conferences. Each conference is 30 minutes long. There is a lot to go over so thank you in advance for your patience! When you arrive for your conference, please check in the room to let me know you are here! If I am meeting with another family, feel free to wait in the hall as we finish. Thank you in advance for your support and flexibilty!

Minimum Day Schedule all next week:  This means that each day will act as a Thursday. Students will eat later in the morning at 11:35 (so eat big breakfasts each day). This also means if you child goes to SAY they will not be able to buy from the cafeteria in the afternoons. The entire school will be dismissing at 12:30 next week so traffic will be very busy at dismissal each day. In addition, students will dismiss from the classroom door each day next week! Thank you for keying into these details!

Volunteer Calendar – December

I’m creating the December Volunteer Calendar this weekend. If you have any changes or requests for next month’s calendar, please let me know by Monday morning (11/14/16)! Thank you!

Character Education – Gratitude

This week Alison Jones came into to our class to speak about Gratitude this week! What a great trait to speak about that our kids can continue to practice for months to come! In her lesson, she spoke about when she was young and was able to go to the country of Kenya. She explained to the kids about how the people there, lived so differently than our living experience here in San Diego. This was a great attention-getter and awareness opportunity for students to begin to get a glimpse outside of the small world we live in!

Afterwards, the students went back to their seats and were given a picture of a bear with a large heart in the middle. The students were asked to write a name on the heart of someone they are thankful for, in which they could be reminded. In addition they could give this heart to someone they loved! I had a sweet student, come up at the end of the day with a surprise for me…she gave me her heart!

Finally, the students came back to the carpet and were shown a bag with many items inside. Mrs. Jones, invited different students to come up and take out an item or two and we discussed how the item symbolized something we have to be grateful for! What a great lesson and reminder of how fortunate we are and to get us thinking how we can remember giving to others (October’s lesson of Generosity). Thank you Mrs. Alison Jones!

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50’s for the 50th Day of School

This past week we celebrated the 50th day of school! Students dressed up like we were back in the 50’s! We wrote about 50 things we wish for and made 50 Days Smarter bracelets! In addition, we listened, danced, and hand-jived to 50’s music. We even got to chew bubble gum and practice blowing bubbles! What a day we had!

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Book Fair

The 2016 Book Fair has officially began! This year there is a pirate theme! Arrrgh!!!

We will be going as a class on Monday, November 14th at 9:00 am! If you are able to go and help (as student’s will be writing down lists of book titles, costs, and shelf locations of books they wish to purchase). You may also send money with your child to buy books without you. Be aware their are many pencils, erasers, toys, etc. near the cash registers. Students get wide-eyed and distracted with these items. Please clarify to your student, if you send money, if or how much you wish for them to spend on books vs. small items (you may write this on the envelope).

*There is a sign-up on the whiteboard if you are able to join the class at the Book Fair.


Pink Week – Dual Purpose

Next week our color of the week is Pink! In addition, we have 4 teachers at our school who will be doing the Susan Komen 3-Day walk next weekend! To show our support to our teacher representatives and our support in fighting Breast Cancer, the whole school will be wearing PINK next Thursday! Parents — feel free to join in the support by wearing pink also!

Informative Writing

This week we started a new type of writing that we will be working on through December. This writing focuses on the diligences of writing (such as using capital letters, finger spaces, periods, etc.). It is taught around the concept and understanding of Informative Writing. Students will be working to improve their writing while learning the practices of writing information rather than events, or opinion.

This week we wrote about fruit. The first day we write together and focus on a group topic. The second day the students try on a similar subject (same topic) as we did together the day before.

The past writing work we did focused on Narrative writing and focused more on the craft and ideas of writing. All past writing work will be sent home during parent conferences!

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100 Lap Achievement!!

This sweet girl has been diligent in her attendance and running in the Before School Run Club program! She is the first this year in Room 206 to run 100 laps! Congratulate her on her efforts and determination!



This is a new website that Mrs. Martin has shared with us us to use. I just set this up this week, and added my own daughter to try it out. We tested it on Thursday afternoon, and discovered there was only 1 book we could use. As I understood we would have more capability on the website/app. I will follow up with Ms. Martin and she mentioned that next Thursday we would be going onto Storybots in our next session to try.

In the future, families and students should be able to drop their picture into stories along with practicing different math activities. The letter with your child’s code went home today.


Partner Work

This week we started some focused work on partnerships. We are aiming for students to engage in conversations and to be active participants (listening and speaking) within the partnerships. This week we discussed different partnership positions that help support our work together and our conversations.


Birthday Shout Outs

Here’s the birthday buddies from this week! This week and next week will be our last 206 birthdays this school year!


img_5764 img_5728 img_5740

Upcoming Events

  • 206 Visit to the Scholastic Book Fair – Monday, November 14th @ 9 am
  • 206 Fine Artists Lesson – Wednesday 11:00 – 12:20
  • Grandparents Day – November 18th @ 8:45 in Room 206
  • Minimum Days, Parent Teacher Conferences – November 14 – 18
  • Thanksgiving Vacation – November 19th – November 27th

MONDAY – 11/14

  • Parent Conferences (Minimum Day Schedule)
  • Before School Run Club

TUESDAY – 11/15

  • Window Art Project
  • Before School Run Club
  • Parent Conferences (Minimum Day Schedule)


  • Fine Artists @ 11:15 am
  • Before School Run Club
  • Parent Conferences (Minimum Day Schedule)

THURSDAY – 11/17

  • Computer Lab
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Color Day – Don’t forget to wear PINK 
  • Mrs. Hickson will be teaching (Mrs. Miller @ Professional Development)
  • Parent Conferences (Minimum Day Schedule)

FRIDAY – 11/18

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
  • Parent Conferences (Minimum Day Schedule)



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