GOT BOOKS? (We Have Heart)

We Have Heart – May 2016 Challenge

Families of 206 – Each month we have focused on those who go without _____. There are so many people who live daily without the everyday luxuries we sometimes take for granted! This month we are going to give to those who go without books! My dear friend Emily, teaches in Escondido at an inner city school. Many of families that attend this school live day to day…some without food, clothing, electricity, homes and some even go without parents. You can imagine, when your immediate needs are constantly in question, items such as books are a total luxury!

My friend Emily is doing a Book Drive to share books with all these kids! She has set the goal of bringing in 2000 by June 7! I have my own goal of getting 3000! I know it can be done! The goal is to bring in any new or used books and sort them into levels (I can sort for you)! She can then distribute multiple books to each kid at the school. Imagine your child at 5 or even 9 years and not every owning their own book. Many of these families don’t have any books in their home other than a bible or a dictionary.

If you would like to contribute to the cause…ask friends, and neighbors if they have any books to give. Go through your own home library (crazy most of us have a collection of books right in our homes!). Stop by a local garage sale to buy and/or see if they would discount, or give any books not sold at the end of the day! Bring these books to our class and I’ll sort and deliver these to Emily’s school!

What do you say?…lets get our generosity going and give!

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