The SCOOP – Jan. 19 – 23

Upcoming Field Trip

We will be attending a field trip to the Birch Aquarium in February. Our class is planned to go on Tuesday, February 17th. We may be arriving back at EBS after 12:30 (TK Dismissal time). More information will be coming soon! Please mark your calendars!


The annual EBS Jog-A-Thon is March 6, 2015! We are thrilled to participate! This is a minimum day as it is parent conference week. This event is broken into two parts, an upper grade part (3rd – 5th) and a primary part (TK – 2nd). We will definitely need parent support as this is a big school event. More information is to come. Mark your calendars and be thinking if you would be able to help our class on this day!

*If it rains on March 6th, the Jog-A-Thon will move to March 20th.

Johnny Can Spell Phonograms

This past week we added 2 new phonograms. We learned:

  • “er” the /er/ of her
  • “ir” the /er/ of first

We are learning the different spellings by learning these phonograms. We have also been focusing on the different sounds that each letter makes. For example…”S” says /s/ and /z/. These are phrases you may her your child say or that you can prompt them with when you are writing with them (ie. on a birthday card).


I’ve had some questions from some families regarding academic concerns in regards to reading, sight words, letter sounds, etc. I would strongly recommend being consistent on a daily (or at minimum weekday) basis of having your child try on the same skills/practices each night. This might look like a quick game of “My Pile, Your Pile” with 5-10 sight words (as mentioned in previous posts) and then a read and reread through a book (s) from their book bag. If it is letter sounds your child is working on, choose 7-10 letters/sounds to practice. This could also be done by playing “My Pile, Your Pile” with letter cards. The following night you could practice the same exact thing in the same order as to create routine. This could all be done in 15-20 minutes each night.  By the 5th night of the same book and letters, you will likely need to add new letters or sight words to your game and the book portion will go more quickly. Consistency is a great key to growth in these areas. If you have plans that evening, shorten the time or practice in the car with letters, sounds, or having your child read the book independently.

School Tours

If you have any friends, neighbors, or family members that are considering attending EBS next year, school tours are currently taking place. The next school tour is on February 4th at 12:00pm.

Calendar Dates

I’ve been updating the “Calendar Dates” page under the “Resources” tab to reflect some of the new school events that have been set. Check in to see any of the upcoming dates.

EBS Next Year??

purple paper was sent home with every student last week.  The purpose of the form is help the school plan for next year.  Please return the purple paper to school if 1)  your Kinder through 4th grade student will no longer attend EBS next year OR 2) if you have a new incoming Kinder or TK student next year.   This helps us make sure we have room for all our students for next year.

Some Random Pix Recess one day!

I tried to capture as many little 206 faces that I could find as I was at Recess Duty one day! These little guys are fast and stealthy, and have a blast with their buddies!

Recess Time!Recess Time! Recess Time! Recess Time! Recess Time! Recess Time! Recess Time! Recess Time! Recess Time! Recess Time!

Monday – 1/26

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Renew Book Borrow Bags (return the bags to receive new books)

Tuesday – 1/27

  • Return School Library books

Wednesday – 1/28

  • Library Visit at 12:30   (TK dismissal at 12:55 in the library)
  • Computer Lab

Thursday – 1/29

  • Minimum Day (dismissal at 12:30)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits!

Friday – 1/30

  • Fine Artists
  • Homework/Reading Log Due (aim for 20 minutes of reading a session…break in two parts if needed)
  • Run Club for K Students (Wear Tennis Shoes)



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