click on the titles below in red (links) to go to the sites


  • Click on your name
  • Click the picture associated with your child’s account (sent home with info sheet)
  • Click on the next level your child is ready code (next white circle)


Raz Kids

  • Practice independent reading
  • Starts to measure comprehension
  • Keeps track of progress and awards points to students for motivation
  • Keeps track of weekly activity levels
  • If you are prompted for a log in, have your child type “ebs206”


Tumble Books

  • Students can listen to books read aloud.



  • A variety of grade level-based games in different content areas.



  • Practice reading, phonics, numbers, and even listen to books.


Turtle Diary

  •  Grade level games in math, literacy, science, and puzzles.


K-1 Math

  • Math games for K-1




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