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TK Days – Oct. 24 – 28

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Sign-ups went out this past week. Please check your email and sign up this week if you haven’t done so already! We are looking forward to meeting with each family! Your kids are doing awesome!

Fall Festival

We hope you enjoyed all the fun on Friday night at the Fall Festival! What a great event and how much fun to come to school in your costume! Here’s a picture of my little kiddos at the Fall Festival!

img_5630 img_5629

A special thanks to Lesley Russe for her donation  of Legoland passes to create our 206 Silent Auction Baskets for the Fall Festival this Friday.

Food Drive

This will be our first act of generosity this year! Our school contributes to a Food Drive each Fall. The Drive runs from November 2 – 16. Its a great reason and time to give food to those who are less fortunate, but also take this opportunity to speak with our child about how abundant our lives are and how there are so many ways we can be kind and give to others and experience the joy that giving brings. We will definitely be talking as a class about this, but also encourage you have some of these conversations at home. Here’s the details of this event!

  • No glass containers
  • Proteins are preferred to fill these bellies with lasting foods (canned tuna, chicken, beans, peanut butter, tomato sauce, cereal, rice, pasta, canned soups, canned vegetables, canned fruit, infant formula, powdered milk, or nuts.
  • Bring items to the classroom so we can count them and add them to our generosity wall! We will bring them over the front of the school or MPR after counting them. Thank you!

We will be other events this year where we have the opportunity as a class to give to others, learn about those in need, and discover the joy in helping!

206 Halloween Fun

This Halloween we will be celebrating the classroom! We don’t wear costumes at our school, so come dressed in any orange and black garb or Halloween T-shirts you may have!

  • We will be having a guest reader and poem by Mrs. Rachel Franklin
  • We will be attending computer lab as well for some practice and spooky fun
  • We will be having our Halloween Celebration from 11:30 – 12:30 in the class
  • We will be celebrating our October birthdays at the very end of the day – popsicles!

All parents are welcome to join from 11:30 – 12:30 for the celebration as long as they are on the EBS Cleared list!

Box Top Total

The Box Top Fall Collection time ended last week! Thank you to everyone who contributed Box Tops! A special thanks to the Crystal Meginness for heading up our class collection and Rachel Franklin for providing the collection box. Our class collected 255 Box Tops! Woot! Woot! The overall school collection raised about $1200 dollars for our school! There will be one more collection period and contest in January/February, so keep on collecting and have your family and neighbors collect as well and save them for the new year! Thank you!

50th Day of School

The 50th Day of School is approaching quickly (can you believe we’ve almost been in school for 50 days! For the first time ever we plan to take advantage of this great TK number on Tuesday, November 8th! We will take this opportunity to do some counting and singing and craft time fun along with some other fun activities to show we are half way to 100 days of school! One of the highlights of our day will be to dress retro-style in classic 50’s fashion! No need to buy anything, but look around your house or borrow from a friend some jeans, white t-shirts, poodle skirt, gel up your hair or put a bandana in a high ponytail! This is going to be adorable and so much fun!


Scholastic Book Fair

The EBS Scholastic Book Fair is on! Our school does a fantastic job of theming and decorating the library to build the excitement and fun of this book event! This year the theme is a pirate theme called the Book-A-Neer! All the details of the dates/times are listed on this sheet. A packet went home with you this past Tuesday explaining all the events in detail. I’m attaching pictures of each page as well in case anyone missed it.

On Monday, November 14th our class will be visiting the Book Fair from 9:00 – 9:30. If you’d like to stay after drop-off and join us over at the library, we’d love your help. Students may bring money to shop while we visit, or they can make a list of items they are interested in buying (in which you can come back later to purchase if you’d like). Where we could use help is during the “writing a list” part. This task can take a large amount of time for the students as they write down the title, location and price of the book. Please let Mrs. Hickson know if you plan to join us that day as it will be a Monday!

On Wednesday, November 16th, Family Night at the Book Fair occurs. There are prizes, games and you get to dress in pajamas or a costume. The last day of the book fair is also Grandparents Day (Friday, November 18th) on campus! Feel free to visit the book fair with Grandma and Grandpa that day as well!

img_5591 img_5592 img_5593 img_5595

Reading Legacies – As a part of this book fair our school does its best to raise monies to give books to those who don’t have any. Again, this is a great opportunity to share with your child about how much we have and how much we can give to those who go without books. Its hard for some children to imagine that there are families without any books in their homes. The school is sponsoring a contest to see who can bring in the most money to donate. I encourage you to not get hung up on the contest, but find spare change, loose dollars and donate to give another family the gift of books that we sometimes forget we are so lucky to have! We got our first donation on Friday! 

img_5594 img_5597 img_5596

Color of the Week Picture!

img_5605 img_5607

Upcoming Events

  • Make-Up Picture Day – November 8th
  • Volunteer Picture Day – November 8th (for Visitor Badges)
  • 50th Day of School – November 8th
  • Scholastic Book Fair – Thursday, November 10 – 18
  • Grandparents Day – November 18th
  • Minimum Days, Parent Teacher Conference Week- November 14 – 18
  • Thanksgiving Vacation – November 19th – November 27th

MONDAY – 10/31

  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)
  • Halloween – Mrs. Miller will be teaching!
  • 206 Halloween Celebration @ 11:30 – 12:30 (all cleared parents are invited)


  • Before School Run Club
  • TK/K PLC Meeting – Mrs. R will be here!


  • Before School Run Club


  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Color Day – Don’t forget to wear BROWN

FRIDAY – 11/4

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club

TK Days – Oct. 17 – 21

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Super Pledge

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We have 100% of our Super Pledge Envelopes in! This is so exciting! We were announced Friday afternoon over the loud speaker as one of the 4 classes with 100% of our envelopes in! Thank you sincerely for your time, donations and team effort to turn these in! All bracelets have been given out!

Halloween Window Art

This week Mrs. Afshar came in to do a Halloween Art Project for the window! These little creatures look adorable and decorate our window so nicely!


Fall Festival – Friday, October 28th

This Friday, our school will host its annual Fall Festival! Come dressed in your costumes during an eventful evening at school There will be Food Trucks, Cake Walk, Hand Tile Painting, Pumpkin Contest, Silent Auction, Teacher Auction, BINGO, Spirit Wear Sales and more! Come out to join us for a fun filled evening!

**They are needing more volunteers to make this event happen! If you are able or willing to volunteer, Sign-up here:

Parent Teacher Conferences

These are approaching quickly! The week of November 14 – 18th is reserved as Parent Teacher Conference Week. I will also schedule some conferences the week prior, around my afternoon work schedule. A link to an on-line sign up will be going out this week. Each slot will be 30 minutes to meet with Parents. There is no child-care for conferences. We will be going over your child’s progress in different academic areas, social and noting strengths and areas to continue working on. Looking forward to meeting with each of you!

*The week of conferences is minimum day schedule for the entire school. It is also the week of our Scholastic Book Fair in the library.

Rainbow Reading

Congrats and great job on all the reading logs that have been returned! We are so proud of each student and all the reading that has been going on! Remember you are welcome to return books on Fridays or Mondays as they will be exchanged for new books. Make sure to log in any books read to or by your child on their reading log along with any comments or questions!

Try to include a good mix of books your child is reading to you (on line or from their book bag) with books you read to your child. When you read books you read to your child, there is a great opportunity for a much richer discussion regarding your child’s opinions, the conflict/solution and summary of the text. When your child is reading to you, the content discussions may not be as deep, but your little reader gets to practice fluency and comprehension while thinking about the meaning!

Miss Ellen’s Birthday

This week the entire school went out to the an all-school assembly to celebrate the infamous Miss Ellen (Browning Scripps)! She is quite an accomplished lady! Here’s some facts you might not have known!

  • She was regarded as the first columnist and the first foreign correspondent
  • She was the first female to graduate from Knox College
  • She established the first public playground in the US and deeded it to San Diego
  • She established Scripps Memorial Hospital
  • She established Scripps Clinic, the second such facility in the US
  • She established Scripps College, the foundation of Pomona College
  • She established (with her sister Virginia) the Bishop’s School and James-by-the-Sea Church
  • She established Torrey Pines State Park
  • She established (with her brother) the Scripps Institute of Oceanography
  • She was the co-founder of the San Diego Zoo

What an accomplished individual!

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Marble Party

This week the students worked together to fill our class marble jar! Every time the entire class works together they get marbles in the jar. When the jar is full we have a Marble Party! This Friday we celebrated by having a Parachute Play time for our Marble Party! We had loads of fun!

img_5570 img_5573 img_5578 img_5576 img_5574 img_5575

CA Great Shake Out – 10/20 @ 10:20 am

This week, we along with many other Californians practiced and discussed what we would do in the event of an earthquake. We practiced getting under the desks to protect us from falling objects and debris while covering our eyes and waiting 2 minutes with no tremors until it was safe to come out and exit the building to get to an outdoor safe place. The students did awesome and may have shared the conversation with you at home regarding what they should do if an earthquake happened at home! Congratulate your sweet children!

img_5560 img_5562


Next Week is Black Week!

img_5555 img_5565

Birthday Shout Outs

Cheers to this Birthday Sweet from this week!


This Past Week

  • Math – We continued working on numbers 0-5. We practiced building the number and showing parts to 5 (1 + 4, 4 + 1, 2 + 3, 5 + 0, etc).
  • Interactive writing – As a warm up we practiced forming the letters we’ve focused on so far – Bb, Mm, Ss, Aa, Cc, Tt in addition to writing our first and last names with the correct strokes.
  • Writing – Students have been working this past week on writing about an idea that made you feel (sad, angry, excited, surprised, etc). We worked to include our feeling of reaction in our writing. We also continued to check that we added pictures, labels, or words about our story.
  • Art – Check our our Fall Trees Art this week that Mrs. Hickson did with the class. The class did a Shared Reading with the Fall Trees poem and then created their Fall Trees art!

img_5553 img_5580

Upcoming Events

  • Fall Festival – Friday, October 28th
  • Make-Up Picture Day – November 8th
  • Volunteer Picture Day – November 8th (for Visitor Badges)
  • Scholastic Book Fair – Thursday, November 10 – 18
  • Grandparents Day – November 18th
  • Minimum Days, Parent Teacher Conferences – November 14 – 18
  • Thanksgiving Vacation – November 19th – November 27th

MONDAY – 10/24

  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)

TUESDAY – 10/25

  • Before School Run Club


  • Before School Run Club

THURSDAY – 10/27

  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Color Day – Don’t forget to wear BLACK!

FRIDAY – 10/28

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club

TK Days – Oct. 10 – 14

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Mrs. Miller’s Birthday!!! THANK YOU!!!

I absolutely love birthdays and getting older has some challenges, but the benefits and excitement by far beat the downsides of aging! This past Friday, many parents came in to join the kiddos to present a wonderful birthday present along with the sweetest birthday card/poster! I am so grateful and after a week of illness, termite tenting and packing I was a bit sluggish….the gift, poster and smiles seriously brightened up the week! Thank you!

img_5528 img_5536

Super Pledge Update!

As to date, we have turned in 24 of 26 envelopes! Thank you for all of you have turned yours in! If you haven’t turned yours in yet, please fill out and return (no donation is required) to help our class complete 100% success of returning our class Super Pledge envelopes! We are SOOO close! Thank you!

Character Education – Generosity

This week Meredith Nady came in to teach the students about Generosity (one of my favorite topics)! She read the book, When the Doorbell Rang to the students, in which the main characters in the story find themselves sharing their cookies each time the doorbell rang and more guests came in! There was a discussion about sharing with others and how it can be difficult but can help or be kind to someone else and bring joy to the giver. Finally the students went to their desks and colored a cookie at their desk. They were able to give this cookie to anyone they wished. Some student wanted to give their cookie to a family member and other students wanted to give their cookie away to a friend. At the end of our day, one student said he received 4 cookies! He said he wanted to pass them out to other friends who hadn’t received any cookies.

This year our class will have the opportunity to be involved in many acts of kindness in giving to others who have needs that we aren’t as familiar with on a regular basis. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the We Have Heart page on our website to see some of the ways we gave to those who are without ___. It was a great and important part of our year, where students were able to give to those without homes, health, company, food, etc. We practiced this act and learned about the true joy that comes from giving!

I have some new ideas for this year and will keep some of the old ideas, but if you have any contacts or ideas of other ways to give, please email me or stop by!

img_5501 img_5504 img_5503

Fine Artists Lesson 1

This past Wednesday the students had their first Fine Artists lesson with Kiersten Morton. Many other parents came to help teach the lesson (Tina Wang, Fawn Wang, Nary Xaysanasith, Neda Afshar) and guide the students through the steps. The lesson was inspired from a famous collage artist, David Hockney. The students deconstructed CA road signs with scissors and then reconstructed them with glue in an abstract way. Thank you to all the Fine Artists Volunteers for making the lesson so fun and successful!

The next lesson is Wednesday, November 16th if you are interested in joining in the fun!

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Halloween Celebration in 206

Just a reminder that there is a Shutterfly Sign-Up to help with this event. Please take a moment to check it out if you are cleared and able to help. Here’s the link the sign up if you are interested in helping.

Read to Self

This past week, we talked about how we Read to our Self. We discussed 3 different ways to read (see the chart we made below) and listed what is important to have a good Read to Self time. One of the items on that list is to build Stamina. We started with a couple minutes and are slowly building our stamina of being able to read the whole time. This can be a challenging task for some students. You can go over these at home and have your child show you the motions that help us remember what each item means!

img_5479 img_5478

Rainbow Reading

Starting this week, we have updated the Reading Log (Homework) as well as have a visual tracking system for students as they turn in a log completed with books read to them and by them. Each time a student turns in a completed log their marker will move to the next rainbow color until they get to the cloud at the end. At this point the student will work their way back through the rainbow of colors and back again. We’re hoping this is a little motivator, accountability and reward for students as they read. This is not meant to be a competitive visual, but a small detail to keep track that students are reading regularly.

img_5533 img_5538 img_5534 img_5535

Book Borrow

I hope the first week in Book Borrow has gone well! Don’t forget to have your student’s return their book bags each Monday where they will get new books. If you ever get a difficult book or a double of a title or any other issue, stop by and feel free to trade out books. Don’t forget to log these in your Reading Log. Your child may prefer paper books or may prefer RAZKids online reading. Either is fine and its even great to interchange to do both throughout the week.

Feel free to keep the book bags the entire weekend and return them on Monday if necessary. Thank you!

RAZ Kids

Each week, I get reports on who has logged in and what they read and how long they read for! I was amazed at how many kiddos logged in this past week! How awesome is that! So much reading going on! Don’t forget to remind your child to make sure they LISTEN to the book first, READ the book next, and if able in their level, ANSWER the comprehension questions! As they complete each part of each book they will move on to the next level. Congratulate your little reader for their hard work!

Purple Week

Here’s a pic from Purple week and Green week (since I forgot to put the green week picture up last weekend!)

img_5464 img_5523

Birthday Shout Outs

Here’s the birthday sweetie from this week!


Mrs. Miller is Moving

This next week, Mrs. Miller will be absent on Tuesday, due to her family moving to a new home. I apologize for inconvenience this is causing as I had to be out absent this past week for a family illness. We are hoping to be settled soon and I’ll be back on Wednesday morning with a greeting for each little one! Thank you in advance for your understanding and support! Ms. Granucci will be present on Tuesday!

Upcoming Events

  • All School Assembly to Celebrate Miss Ellen Browning Scripps- October 18th
  • CA Great Shake Out (Disaster Drill) – October 20th
  • Fall Festival – Friday, October 28th

MONDAY – 10/17

  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)

TUESDAY – 10/18

  • Before School Run Club
  • Ms. Granucci will be here this day!
  • All School Assembly to Celebrate Miss Ellen Browning Scripps


  • Before School Run Club

THURSDAY – 10/20

  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Color Day – Don’t forget to wear ORANGE
  • The Great Shake Out – CA Disaster Drill

FRIDAY – 10/21

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club

TK Days – Oct. 3 – 7

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Super Pledge Update

Just a weekly update about our Super Pledge totals for 206! Each class is aiming to get in 100% of their envelopes in. Remember, there is no required donation, just fill out the envelope and return. If you have lost your envelope or need a new one, please see me or the front office for a new one! As of now we have 21 of our 26 envelopes in! I have 5 bracelets left! 


Bingo Packets

Last week a form was sent home to purchase a Bingo packet for $25 dollars. This is for our annual Fall Festival! Its a lot of fun! Families come out to play games, win prizes, bid on the silent auction and much more. One of the big activities is the BINGO game. For $25 you get an entire Bingo Packet. I’m attaching a picture of the sheet here if you need a new one! These are due back soon, so turn yours in quickly!

Thank you for everyone who has taken the time to fill these out and return them with your child.


Box Tops

Its Box Top time! Twice a year (October and February), our school takes a collection of Box Tops. There are prizes for the student with the most and the class with the most. Save those Box Tops (they come on boxes of common household items) and send them in a ziploc with your child’s name on the bag (envelope). Rachel Franklin is taking the collection for our class. She has left a large, pink, file box on the table just outside the 206 front door to leave your Box Tops in. Thank you Rachel!

Collection Period is from October 10th – October 24th!

Check this website for more details on how this works!


Online Reading Program – RAZkids

A blogpost went out on Friday morning to explain all about RAZkids. In addition you received a paper and password for your child in their folder on Friday as well. I also went over the program with the students and showed them how the program works as well. Take some time to try this awesome subscription out. You can interchange this on line reading with reading books that go home and of course keep reading books/texts to your child! Each different time of reading brings different strengths.

Book Borrow Bags

This week Book Borrow Bags will be going home. Each student will receive a bag with a blue sheet inside. The sheet has their name on one side and the other side gives directions, suggestions and helpful/valuable points to focus on when reading with your child. To begin your child will be getting books that may seem very simple. Remember the purpose of these books are for them to practice reading them independently and extracting meaning and understanding. That means they will likely be able to read most of the words and pictures. They might even say, “this is easy,” or memorize the books after the first read (they will be reading the book multiple times throughout the week). Don’t be alarmed or worry. Give some time in the beginning for your child to continue reading the books independently. Over time the book levels will change as students are assessed as we check in for growth in decoding and comprehension. Here’s some key details to the program:

  • 3-5 books will go home each week
  • Read the books a few times through the week
  • Log each read into your child’s reading log
  • Students should be reading them as independently possible (remember productive struggle is a good thing)
  • After ask your child, “What was this book about?”
  • Return the books on Mondays for book trading new books for the following week

img_5474 img_5475

Scripps Ranch High Intern

This year we were fortunate enough to have a Scripps Ranch High School Intern join us on a weekly basis for an hour each week. Our intern will get to know each of the students and will be helping to support the students. Eventually he will be teaching some lessons later on in the year!

Our first visit with him went wonderfully! We are fortunate and excited to spend this year with him! I’m please to introduce Jonathan to you!



During one of our Read Alouds this week, we focused on a new concept that came out in the book entitled, The Ugly Pumpkin. In this story, this different-shaped pumpkin tried and tried to belong to a community since he looked so different (he was the shape of an eaten apple core). After much devastation and trial he stumble into a garden where they are very welcoming and helped him to realize he wasn’t a pumpkin at all, he was a squash! This brought about many conversations and discussion about acceptance. We spoke about how everyone needs acceptance no matter how old, young, tall, short, busy, fast, or slow they are. We related this new vocabulary word to our  recess time and what a great opportunity we have to accept others and especially those who are lonely on the playground! Spend a moment discussing more about accepting others at home with your little one!


Federal Survey Cards

Each student received a Yellow Federal Survey Card this past week. Please make sure you fill these out and return them on Monday. We received most of them on Friday…Thank you for taking the time to fill these out!


Reading Logs

Thank you for all the reading logs we’ve already received! Please remember to read most nights with your little ones (either reading to them, or have them read take home books or RAZ kids) and log it on your reading log. You want to be turning in a log approximately every 5-7 days. If you haven’t turned in a log yet, spend some time reading this week, log it in and return it soon!


Fine Artists Lesson

This week is our first Fine Artists lesson! We are hoping that a few volunteers can come on out to help assist students during their art experience! If you are able to join us and are cleared, drop in at 11:15 or just before as we will be heading up the Fine Artists classroom around 11:20 just after our recess!

Picture Day

Picture Day went well! The kids put on their best smiles and said cheese as they went through the line one by one. Thank you for the many parent volunteers who stuck around to help the students get prepared for their pictures and more so to help them as they had to wait to take their picture or wait for everyone after them to finish their picture-taking!

img_5446 img_5448 img_5450

Halloween Celebration in 206! (save the date)

On Halloween Day, all cleared parents are welcome to join us as we celebrate this fun day with some silly activities! If you are able, drop in from 11:30 – 12:30 in Room 206 on Halloween Day, just before our school day ends! More details will go home in a flyer soon!

Upcoming Events

  • All School Assembly – October 18th
  • CA Great Shake Out (Disaster Drill) – October 20th
  • Fall Festival – Friday, October 28th
  • Halloween 206 Celebration – Monday, October 31st, 11:30 – 12:30
  • Volunteer Picture Day, November 8th from 9 – 10 am

MONDAY – 10/10

  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)

TUESDAY – 10/11

  • Before School Run Club
  • Character Education Lesson with Meredith Nady


  • Before School Run Club
  • Fine Artists Lesson 11:15 – 12:20

THURSDAY – 10/13

  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Color Day – PURPLE

FRIDAY – 10/14

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club

RAZ Kids (Online Reading Program)

Dear 206 Families,

Our AFP (that’s you guys again!…Thank you!) purchases the licenses for each child to have their own log-in to an on-line reading program called RAZ Kids. Some of you may have heard of it or even used it before. This is a great way for your child to get practice reading on their own at their level. The levels (letters) don’t match up exactly to the levels your child will begin receiving in their book bags (these will be coming home shortly. A letter and password slip will go home in today’s folders explaining the program along with their password icon.

Kids A-Z Login Instructions

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher’s username, EBS206
  • Step 3: Your child finds his or her username on the class chart
  • Step 4: Your child enters his or her password (went home in folders)



Once your student logs in they will need to click on the “Level Up” Space Ship. Then they will find a series of books to choose from. Each book has 2-3 icons below it.


Icon 1: Headphones

This allows your child to listen to the book as it is read to them.


Icon 2: Book

This allows the child to read the book independently as a second go-through.


Icon 3: Question Mark (not in the first beginning levels)

After hearing the book, then reading the book, your child will be prompted through a series of questions (about 5 multiple choice that can be listened to when clicked on) to check if they understood the text. Many of the questions are literal comprehension questions rather than inferential or analytical questions, but allow your child to at least check their basic understanding.



Each time your child reads a book they get points that accumulate for their time and effort in reading. After so many points they get to build a robot with their points.

Weekly Summary/Homework Use

Each week summary of log-ins and log-in time is sent to the teachers to see check in. Feel free to use these books to write into child’s Homework Reading Log.


You may want to go through the first few books or couple log-ins with your child to get familiar with the program. After they understand and remember the process, this can be a great way for them to read independently. We use a pair of headphones in our house to help drown out distractions for my little reader and to keep the computer noise down for the other kiddo in our household.

Record your own reading voice!

When you are using the “Read Independently” Book icon, you can show your child how to pull down options by clicking on the upward facing arrow above the book. This will bring down a picture of a microphone. This allows your child to record themselves reading and then go back to listen to themselves read! Some kids really enjoy this!


On Vacation or at Grandma’s House???

One of the best parts of this subscription is that you will be able to use it anywhere you have internet access. This is great if you forgot your books at home or if you are on vacation/road trip as won’t need to bring books with you!

TK Days – Sept. 26 – 30

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Music Routine to Change!!

We are going to try something different in the mornings to help with music and our morning walk through 8:45 start-of-school foot traffic. We’ll give this a go on a trial basis. Next week on Friday, we will come into the room first, set down our water bottles and take attendance quickly. Mr. Waczek will then pick the students up from the room and walk them up to the music room after stopping at the restroom/drinking fountains. This is just a heads up before next week so you are aware of the change. I’ll try to remember to send out a “Remind” note that morning or the night before to anyone registered to remind them of the change.


Thank You!

Just a little note to say thank you for bringing your child each day, on time! We appreciate it and know how busy the mornings are, but appreciate you working to get your child to the line before school starts. Thank you also for those of you that stop before school use the restrooms so that the students don’t need to go to the bathroom shortly after entering the classroom! Our days are so awesome thanks to you all!

Super Pledge Total (to date):

I know your child has probably been bugging you to bring in your AFP SuperPledge envelopes so they can have their bracelet (I know my kiddo was ;). The envelopes aren’t officially due until Nov. 4th so their is time, and I have a bracelet for every child  for when they bring one in. The kids are dismissed from the snack tables first if they have their bracelet which is why they are likely asking for you to return their envelope. To date, we have 15 of our 206 Envelopes returned!  We are half way there! Each EBS class is aiming to get 100% of the envelopes back so that we can get a reward! Remember no donation is required in order to return your completed envelope and receive an EBS bracelet.

Window Art Project

Ms. Asfar and Ms. Wang came in earlier this week to build a window art project with the kids! What a fantastic project and it sure made our window so decorative! We read the students a story about Fall and then created they made string art. The next day the students all gave ideas for a window title and during Interactive Writing we wrote out the words to name our art window! Check it out!

img_5402 img_5404 img_5413

Picture Day for TK (Wednesday)

Picture Day is here! Next Wednesday we were given the first time of the day! (Hooray for keeping our hair as tidy as we can before we say, “cheese!”) If any parents would like to join us in getting the students through the line, we will be walking directly up to the Multi Purpose Room. Each child will receive a card to hand to the photographers when it is their turn. The pictures are taken of their bust area only (shoulders and heads). After taking their picture they will wait with the other children and then we will head back to class.

  • 8:50 am
  • Multi Purpose Room
  • Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Feel free to return the envelopes on Monday or Tuesday and we will keep them until Wednesday on Picture Day to distribute.


Reading Logs

You may have noticed a green log in your child’s folder. This your child’s “Homework.” Mrs. Hickson and I strongly value the experience reading together with your child. We highly encourage your child to build in a regular reading routine  (we’ll be sending home appropriate books for your child to read soon) where they read to you AND you read to your child. Feel free to choose books that your child enjoys and try new types of books that your child might not be as drawn to (various genres: fiction, non-fiction, biography, etc).

These are not due on any particular date, but must be completed with 10 books read. When your child completes their log, have them turn it in for a new one. Feel free to write any comments at the bottom or on the back. We hope that you and your child are able to have these reading experiences regularly throughout the week. Here’s an e-copy as well.


Letter Mm

This week we focused on the letter and sound of Mm. We practiced correctly writing the letter along with the sound of the letter. We read a book about Mm, and created a chart of Mm words.

Fine Artist Help

Wednesday, October 12 at 11:15 is our first Fine Artist Lesson! Our 2 Fine Artist Coordinators for our class will be teaching, but would love if any other volunteers could help to support small groups of students. If you are cleared we’d love for you to join us!

Volunteers Start Next Week

Just a reminder that the October Volunteer Calendar has been sent out and the first hours start next week! Thank you all for giving your time to support making this year successful special! Just a friendly reminder that all parents must be CLEARED before volunteering!

TK/K PLC Meeting

Once a month each grade level gets together to have a Professional Learning Community meeting. During these meetings, we plan, create, do lesson studies, problem solve, sharpen our instructional skills, and much more. This Tuesday is our first planning meeting. Our class will have Mrs. Ramchandran as our sub. She is a wonderful EBS sub that will be with the students for the day and most or all PLC days.

Remind App

We have 12 families represented in the Remind App sign up. I’ve started to send pictures out and will be able to send additional reminders regarding color days, picture day, etc. If you are interested in receiving these group or individual notices on your phone (they show up like a text) please download the Remind App and look up our class. Then:

  • You can use the code:


Yellow Day

Here’s a pic of our yellow day! Don’t forget to save a GREEN outfit for next Thursday, October 6th!


Birthday Shout Outs

Here’s the birthday buddies from this week!


Here’s a pic of all of our (17) September birthdays just before we enjoyed our September Birthday Popsicles!fullsizerender


Upcoming Events

  • School Pictures – Wednesday, October 5th
  • TK/K PLC Meeting -Tuesday, October 4th
  • All School Assembly – October 18th
  • CA Great Shake Out (Disaster Drill) – October 20th
  • Fall Festival – Friday, October 28th

MONDAY – 10/03

  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)

TUESDAY – 10/04

  • Before School Run Club
  • TK/K PLC Meeting
  • Monthly AFP Meeting @ 6:30 pm in the MPR


  • Before School Run Club
  • Picture Day @ 8:50 am

THURSDAY – 10/06

  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Color Day – Don’t forget to wear GREEN (for “realz” this time! 😉

FRIDAY – 10/07

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
  • EBS Spirit Wear Day