Welcome to Room 206’s class website! Parents, this is another place that we can meet and work together to partner in the start of your child’s education journey.  This website is designed to keep you informed on inner workings of our class and school, as well as to give extra information and resources to use at home and of course to show you some of the fun and some of work and effort that happens this year. Some of the popular pages are:

I always love to hear any feedback on what is helpful or if you have any ideas how to make this website more useful. I am sure your kids are already coming home with many stories of what happens at school or may even mimic the classroom during playtime. You will also be getting a taste of my personality and passions as I blog to you about the class! I’m hoping to share some great stories, examples of what we’re seeing at school.

Thank you again for all your continued support and communication as we start this year together!

Mrs. Miller

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Dear Mrs. Miller.
    We are so happy that Angelyne is enjoying , and having a great time at school. And we know , we have to thank you for being such a fantastic teacher!

    Please keep my email on your list and we would updated the the experience Angie has learned in your class


    Lan Pham

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