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TK Days – April 24 – 28

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Book Fair/Share, Shoe Drive …Generosity!

We have 2 acts of Generosity left for this year if you interested in supporting before we jump into summer! Check out Below!!!

  • BOOK FAIR SHARE –  This is our second year participating Central Elementary’s Book Drive. A dear friend of mine, Mrs. Emily Cook who teaches in Escondido is having a book drive for to directly benefit every student in their school. The student population is much less fortunate than ours and many of the students and their families are struggling to make ends meet with basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. Items such as books are a leisure and are luxury, which mean many of these students don’t have books to read at home and won’t have any books to keep reading over summer. We are in efforts with many in Scripps Ranch to help collect at least 2000 books so that each student can go through and select 2 books to take home for the summer.  She has already collected 1000 so far. Similar to our Fall Scholastic book fair, students can choose erasers, pencils or stickers to select from with the 2 books of their choice. How can you help?? Please take a moment to go through your home library and pick out any books (even board books as there is a preschool there) and send them in during the month of May! Go a step further and collect books from friends and neighbors! Also, if you have any or wish to purchase some stickers, erasers, or pencils these are a great help to some little ones who will GREATLY appreciate this! Lets ROCK THIS!

  • SHOE DRIVE  – This week I’m planning to get the names and shoe sizes of 30 kids who are from Perkins Elementary in San Diego (near downtown). This is a school I used to consult at and fell in love with the students. Their smiles are contagious! The student population contains 40% of kids that are homeless. Many of them come from a variety of home situations that require them to go without many of the daily things we take for granted! They wear uniforms to school and are fortunate to have clean clothes, and shoes that fit, with no holes, etc. When I asked my dear friend Linnette a way that would be most helpful, she said, “Shoes! They could use shoes!” My hopes are that our class, school and even our SR community will be willing to give a pair to sweet young child who needs and will get great use out of a new pair of shoes! My own 2 children have many pairs of shoes, but some of these kids have 1 pair they are depending on. They need these for school and to walk everywhere else! I will get names and sizes out as soon as I get them. I plan to share this with our school as well but am thinking that names will go fast! I’ll keep you updated! Look out this week for a blog post, flyer or email telling about the shoes sizes being available for pick up. All shoes will need to be turned in by the end of May.How can you help?? Thank you in advance for your generous hearts!

EBS Idol

As always the show was a hit! If you missed this year, you will have to check it out next year or buy the DVD! Our very own Olivia Lee played a solo on the piano! She did fantastic! So proud of her! I saw Brayden and Juwon there also and got great big hugs from them both! My husband Emceed the event and the teacher finale was…well a little “trolly.” 😉

End of the Year – Show & Tell

To finish off the year, we thought it would fun to have the students bring in an item from home to share. Students will be asked to tell us 3-4 things about their item. This is another great way for all the students to practice their listening and speaking skills. They will have a few minutes to tell the class about their item and a few minutes to answer questions from the “audience” and/or show their item to the class. (No weapons, electronics, or food!).  You can practice the speaking part at home with your child.

Some ideas are (but are not limited to):

  • a special stuffed animal
  • a favorite book
  • a collection that they have
  • pictures from a special event or vacation
  • a souvenir
  • a special gift they have received
  • a trophy, medal, or ribbon that means a lot to them

  Please check with me if you aren’t sure whether their item is suitable. I will be sending out an email soon to let your child know their date to share!

Scholastic Book Order – Due May 1st

Just a reminder that the May book order is due on Monday, May 1st. We only have one book order after this order for the year if there are any books you wish to order for summer or for birthday gifts.

Zoo Field Trip Volunteers

I had a great question regarding the Zoo Field Trip regarding clearance level. I did clarify with the office that volunteers must be “D” cleared to attend the field trip. I apologize for any confusion. We will modify the day’s schedule/grouping (except the behind the scenes tour as we will all be together on the bus) based on how many volunteers are able to be with us that day. Thank you for your understanding and generosity!

Mother’s Day

We are having our annual Mother’s Day celebration in Room 206. We did need to change the date as another event conflicted with the schedule. Please see the information below on our fun morning! Please remember if you are not able to attend due to work and would like to send another family member or friend who is cleared, they are more than welcome to join us!

  • WHAT: Mother’s Day Celebration
  • WHERE: Room 206
  • WHEN: Wednesday, May 10th
  • TIME: 9:00am – 10:00 (approximately)

Open House

Thursday, May 11th is our annual EBS Open House/Art Show! This is a fun and exciting opportunity, where families can come and get a student-led tour of their classroom. This is a come and go event which is very flexible. Classrooms are open from 5:30 and close promptly at 6:30. There is also an Art Show to tour along with food trucks and the great EBS Community atmosphere roaming the campus! Hoping to see you and your whole family there!

“The Sky’s The Limit” – EBS Art Show

The same night as Open House is the annual EBS Art Show. Each student in the whole school will have a piece on exhibit in the Auditorium/MPR. In addition a little bird cut-out went home this week with instructions for students to design/decorate and return by May 5th. If you haven’t decorated and returned yours yet, please do so this week as I believe they may use these to decorate the art show!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Our class is signed up for our sneak peak of the Art Show the week Open House. We would love a couple volunteers to join us in walking some small groups around the preview to help students find their piece on display. We will be visiting on Tuesday, May 9th, from 11:40 – 12:10. Thank you in advance for all your time!

May Calendar

Stars of the Week

Upcoming Events

MONDAY – 5/1

  • Before School Run Club
  • Scholastic Book Order Due


  • Before School Run Club
  • TK/PLC for teachers – Mrs. Ramchadan will be there!


  • Before School Run Club


  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • May the 4th be with you! (…from a Star Wars Family 😉

FRIDAY – 5/5

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am

TK Days – April 17 – 21

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Earth Day

Friday we discussed Earth Day. We watched a short video on taking care of our earth and worked on small booklet called, “We Can Help Our Planet Earth.” We also brainstormed a thinking map on how we can help our earth! I hope you all have a fantastic Earth Day!

Upcoming Field Trips

  • San Diego Zoo (@ the Zoo)Tuesday, May 30th …Today you should have received a yellow Field Trip packet regarding our upcoming trip to the SD Zoo. We will be going to a Behind the Scenes Tour at the Zoo to learn more about some of the animals at the zoo. We will be staying after the tour for a little discovery time at the zoo as well. We will be taking a bus, therefore, the cost of the tour is $10.00 and the cost of the bus is $5.00 per child. We will be able to take a limited number of volunteers based on the tour bus allowance. Volunteers will also need to pay $10.00 for the tour as well. Please return all the required information for our trip so we can explore the animal kingdom! NOTE: We will return about 3:00 so students will be staying a full day. Please let your childcare know. If your child attends SAY, we will let the SAY program know we will be returning late to school that day.
  • SD Natural History Museum (@ EBS) – Wednesday, May 31st … The following day we have another “in-house” field trip with the San Diego Natural History Museum to study all about insects. We weren’t able to choose this date, which is why it is so close to our zoo field trip. Though these kiddos are flexible so we will enjoy the learning! The cost is minimal (likely under $5.00) since it is on campus.

206 Mother’s Day – Save the Date – May 11th

We will have a brief gathering for our Sweet 206 Mamas so we can love on them because they are irreplaceable! This event will begin at 9:00 am. As always, you must be cleared to attend this event. If a mom isn’t able to attend, another friend or family member is welcome to join us for the celebration.

School Surveys

This week you received a parent survey asking about our school. This survey is anonymous and will help in the rating of our school by the state. Thank you in advance for returning your survey!

Open House – May 11th

May 11th is our annual Open House. This is an evening event where families are invited to classrooms to visit and see their child’s classrooms and see some of the work they have created and what they have learned about. This evening will also showcase the annual EBS Art Show. This is a beautiful display of student artwork (every child has 1 piece on display). There will also be food trucks this evening as well! Please put this date on your calendar to visit and let your child show you their daily learning place!

Stars of the Week

Thank You Popsicles

This past Friday we were gifted a class set of popsicles to say THANK YOU for being one the first classes to get all of students registered online for the Jog-A-Thon! Thank you to every family for this support!

Upcoming Events

  • World Wide Penguin Day – Tues. 4/25/27 (Wear a Penguin or black/white)
  • EBS Idol – Fri. 4/28/17 (Fantastic school talent show)
  • EBS Open House – Thurs. 5/11/17 (Open Classroom, Art Show, Food Trucks)
  • Mother’s Day Appreciation – Thurs. 5/11/17 (206 Event, must be cleared)
  • Zoo Field Trip – Wed. 5/30/17 (Bus transportation from 9 – 3pm)
  • Natural History Museum Field Trip – Wed. 5/31/17 (at EBS Campus)

MONDAY – 4/24

  • Before School Run Club

TUESDAY – 4/25

  • Before School Run Club
  • World Wide Penguin Day – Wear a Penguin or dress like one!


  • Before School Run Club


  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 4/28

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am
  • EBS Idol – Such a fun event!

Generosity Bags 2017

WOW! Is my first word! This year was so exciting! As this was the second year in our search to love on those who go without, that our class learned about those who are without homes for the month of March. This is an eye-opening concept for some students to imagine life without a home and all the luxuries that come with that gift!

Last year we collected 69 bags to bring downtown to help our fellow San Diegans who go without a home. This year we set out goal higher in hopes to raise 100 bags! We were so excited as each day new bags came in from 206 students or other EBS students that chose to participate. On the last collection date before spring break, we collected 114 bags! It was so shocking and celebratory as we counted the bags past the 100 mark!

At the end of Spring Break my family and some friends of ours headed downtown on a gorgeous day and found a new spot that had so many friendly people that were without out homes and in need of some daily and personal items to help them out. We thought we’d have more since we had over 100 bags, but once we parked in 7-10 minutes all the bags were gone! My daughter has the hardest time at the end, when there are more people and not enough bags. Its so hard as you want to help everyone, but had a great time interacting with those we got to meet. It only motivated us to bring more next time! As we passed out each of the bags, men an women were so excited because it was clear each bag was unique and each held different treasures. Socks and bottles of water were in high demand this year!

The day after our outing, another EBS family dropped off an additional 20 bags at my doorstep! We are trying to make some extras at our house as well and will carry a few in our car to pass out when driving around and seeing a friend who is in need.

Thank you so much for sharing the need and experience with your child/students and for donating a bag to generously give to others and love on them!

Here’s a couple shots we caught from Delivery Day!


TK Days – April 10 – 14

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Generosity Bag 2017 Finale!

I wrote a separate blog post to tell you all about the finish of our Generosity Bag collection and all about the day we delivered them! So exciting! Thank you for you support!

Click here to check it out!

206 Mornings

Due to high volume of people in the hallways and classrooms before school, the Kindergarten  teachers are asking that students go directly outside to the line rather than coming into the classroom before school. Therefore in the mornings, students will hang up their backpacks, and put away snack and folders and enter the Kindergarten playground/line through the outside gate (bring water bottles to the line with you). Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

If you are a parent volunteer for the day, please come in before school to check out the instructions for volunteer items that day.

Character Education – Perseverance

Meredith Nady came in to share with the students regarding Perseverance. She discussed how it means to “keep on trying” and to “not give up.” Students gave different examples of times when they kept on trying. Then she read them the childhood favorite…”The Little Engine That Could.” Then she had them write about a time that they showed perseverance. Then students were able to share out their writing and picture. We will continue to practice perseverance and notice it throughout out day. Please continue to remind your student at home if they whine, or complain about struggle or challenge to do or complete something that they can use perseverance to keep trying and trying!

Fine Artists

This was our last Fine Artist lesson for this year! The students created a piece that resembled the stormy neighborhoods represented in Alison Davis Wade’s piece shown below! They did awesome on this art project and had a lot of fun creating unique homes!

We want to say a special thanks to all our Fine Artists volunteers who gave their time to go to trainings, set-up and clean-up and support/teach the lessons! One chosen piece of your child’s Fine Artists collection will be displayed in the MPR during Open House Night for the Art Show. At the end of the year, the entire collection will go home with each student to have and keep!

Run Club Achievements

This sweet girl showed amazing perseverance to get to 200 laps in the Before School Run Club Program! Congrats!

Star of the Week

National Penguin Day – April 25th!

This is National Penguin Day! As a school, we are going to dress in any type of shirt with a penguin on it (feel free to wear your Jog-A-Thon shirts) or dress in Black and White if you don’t have a penguin shirt! Parents feel free to join in the dress-up fun!

EBS Idol

If you haven’t heard about EBS Idol, let me start by saying you don’t want to miss the entertaining event. Many students of all ages come with much courage to stand before a large audience and perform. You will see singing, playing, dancing, skits, etc. The night always ends with a teacher performance to close the the night! You don’t want to miss our teacher costumes this year! #sillyteachers  Below is a picture from last year’s idol performance!

Ticket order forms went home this past week if you wish to purchase!

Upcoming Events

  • National Penguin Day – April 25th
  • EBS Idol – Friday, April 28th
  • Open House – May 11th

MONDAY – 4/17

  • Before School Run Club

TUESDAY – 4/18

  • Before School Run Club


  • Before School Run Club


  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 4/21

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am

TK Days – April 3 – 7

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Gift Cards due 4/10/17

Blue Gift Card Orders went home right after we returned from spring break. This is a great way to buy grocery money you already plan on spending or for gifts for loved ones that you need to buy presents for. This in turn gives money back to our school. These are all due on Monday and will be delivered to me to pass out to you.

Spring Picture Day

Next week is spring picture day for the school. Unlike the fall, you will not have to pay for the picture ahead of time. This round of pics you will get the proofs and get to choose if you want to purchase and which proof you like best. There is a good chance we will be first thing in the morning on the schedule, so if you’d like to stick around to help that would be great! Feel free to dress in any attire that suits your spring picture style! Don’t forget to practice your smile in the mirror!

San Diego County Fair Visits EBS

Friday morning the SD County Fair came to our school to share the upcoming fair highlights and theme of the fair this year. Students each received a free fair ticket to attend this years event! Our family attends the fair every year as family tradition and has a blast tasting a few fun flavors, some silly rides and seeing the entertainment! Hope you all get to come on out for the fun!

Tile Math

This week we started Tile Math. This is a program currently being used in 1st grade and as a TK/Kindergarten team we decided to add it in our math curricula. This is self-paced program that students will use to build subitizing knowledge/practice, number concept, problem solving, and algebraic thinking. This week we started at a beginner level to mostly get the hang of the concept of how the program works. In short, students work to match numbers to dots and equations on some cards. Then they raise their hand to show they are finished with that card. At that point an adult will come to check the card and sign it off. Then the student colors in the number of the card they just completed, and then get a new card to start the process all over again. The students love it and are doing great.

Next week, we will change it up a bit where half of the class will work on Tile Math, while the other half goes through a math lesson, and then they will switch. Check out these pictures below to get a peek!

Fire Drill

I’m not sure how many of you were still around, but this week we had a fire drill at 8:45, just as school was starting. Ms. Sloan has us practice disaster, lock-down and fire drills each month at all different times of the day so they are unexpected and help us to know what we would do in different circumstances! It is such great preparedness practice and as you can see it has paid off. In September we had many kids, cry, get scared and even a couple were separated from the group momentarily as they are easily distracted seeing these drills as a new event. Now that they are so well-versed in these, they don’t panic, and know exactly what to do! I’m so proud of them and their continued practice and perseverance and trust to know how important and helpful these are!

Stars of the Week

Sight Words

We have started to focus on specific sight words for reading and writing in class. If you are using the cards to play, My Pile, Your Pile (as discussed in Parent Teacher Conferences with the packet of sight words) these are words that your child should know or be familiar with. If you need a new packet of words, please let me know:

I, a, the, like, and, is, see, you, went, of, play, look, looking, and, can, in, she, this, my (new words are in red).

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Picture Day – Wednesday, April 12th
  • EBS Idol – April 28th…buy presale tickets… its a show you won’t want to miss!

MONDAY – 4/10

  • Before School Run Club
  • Gift Cards Due

TUESDAY – 4/11

  • Before School Run Club
  • TK/K PLC Day – Mrs. R. will be here this day!


  • Before School Run Club


  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Character Education with Meredith Nady

FRIDAY – 4/14

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab @ 10:15 am
  • Fine Artists  – Last Class (to volunteer arrive at 11:00 in the FA room)