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TK Days: February 22 – 26

Welcome to Week 22! This post includes:  •We Have Heart – Generosity Bags    •Fine Artists – Alex Katz   •March Book Order    •Wheel of Choice    •EBS Jog-A-Thon    •Dr. Seuss Week  • Parent Teacher Conferences    •Star of the Week    •This Week’s Curriculum    •Future Dates   •The Week Ahead

We Have Heart – Generosity Bags

I’ve been super excited about this “We Have Heart” project! This month we are collecting Generosity Bags to pass out the Homeless. A Generosity Bag is a gallon ziploc bag (I will supply and send home with each family)  that contains any items that you think may be helpful for those living without a home. I recommend looking first in your home for travel size items, if no luck there, hit your local Dollar Store, Walmart or Target and go down the Travel Aisle for many of these items. Some examples include:

  • Bathroom: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brushes,
  • Toiletries: soap, shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash,
  • Food: mints, granola bars, crackers, raisins,
  • Housewares: bandaids, kleenex, gloves, socks, plastic spoon/fork, etc.

OPTIONAL PERSONAL TOUCH: A great personal touch is adding a picture and/or homemade note from your child! This will also bring up some great conversations in your house about those who go without in a different way.


We hope you join us in this giving as it is of course an optional giving. I will personally deliver these bags with my family! We are hoping to collect at least 20 bags for 20 individuals. Feel free to invite a neighbor or friend to also join in this generosity project.

Fine Artists

The Fine Artist lesson for this month was entitled “Dog Smile” and was inspired by artist Alex Katz and one of his famous artwork that portrayed his family dog, Sunny. The students created their own portrait of a dog by using different media – cutting out construction paper for the nose, eyebrows and tongue, using chalk to draw the head and ears, and sponge paint (using the “dip and dab” technique)  to create the fur.  A q-tip with black paint was then used to paint on the eyes, mouth, and collar.  We also read the book, My Father the Dog by Elizabeth Bluemle. A special thanks to Ann Tran Lien and Stacy McMullan for teaching our class this lesson! 

20160222_112602 20160222_114449 20160222_112553 

March Book Order

Just a friendly reminder that the March Book Order is due this Wednesday! The 206 class order code is: G6LT6  

Go to: to input your order.

Wheel of Choice

This week the class spent time going over The Wheel of Choice. This is school-wide initiative to give students different ways to solve problems (especially on the playground where most of these issues occur). We discussed how to try each of these options and orally practiced how to say some of these choices. We also spoke about appropriate play on the playground and how to go to an adult if the choices on the wheel aren’t working. This was a great reminder for students to review and use as they play and practice social skills.

File Feb 27, 9 05 20 AM

Dr. Seuss Week

This week the Kindergartners and TK students are showing spirit to pay tribute to a wonderful Children’s author. Join in the fun as you remember this awesome man!

Remember on Wednesday to join us and that student need to wear shoes and socks for Pajama Day!

File Feb 27, 9 06 58 AM

Parent Teacher Conferences – Spring

Next month is spring Parent Teacher Conferences. Conference Days are March 16, 17 and 18. Those are half days for the entire school. You will be notified by Mrs. Hickson and myself if a Parent Conference is requested/necessary for your child. If a conference is not necessary, your child’s report card will be sent home on Conference Week.

EBS Jog-A-Thon

The annual EBS Jog-A-Thon is here! Donation/Pledge Envelopes went home with week with a packet of information attached. Please carefully read through the information and join us for a great day of fun!

Volunteer NEED!

We are still in great need of a representative for the EBS Jog-A-Thon to help organize our 206 class so we are not out of the loop! If you are willing to help out in this communication role for the March 18th event… please let us know!

File Feb 26, 4 54 49 PM File Feb 26, 4 54 41 PM File Feb 26, 4 54 32 PM File Feb 26, 4 54 22 PM


This Week’s Star!

File Feb 26, 4 55 34 PM

 This past week in…

  • Math – We continued in our practice of the concept of “Taking Away” (subtraction). We are using the sentence frame: ____ take away ____ is ____. Again we are not introducing the symbols as to build strength and understanding in concept rather than the rote memorization of an algorithm.
  • Writing – This week we have gone back to writing narrative stories….A sequence of events over time.
  • Letter Yy – This letter sound has thrown a handful of students for a loop as they mix it up with the /w/. Practice this sound repeatedly and remember that the /y/ sound is made back in their throat rather than the /w/ sound that is made with their lips.

Upcoming Events

  • Dr. Seuss Week of Spirit (2/29/16 – 3/4/16)
  • Parent Teacher Conferences (Wed 3/16, Thurs. 3/17, and Fri. 3/18)
  • Jog-A-Thon – March 18th

See Calendar Dates Page on our website to see important dates for this year!

A Look at our Week Ahead

Monday – 2/29

  • Volunteers: Shiho Brenner
  • Wear GREEN – Green Eggs and Ham

Tuesday – 3/1

  • Volunteers: Stacy McMullan
  • TK/K PLC collaboration day – Mrs. Leatherwood will be present that morning.
  • Wear Mis-matched socks – Fox in Socks

Wednesday – 3/2

  • Volunteers: Jeanne Smith, Megan McGarry, Nikki Green
  • Join us for Read Across America Day….Wear your PJ’s and come in from 9:00 – 9:30

Thursday – 3/3

  • Technology Academy with Mrs. Martin
  • Lunch Only day at 11:35 pm (eat a BIG breakfast)
  • Minimum Day, whole school dismisses at 12:30pm (dismissal in 206)
  • Volunteers: Kelly Murphy
  • Wear your favorite hat – Cat in the Hat

Friday – 3/4

  • Father Daughter Dance
  • Music with Mr. Waczek – 8:50 am
  • Volunteers: Karrie Yi,  Leng Tang-Ritchie
  • Wear a Moustache of any type – for The Lorax

TK Days: February 15 – 19

Welcome to Week 21! This post includes:   •100th Day Celebration  •100 Coins of Generosity  •Lock Down Drill   •Star of the Week    •This Week’s Curriculum   •Future Dates   •The Week Ahead

100th Day Celebration!

Our 100th day of school was a busy, fun filled morning!  Your kids participated in 100 Day rotations that included putting together a 100 Day snack, making a 100 day headband, building with 100 pattern blocks and using cotton swaps to paint 100 dots.  They also wrote a class book about 100 wishes, read a book about the 100th day and did 100 exercises (in groups of 10)!  Thank you so much to all the families who sent in food items for our 100 day snack and to our wonderful parent helpers who came in yesterday!  We appreciate all your help!

A special thanks to Mrs. Hickson for the awesome day of fun! Look at those cute little aprons!

File Feb 20, 1 59 39 PM File Feb 20, 1 59 50 PM IMG_6266 File Feb 20, 2 00 07 PM IMG_7047 File Feb 20, 1 59 58 PM IMG_4392 IMG_8339

100 Coins for Generosity!

We collected so  many boxes of coins for Generosity on Friday. I didn’t get to take a picture as they were collecting the boxes, but Its so awesome that so many meals will feed the hungry with those coins! Awesome job 206 team!

Lock Down Drill

This past Wednesday, our school had a Lock Down Drill at 8:45 in the morning. This was a great way for not only the students and teachers to practice this drill, but families dropping off their children also got to practice the drill. The Lock Down Drill is a practice for locking ourselves in our classroom as the danger is outside the classroom. During these drills, the blinds get covered, the children get in the safest place possible and any children that may be still outside (for any variety of reasons) should get into the nearest open/unlocked classroom. The students in 206 did a great job and we discussed all that was going on in this situation. In the future, if you happen to be on campus during one of these Lock Down Drills, please go into the nearest classroom to be safe. Thank you for all your help and support in practicing and modeling safety in case of a dangerous situation.

This Week’s Star!

File Feb 20, 2 23 25 PM

 This past week in…

  • Math – We started Subtraction (taking away) this past week. We practiced by using manipulatives to create stories of “take away” or “went away” or “were eaten” or in some manner the original number was lessened by some going away or being separated. Practice some stories at home using legos or cheerios. Mrs. Miller had 7 Cheerios and 4 were eaten. How many Cheerios were left? The question part at the end of the story can be difficult for the kids to verbalize when making up their own story. Give it a try at home!
  • Writing – This week we finished our “How-To” writing unit. We are about to start our 2nd Narrative Unit. The students are doing a great job as we progress in our writing throughout this school year!
  • Letter Ww! – We practiced the /w/ sound and came up with many /w/ sounding words this week!

Upcoming Events

  • Dr. Seuss Week – February 29 – March 4
  • Jog-A-Thon – Friday, March 18th
  • Parent Teacher Conferences – March 16 – 18

See Calendar Dates Page on our website to see important dates for this year!

A Look at our Week Ahead

Monday – 2/22

  • Volunteers: Shiho Brenner, Phyllis Chan

Tuesday – 2/23

  • Volunteers: Stacy McMullan, Nikki Green

Wednesday – 2/24

  • Volunteers: Jeanne Smith, Megan McGarry

Thursday – 2/25

  • Technology Academy with Mrs. Martin
  • Lunch Only day at 11:35 pm (eat a BIG breakfast)
  • Minimum Day, whole school dismisses at 12:30pm (dismissal in 206)
  • Volunteers: Laarnie Chou, Meeyoung Lim

Friday – 2/26

  • Music with Mr. Waczek – 8:50 am
  • Volunteers: Karrie Yi

TK Days: February 8 – 11

Welcome to Week 20! This post includes:  •Box Tops  •Father Daughter Dance   •Character Education-Honesty  •Parent Grit Classes  •206 Valentines Celebration   •Coding   •Homework Challenge – Self Control    •This Week’s Star   •Future Dates   •The Week Ahead

Box Tops

Its Box Top collection time! The collection contest runs from February 8 – 19. Make sure your labels are not expired, and have the full barcode. You can send your box tops in an envelope or baggie with your child’s name in your child’s folder. This will be the last collection period for this school year. Any that you collect after this contest can be used next year. Thanks for your support! (All Box Tops are due Friday, Feb. 19th)

Father Daughter Dance

Last weekend was the EBS Father Daughter Dance! What a night it looked like! I heard how fun it was and got a couple of pictures! There was dancing, singing, nail painting, pictures and sweets to eat! Those little girls looked beautiful and enjoyed an evening with Daddy!

IMG_5288 IMG_1125.JPG 20160205_202528

Character Education  – Honesty

Deb Marich came in this week to teach the trait of Honesty! (Thank you Deb!) She included some great parts and the kids really took to the lesson! See below to check out how it went!

  • They discussed what honesty is and shared three main points – “Tell the Truth,” “Follow the Rules,” and “Do the Right Thing, (even if no one is looking).”
  • Then they read the story “Be Honest and Tell the Truth.”
  • Next Deb created a little puppet play with Honesty Scenarios using puppets
  • Finally she asked them to decided “Honest” or “Dishonest” with different situations.

We will be working on understanding honesty more throughout the month of February.

File Feb 13, 6 20 55 PM File Feb 13, 6 21 25 PM File Feb 13, 6 21 09 PM File Feb 13, 6 20 07 PM File Feb 13, 6 19 53 PM

Chinese New Year

This past Monday we were lucky enough to have three 206 moms come to our classroom to help us learn about Chinese New Year.  They discussed pictures with the kids showing clothing, traditions, food and more.  Then the kids made their own Chinese dragons and participated in a classroom parade with their dragons and they all went home with a good-luck, red envelope with a chocolate coin inside!  What a wonderful experience for everyone!  Thanks so much Ann Tran-Lien, Phyllis Chan and Laarnie Chou!

File Feb 13, 6 21 48 PM File Feb 13, 6 21 38 PM IMG_2817 IMG_9955

Parent Grit Classes!

This is the last class from the Mindset/Grit classes that Ms. Sloan set up. She has a guest speaker that has been presenting! I hear they’ve been wonderful!  If you didn’t sign up, Mrs. Sloan says you can still join in. There are 2 classes left! Check out the last class below!

  • ABC’s of Resilience – Feb. 16

Valentine’s Celebration!

This past week we had our 206 Valentine Celebration! The kids had a great time! The kids started off making a dog puppet out of hearts! So cute! Then the kids split into 3 groups as the rotated around the room. The first group played a “Pin the heart” game. The second group ate some yummy valentine treats, while also delivering valentines. The third group, colored valentine activity pages! It was a great day! Thank you to all the parent volunteers who came to help our 206 students!

File Feb 13, 6 22 48 PM

File Feb 11, 11 30 20 AM File Feb 11, 11 30 02 AM File Feb 11, 11 29 52 AM File Feb 11, 11 29 32 AM File Feb 11, 11 29 24 AM File Feb 11, 11 29 14 AM File Feb 11, 11 29 05 AM


I believe the letters were separated from the log-in password slip. I will be resending these slips and the letter home for students to practice coding! I started my own account this week and had a lot of fun! Be looking for these as they go home!

New Homework Challenge

This week the homework challenge is to practice Self-Control. There are different examples to choose to practice and understand what self-control is!

This Week’s Star!

File Feb 13, 6 47 06 PM

Upcoming Events

  • Celebration of the Arts – February 18th (at Barnes an Noble…a flyer will go home Tuesday).
  • 100th Day of School – Friday, February 19th
  • Parent Teacher Conferences – The next Parent Teacher Conference period is approaching in March. I will only be requesting a parent conference with families where there is any concerns regarding academic, social  or attendance concerns. March 16 – 18.

File Feb 13, 6 23 02 PM

See Calendar Dates Page on our website to see important dates for this year!

A Look at our Week Ahead

Monday – 2/15

  • NO SCHOOL – President’s Holiday

Tuesday – 2/16

  • Volunteers: Stacy McMullan
  • TK/K PLC collaboration day – Mrs. Leatherwood will be present that morning.

Wednesday – 217

  • Volunteers: Jeanne Smith, Megan McGarry

Thursday – 2/18

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Celebration of the Arts – Barnes and Noble Mira Mesa (see flyer)
  • Technology Academy with Mrs. Martin
  • Lunch Only day at 11:35 pm (eat a BIG breakfast)
  • Minimum Day, whole school dismisses at 12:30pm (dismissal in 206)
  • Volunteers: Kelly Murphy, Ann-Tran

Friday – 2/19

  • 100th Day of School – All cleared parents are invited to come and help students with the activities. 9:30 -10:30 am
  • Mrs. Hickson will be teaching 206
  • Volunteers: Karrie Yi, Leng-Tang Ritchie

TK Days: February 1 – 5

Welcome to Week 19! This post includes:  •Reading Log Insight!  •Fine Artists – Vincent Van Gogh    •Character Education-Forgiveness  •Parent Grit Classes  •Shade Structure Ceremony   •New Technology Academy   •Run Club Achievements   •The Great Kindness Challenge   •Star of the Week    •This Week’s Curriculum   •Future Dates   •The Week Ahead

100 Day Coins for Generosity!

This week you received this pink sheet along with a detachable/foldable box. Our awesome school has created a 100th Day activity that is also a GENEROSITY challenge. Families are trying to collect 100 coins to fill up their box with.

  • You are welcome to find change around your house and fill it up.
  • You could also make it an earning activity. For this activity, find a task your child is working to improve on (unpacking or packing their backpack without being asked, cleaning their room each evening without being asked, eating their vegetables, doing a house chore (s)). When your child does their challenged area their working on they can earn 10 coins at a time.

These coin will all be added to the San Diego Food Bank to help those who are hungry. There is such a large population of people on this earth who go without food. Having food to eat whenever we are hungry is something we can take for granted! Its crazy to think that $1.00 provides 5 meals worth!

In addition there are some great ways to practice math.

  • Recount the coins every time you add new coins
  • Count by 5’s to see how many meals are in your box (5 per $1)
  • Sort coins by size, type, shape, or color and count groups.

Bring these back Friday, February 19th! We will also be adding dots to our Hearts for this month’s We Have Heart Opportunity!

File Feb 04, 3 00 40 PM

Mexico Appreciation!

My friend Dan was able to get and send some pictures of our friends in Mexico who gratefully received the grains, pasta, beans, and legumes we sent! They were so thankful and excited! Thank you for donating to these sweet faces!

Mexico 2 Mexico 4 Mexico 3 Mexico 1

CODING – The Technology Academy

The past two weeks in the Technology Academy, the students have been practicing how to code. They have become quite good at it!! Below is a picture of the letter that was sent home (you also received a log in picture). Once your child logs in they can go back to where they left off. For each new level there is short video they need to watch to explain the new level. Give it a try and watch your child go!

You can also access this page through the link on our resources page.

File Feb 04, 2 59 41 PM

Valentine’s Celebrating on 2/11/16!

  • Your Valentine’s – Please make sure you don’t mark who the card is for, ONLY mark who the card is from. We will have approximately 600 Valentines to deliver! This will greatly help your child and the volunteer helping your child!
  • Celebration – All cleared family members are invited to come Thursday, Feb. 11th from approximately 9:00 am – 10:00 am.
  • Wear Red or Pink – We’d love to take LOVEly pic with our Valentine’s colors! Wear Pink or Red to celebrate the day!


Just a friendly reminder from the school office that there is No Parking in the Red Zone at pick-up time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Clearance Deadline – March 25th

March 25th will be the last day for you to get “cleared” for the 15-16 school year. Your TB results will last you for a few years so it is well worth it. If you plan to come and join any of our end of the year activities please make sure you are cleared by March 25th!

This Week’s Star!

File Feb 04, 3 00 26 PM

 This past week in…

  • Math –  Math Language: In math we are spoke about the word “add” or “addition.” We said it means putting together. As the math language and way of learning has changed a bit from when I was in school I want to familiarize you with some new terminology that can help your child in understanding. The symbol “=” is used with the words, “the same as.” This is to help the kids understand that whatever is on one side of the “=” is the same as what is on the other side.
  • Writing – Editing. This week, the students got editing pencils A.K.A. “Make it better” pencils. This is a way for them to go back to their work, reread and add missing words, punctuation. This allows the reader to see what they made better too!
  • Letter Uu! This consonant sound is familiar to our students. They had an easy time coming up with many words that start with the /p/ sound. Now that most of our students know their letters and sounds practice having them write phonetically! See up above in “Writing.”
  • Art: The students created these sweet Valentine crinklies along with their snowmen with patterned scarves.

File Feb 04, 3 00 10 PM File Feb 04, 3 00 18 PM

Upcoming Events

  • Grit Class – February 9th (Character Strengths)
  • Valentine’s Celebration – Thursday, February 12th
  • NO SCHOOL – Friday, February 12th AND Monday, February 15th
  • Grit Class – February 16th (ABC’s of Resilience)
  • The 2nd Annual Appreciation of the Arts – February 18th
  • 100th Day of School – Friday, February 19th

See Calendar Dates Page on our website to see important dates for this year!

A Look at our Week Ahead

Monday – 2/8

  • Volunteers: Shiho Brenner, Phyllis Chan
  • Chinese New Year
  • Candy Grams on Sale

Tuesday – 2/9

  • Volunteers: Stacy McMullan, Debra Marich
  • Character Education – Deb Marich (HONESTY)
  • Candy Grams on Sale

Wednesday – 2/10

  • Volunteers: Jeanne Smith, Megan McGarry
  • Send in Valentine’s (25 students, Only sign who they are from)
  • Candy Grams on Sale

Thursday – 2/11

  • Technology Academy with Mrs. Martin
  • Lunch Only day at 11:35 pm (eat a BIG breakfast)
  • Minimum Day, whole school dismisses at 12:30pm (dismissal in 206)
  • Mission Federal Deposit/Account @ 8:00 am
  • Valentine’s Celebration!!! 9:00 am – 10:00 am
  • Wear RED or PINK
  • Volunteers: Monica Rashidian, Laarnie Chou, Meeyoung Lim

Friday – 2/12

  • NO SCHOOL (President’s Holiday) – Have a great weekend!