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The SCOOP for 206 – Nov. 17 – 21

Grandparents Day (and Thanksgiving too)

What a great time we had on Friday! Another round of applause to Megan and Soya for planning such a great event! It was so awesome to have so many grandparents there to enjoy the morning and to work with their grandkids! Thank you family members for taking the time to come in and help our 206 family and to enjoy this time of giving thanks!

Our morning started with a sweetly sung, 206 version of… You are My Sunshine. They did awesome! Then we listened to a great story about Grandparents Day. Finally, the students joined around the tables with family members to craft a homemade photo bookmark along with snacks that went along with the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving book we read the day before. What a fantastic way to spend our last day together before the week of vacation!

*Families….many students left their bookmarks in their cubbies in the classroom. Please feel free to stop by on morning of December 1st to pick your student’s bookmarks up if you didn’t receive any (or if they didn’t go home with a grandparent or parent). Thank You!

Singing You Are My Sunshine

Photo Nov 21, 9 24 46 AM Photo Nov 21, 9 24 27 AM Photo Nov 21, 9 24 21 AM Photo Nov 21, 9 23 46 AM

Photo Nov 21, 3 29 53 PM

Fire Drill

Thursday morning we had our monthly Fire Drill. Each month we talk about why we have fire drills (to be prepared for the real thing). We discuss the bell (as it is quite loud) and how it needs to be loud to make sure that everyone hears it and is safe. We talk about how the broken bell sound (beep – beep – beep) means to  get out of the building quick quiet and safe.

For kindergarteners, often the biggest struggle is walking safely in line along with all the other classes in the school. It is easy for them to get distracted with all the commotion going on. We talk about walking closely in line, and how it important it is to stay a “puppy space” within the person in front of you, all while watching the person in front of you. It often happens that some students will be looking around watching other lines, or talking to the person behind them and when the line continues to move it leaves without them and when they turn around or refocus they either have to run (along with everyone behind them) to catch up or another class may even cut through the line to also get to the safe area. This causes them to get separated from the rest of the class. We will continue to work on the emergency procedures to make sure that we are prepared and safe with ease and automaticity.

206 Students sitting in line just before Fire Drill Ends

Pink! Pink! Pink!

Thursday was Pink Color Day! It was a two-fold Pink day in that Pink was the color of the week, but also the entire school was wearing Pink on Thursday. This past weekend was the Susan Komen 3-day walk. Three teachers from our school walked for 60 miles this weekend. In support of our teachers and the cause our school wore Pink on Thursday. Check out our Pink Picture below!

Pink Day Picture

Fine Artist Week

Angela Weathers, Jennifer York and Jan Ash, and Megan Brenk came in to teach the Fine Artist Program this week. This week they came in to teach a lesson on Andy Warhol. The students each did Part I of their art work. They painted piano keys and the base of music notes on their page. Check out a sample here! The finished products will be finished soon and will join their other art in the portfolios.

Andy Warhol Art Part 1 (Student Example)

Parent Conferences

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet with me and discuss your student’s progress. I love these kids and its my passion work with them and to facilitate and teach them as they grow in so many areas. We have grown so close in these past three months and they have all learned so much! I’m so excited to see what growth that takes place in these next 3 months!

Sight Word Cards

A few families mentioned that it would be helpful to have a copy of the sight words put into cards. I created a document that has all the words in a table for you to use. These can now be found under the Info & Resources page > Resources or you can click the links (in red) above.

Here are some ideas below.

  • Print 2 copies and play Memory
  • Play “My Pile, Your Pile” (start with a small amount if your child is just starting).
  • Rainbow write a word each night (write a word in multiple times in layers of multiple colors).
  • Trace the new words in a cookie tray of rice or sand.
  • Practice writing 1-2 of the words.

Library Visit

We are back to our regularly scheduled library time starting Wednesday, December 3rd. I’ve been asked to relay the message that we all exit through the main double-door library exit when leaving (into the courtyard) rather than go through the office/workroom for  safety reasons. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lost Glasses

I still haven’t had any takers for the lost glasses from our Halloween Party. I checked with many families at Parent Conferences….but no takers. I’m posting a picture of the glasses (and case) here. I will plan to take them to Lost and Found if I haven’t heard any claims by next week.

Photo Nov 21, 10 28 10 AM Photo Nov 21, 10 28 06 AM

Monday – 12/1 (Welcome Back)

  • PE with Mrs. Blower
  • Return Book Borrow Envelopes (new books will go home for the week)

Tuesday – 12/2

  • Return Library books in order to check out a book on Wednesday

Wednesday – 12/3

  • Library Visit at 12:30 (TK parents …dismissal is at the library at 12:55)
  • Computer Lab

Thursday – 12/4

  • Color Day – Wear A Favorite Color (its RAINBOW Week… and our last color week!)
  • Minimum Day (dismissal at 12:30)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits!
  • Scholastic Book Order Due

Friday – 12/5

  • Homework/Reading Log Due (5 days of reading minimum)
  • Bring water bottle and wear tennis shoes for Run Club. (K students only)

The SCOOP for 206 – November 10 – 14

Grandpersons Day & Thanksgiving Celebration

This coming Friday, November 21st, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and some people in our lives that we are especially grateful for….our GRANDPARENTS! An evite went out this week inviting families (grandpersons included) to join us from 9:00 am – 10:00 am. We will be sharing a story, a craft creation, and a snack with all the ones we love! Please RSVP to the evite as soon as possible so that we can plan accordingly. We hope that you can all come to celebrate the ones we love as we go on Thanksgiving break for a week.

*If you didn’t receive the evite, email Mrs. Miller at or stop by the class on Monday.

Parent Conferences

They’re-a-coming! This coming week, we have parent teacher conferences. Conference slots are 30 minutes each in Room 206. Thank you for being so flexible in your schedules to meet with me regarding your child’s progress! I’m sincerely looking forward to meeting with each of you!

Due to conferences, the school will be on a minimum day schedule all week.

Book Fair

WOW! I haven’t quite ever experienced a book fair like this before! Besides the amazing theme and decorations, there are many activities and lots of fun….that’s all on top of some fantastic book selection! Our class was able to visit on Thursday to buy books or create wish lists. If you child created a book wish list, it was sent home in their folder/backpack on Thursday afternoon.

We’re in the FINALS! Last week’s edition of The SCOOP, showed a picture of our Coat of Arms…WE made it as finalists! If you didn’t get a chance to vote, stop by and vote for our coat of Arms at the Book Fair. Thank you to all the parents that helped us during the visit at the book fair. They helped many kids on their wish lists and helped them to vote.

FAMILY NIGHT @ the Book Fair – A flyer is going home on Monday to give all the details regarding this fun-filled evening! Its a fun family night that you won’t want to miss! It takes place this Wednesday (November 19th).


Student writing a wish list at the Book Fair Students making wish lists at the book fair! Our visit to the 2014 Book Fair

100 LAPS! —

A student from our class ran 100 laps! We are so proud of his effort and diligence to make it to 100 laps! He received a special ribbon along with a class cheer and some complete awe from his classmates! Great job! If you see him this week, give him a big congratulations! Not many students at EBS have made this accomplishment this year!

100 Lap Student

Back Pack Hooks/Labels

To clear up confusion, I had one of our wonderful parent volunteers, put new number labels on each of the hooks outside. Students can now hang their backpack on their own number. Please remind them of this change as I have told them in class, but I know its a new habit for us all. Thank you for your cooperation!

Thanksgiving Week – No School

The week of Thanksgiving – November 24 – November 28th, there will be NO school. School will resume on Monday, December 1st. I hope you all enjoy a week with your loved ones and your sweet children as we can all be so grateful for this wonderful life and all who are in it! I am very grateful for our 206 family. Your children are such an important part of my life and I love them dearly! Thank you for trusting me with their safety, and education each day!

Resources Page

(New Web Page under “Info & Resources”) – To make it easier to access, I have added the main websites and school subscriptions the kids access to a “Links” page. Please visit this new page and use these resources purchased by our AFP to give your student additional practice with technology as a motivational tool. I will continue to add links that the kids use most often to this page.

Monday – 11/17

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Return Book Borrow Envelopes (new books will go home for the week)
  • Parent Conferences – Minimum Days

Tuesday – 11/18

  • Parent Conferences – Minimum Days

Wednesday – 11/19

  • NO LIBRARY due to Conferences and Book Fair
  • Computer Lab
  • Parent Conferences – Minimum Days

Thursday – 11/20

  • Color Day – Wear PINK
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits!
  • Parent Conferences – Minimum Days

Friday – 11/21

  • Homework/Reading Log Due (5 days of reading minimum)
  • Grandpersons Day and Thanksgiving Celebration – 9 am – 10 am
  • Parent Conferences – Minimum Days

The SCOOP for 206 – November 3 – 7

Character Education Lesson (Gratitude)

Holly Kalkin came in our class this week to teach the Character Ed. lesson for this month! She did a fantastic job of explaining the concept of GRATITUDE! During the lesson a monkey was passed around to give different students a turn at pulling out a different item of things we are thankful for (such as…water, a home, friends and family, food, etc). She closed the lesson with a great story called, The Gift of Nothing. In this story a friend was in search of the perfect gift to give to his friend who had everything. In the end, he gave him the gift of NOTHING all wrapped up with a bow. When the friend opened the gift, he explained that there was nothing but the two friends and their friendship and time together was the most valuable gift of all!

Character Ed Lesson - Gratitude with Holly Kalkin Character Ed - Gratitude with Holly Kalkin

Generosity and Gratitude

We have been using many new vocabulary words this year. One in particular was from our Character Ed lesson last month…GENEROSITY. The students are learning to practice this is small ways at school, such as letting a friend go ahead of them in line. Friday we had our Character Ed. lesson about Gratitude. These words tie so nicely together and help to explain how and why we contribute to the need of others.

This month there are many programs to donate to people in need.  Each of programs listed below and each gives an opportunity to have a conversation with your child about why and how we help others.

  • All for Books (Donation Program) ends 11/17/14 – This flyer went home with your Book Fair flyer. There is a collection container in the back shelf of our classroom. Many of our students have already donated $1.00. There is also a contest for the class who donates the most.
  • Character Education Food Drive ends 11/13/14  – Thank you to so many of you that have donated so many food items to others. Our collection box also on the shelf right as you enter our main South door. In addition, a few volunteers are needed to help bring the food from the classrooms and to sort through all the items on November 12 and 13th. Please contact Ellie Livingstone (her email is on the Shutterfly announcement) if you are able to help.
  • Food for Hunger – Our food for Hunger box is growing! Students have been brining in change and dollars from home. This box is also on the back shelf by the door. Thank you for all your support and for taking the time to explain why we give!

Kids Against Hunger Box All for Books Donations

Hear Ye, Hear Ye … The Annual Book Fair at EBS has begun!

The book fair opens on Monday, November 10th and ends on Friday, November 21st . The library is all decked out like a castle to go with the Medieval theme. We are going to the school Book Fair this upcoming week . We are scheduled to go as a class this Thursday morning right after school starts. If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you come in with us. The Book Fair will also be open before and after school as well and next week as well. There is a family night with a story, raffle, and knighting ceremony on the evening of November 19th as well….Ms. Sloan and Mr. Morici will be dressed up to match the theme!

As part of the Book Fair each class was asked to create a Coat of Arms to describe your class, or the school. As a class we took some time to brainstorm ideas about how we wanted to symbolize our class and/or EBS. After many ideas, we decided to use the word “Cooperation” to show that we work together as a team and for that we are stronger. To symbolize this we traced a student’s hand 2 times in Yellow and Blue  (to represent both groups in our class) and glued them down overlapping to show our own teamwork symbol of locking hands. in addition, we put mini-colored letters around the hands to show that we are love to learn! On the outside, we put all of our names to personalize it. Check out this picture of our Coat of Arms and look for it in the Book Fair when you visit.

Photo Nov 07, 3 26 14 PM

No Library during the Book Fair

This week and next week we won’t be able to attend the library as it will be in Book Fair Medieval mode. Due to this change our TK students will dismiss at the regularly scheduled 12:30 in Room 206 on Wednesday. Thank you for your flexibility.

Consistency with Reading

Remember to make reading a part of your daily routine. This will create a habit/routine and will support your student’s progress and remind him/her how valuable reading is! Our reading logs are one way to capture all the reading work your child has experienced through the week. Please make sure to take advantage of both types of reading below and log them daily. I have seen many students that logged in this past week to RAZ kids! Awesome job!

Independent Practice – This is a time for your student to independently practice the reading work on their own. They are able to practice fluency (accuracy, pacing, and intonation), comprehension While in search of meaning and text purpose they use their sight words and the pictures to read these books. Many students memorize the texts after reading them multiple times. This is common and helpful with early reading. This is a valuable routine for daily practice. (RAZ Kids on EBS Site and Book Borrow Program)

Listening to Reading – This is great way to discuss story. This commonly looks like the classic bedtime story (even if its on a Saturday morning ;). You or another fluent reader, reads a book TO your child while stopping to discuss the important events in the story (conflict, resolution, etc). Common questions we use when reading in class are:

  • What are you thinking?
  • Why do you think that?
  • How is she/he feeling?
  • How do you know?
  • Why did you do that? (this is in response to your child’s reaction…ie a gasp)

Hearing Tests

All of our students had their hearing tested this week. The hearing specialist came in and took students in groups of 8. She was pleased to announce that they all passed and with no hearing concerns!

Pink Federal Survey Cards

We still have some of Federal Survey Cards that have not been returned. Please return these ASAP if you haven’t already. You may send them in your child’s folder or return them to the front office. Thank you!

Veteran’s Day

There will be NO SCHOOL on Tuesday, November 11th in observance of Veteran’s Day. We’re sending a special thanks and admiration to all who have served or are serving in the US Armed Forces. We have a couple parents in our 206 Family that serve or have served! Thank you for all you do! Enjoy this day with your student!

Coming Up this week…

Monday – 11/10

  • PE with Ms. Blower
  • Return Book Borrow Envelopes (new books will go home for the week)
  • Book Fair Starts
  • Before school RUN CLUB (8:15 – 8:35)

Tuesday – 11/11

  • NO SCHOOL – Veteran’s Day

Wednesday – 11/12

  • No Library this week
  • Computer Lab
  • Before school RUN CLUB (8:15 – 8:35)
  • Firefighter Presentation for all Kindergarten Classes (2:15 – 3:00)

Thursday – 11/13

  • Color Day – Wear Brown
  • Minimum Day (dismissal at 12:30)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits
  • Visit the Book Fair as a class
  • Food Drive Ends
  • Before school RUN CLUB (8:15 – 8:35)

Friday – 11/14

  • Homework/Reading Log Due (5 days of reading minimum)
  • Bring water bottle and wear tennis shoes for Run Club. (K students only)
  • Before school RUN CLUB (8:15 – 8:35)

The SCOOP for 206 – October 27th – 31st

Whole Body Listening Lesson

This week, Ms. June (School Psychologist Support) came in to teach our class about a newer strategy that has been growing in popularity in school settings. It was developed by an Occupational Therapist (Susanne Poulette Truesdale) and is now in many school across the nation. Ms. June came in to read the class a book about Whole Body Listening in which it was explained that students can and need to use their whole body to listen. After the story and some practice using whole body listening, students created a hand with a picture on each finger to represent each part of our body that listens (ears, mouth, eyes, hands, feet, and brain). We tried using some of this terminology in our class to remember to listen with our whole body. For more examples you can google or pinterest search lots of ideas around this topic. Whole Body ListeningClass Showing 5 - Whole Body ListeningMs. June's Lesson

Halloween Party

We had a blast at our 206 Halloween Party. A special thanks to our Room Moms…Megan Brenk and Soya Lee for organizing all the fun! Our room moms decided to brilliantly move the students through 6 Halloween stations. Three of the stations were craft stations and three of the stations were game stations. After all the fun, students got a goody/favor bag for participating and to celebrate Halloween! Thank you again to all the families who came out to support and join in the fun! Halloween Class Picture Pin the Smile on the Skeleton Crafters! 206 Halloween Party Crafting with 206 Parents Mummy Teacher!

Spider Knowledge

Halloween afternoon, the Kindergartners (blue group) learned some information about spiders as we read a the book, Spiders, by Gail Gibbons. Some of the information we learned was about Spider bodies. We learned they have 2 body parts, eight legs and often have eight eyes! We made spider hats to show the spider body knowledge we learned. Photo Oct 31, 2 27 05 PM

EBS Food Drive (November 3-13)

EBS has an annual Food Drive. This ties into our Character Education lessons of generosity and gratitude. This year they are trying to collect a lot of protein items in the Food Drive as those are in great need and are often the smallest portion of the donated items. There is a list that went home with your child on Friday (on a small, orange half sheet) and there is a sign up list in the hallway (near the classroom door). Please check these items out and see how you and your family can help others in need and use this experience to have conversations with your child about others. We have been using the word generosity a lot in our class this past week. In coincidence, we read a book about the Selfish Crocodile. One of the kids noticed the meanings of the words were opposites as we use hand gestures to help understand and remember these words. Here is a quick list of items that are in high demand and could help others in need. (no perishable or expired items)

  • canned chicken/tuna
  • canned beans or dry beans
  • chili
  • peanut butter
  • cereal
  • rice, pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • macaroni and cheese
  • soups
  • canned veggies
  • gift cards to grocery stores

Book Borrow Program Follow-Up

Just a reminder with the Book Borrow Program… If the books are just a little difficult for your child at first, feel free to read them once to your child on the first night or two. Then discuss what the book was about. We always want to focus our reading around the meaning. After a read to them and maybe 1-2 reads together, let your child try it once or twice alone. By the second or third night, your child should be able to read these books independently. Ideally students will read these books 2-5 times every night to increase their fluency, confidence, sight word practice and familiarity with early reading language. If your child struggles with reading the same book over and over remind them they are strengthening reading muscles (just like a sport, you practice multiple times). In addition you can start a Reading Book Worm at home using dot stickers to motivate them further if needed. (see a sample picture in the Media Gallery)

Run Club

Remember you can run in the mornings before school to participate in Run Club. As a class we go out on Friday afternoons with our Kindergartners. In the half hour, students are able to run 2-5 times around depending on their motivation and endurance abilities at this age. As a runner, I know the more practice they get at running a comfortable pace, the better they will able to maintain consistent running endurance. This helps to build a healthy heart, and encourages a lifestyle of daily exercise. Our school also gives a ribbon and certificate when students reach 100 laps around. I believe about 8 students have reached this accomplishment so far at EBS this year. Here’s a picture of our Kindergartners after a Friday afternoon run! Great job! Photo Oct 31, 3 00 14 PM

Lost Glasses?

After our fun and crazy Halloween party, a pair of glasses (in a case) were found. Please see Mrs. Miller is you think you might have left yours in our classroom. Thanks!

Monday – 11/3

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Return Book Borrow Envelopes (new books will go home for the week)
  • Food Drive Starts

Tuesday – 11/4

  • Return Library books in order to check out a book on Wednesday

Wednesday – 11/5

  • Library Visit NEW DAY/TIME (TK parents …dismissal is at the library at 12:55)
  • Computer Lab

Thursday – 11/6

  • Color Day – Wear White
  • Minimum Day (dismissal at 12:30)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits and new sign ups!
  • Scholastic Book Order Due

Friday – 11/7

  • Homework/Reading Log Due (5 days of reading minimum)
  • Bring water bottle and wear tennis shoes for Run Club. (K students only)
  • Character Education Lesson by Holly Kalkin (Gratitutde)

Candy Left Overs????

See the flyer below to donate your candy, help our school, and share candy with others to bring a smile! Left Over Candy Information