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TK Days – Sept. 19 – 23

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Super Pledge

This week the annual EBS-AFP Super Pledge has begun. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and funds so much of the EBS “awesomeness!” Some examples are:

  • Our Technology Academy along with Ms. Martin
  • Classroom Supplies for every class
  • Fine Artist Program and supplies
  • Family Science Night
  • Everyone a Reader Program
  • School-wide assemblies
  • Facility Improvements
  • and much more!

Envelopes and information went home earlier in the week. As a parent I am so grateful for our Foundation and all that it offers to create a great education as a whole to my child. As a teacher I am equally grateful as it provides for our classrooms and school so that we have all we need to teach our students! When the white envelopes are filled out and returned (regardless of the donation) students receive a yellow EBS bracelet. Specific amounts will receive an infamous EBS magnet (see picture below) that you see all over town (new 16-17 magnets are a new square shape!!) and a 2016-17 yearbook! Thank you in advance for participating and supporting our amazing school!

img_5353 img_5354

Class Rosters

This past week the 206 Class Rosters went home. They were printed on purple-ish color and were laminated to help protect them for the year. The roster has each students name on it (alphabetically listed) along with each parent name and preferred contact information. They can be used for playdates, writing letters/notes/cards, etc.

Rainy Day Schedule

This week, we had our first Rainy Day schedule. In the case of a rainy day, students will still put away their backpacks, folders and snacks and can wait against the wall in the long hallways near our main front door. If Mrs. Hickson or I are already in the room, students may come right into the classroom to wait as the rest of the children arrive.

On those wet days we eat a few minutes earlier in the Multi-Purpose Room and come back to the classroom for a indoor recess. We typically leave umbrellas in the classroom as they get broken/lost up at the Multi-Purpose room and are difficult for students to manage along with carrying their lunches.

If it is a rainy day, you may also prefer to send your child with a snack from home rather than buy a hot lunch as they have to detour to the cafeteria and then carry their snack trays in the rain to get back to the cafeteria for eating.

ABC Mouse/Computer Lab

This week in the Computer Lab students continued to practice procedures of getting into the school website access to play some educational games. See the “click” directions below to practice with your child at home.

Students also went home with directions in their folder yesterday of how to log on to your child’s free subscription of ABC Mouse (Thank You AFP!) and redeem their free account for home use. Students will also be accessing this account from the computer lab, but this is the way you can access it from home.

Letter S

This week we focused on the letter S and how to write the letter S. Many students will tend to write the Letter S backwards, so we practiced doing the S dance, where you move your body in the shape of an “S” while saying “left-right-left” to remind us of the direction! Try the “S” dance on at home!

Problem of the Day (POD)

Students received their Math Journals this week as they practiced some problem solving inside. We started with some simple math stories (based on engaging stories I told them). An important part in our math solving is to be able to explain your thinking in solving the problem. Many kids simply learn algorithms and computation but aren’t able to explain their thinking in solving or understanding of the problem itself. Understanding the concept one of the most valuable parts of understanding and learning math.

This problem solving time also allows multiple opportunities for students to put the Mathematical Standards of Practice in to play. These are K-12 Math Standards that encompass the practices of mathematicians. You can check out these standards here:

AFP Family Night Outings

Each Month the AFP Hosts a Family Night Out at a local eatery in town. These are two-fold opportunities as you can dine with your family or friends on those specified dates while giving back to your EBS Community as a profit from all EBS purchases (usually requires showing a flyer) will go back to the school. Another fun and often unexpected benefit is that you will bump into other EBS Friends and staff while dining since many try to go for the yummy food and to support our school! Mark your calendars as they dates come up so you don’t miss out! Our first one is this Thursday, at the Scripps Ranch Pizza Rev! 

Volunteer Calendar!

I’m working on the Volunteer Calendar this weekend and will be sending out a draft by email to confirm days, dates and schedules with those volunteering. A new clearance list just came out Thursday that I will also be emailing out to families to check your Clearance Status. Thank you for your patience as our Clearance List is used as a cautionary measure to keep all students safe and to align with our district policies in safety as well.

EAR Training

This is a great opportunity to learn more about guiding your new reader at home. If you are able to attend, our school has an Everybody A Reader Program, where volunteers get trained in supporting students in how to read. These trained volunteers then are assigned to classrooms to help struggling students by reading reading with them 1:1 on a weekly basis. Its a fantastic program! If you are not able to be a volunteer in the program, but would like to attend the training this week to help your own student in reading at home please feel free to attend.

The training is this week, Tuesday, September 27th at 9:00-10:30 in the Multi-Purpose Room. If you plan on coming please contact Cindy, program leader to RSVP at Please RSVP by Monday at noon. (There is no childcare provided for this event).

**If you are able to attend as  a 206 parent/grandparent, please let me know and I can set up a time where you are able to help in reading with some of our 206 students 1:1 as a volunteer.

Birthday Shout Outs

Here’s the birthday buddies from this week!

img_5355 img_5359


This Past Week

  • Math – We introduced POD Math Journals along with assessing each student for classifying, sorting.
  • Interactive writing – We continued to label our room while using our whiteboard materials to all practice together.
  • Writing – students are writing stories to add to their folders in which they tell a story with details. Students can go back and add more to their writing the next day or start a new piece. See the picture of a student sharing his story to the class below.
  • Art – Students made Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree with the letters of their name and the count of letters in each students name.


img_5364 img_5363

Upcoming Events

  • EAR Training – Tuesday, October 27th
  • School Pictures – Tuesday, October 5th
  • All School Assembly – October 18th
  • CA Great Shake Out (Disaster Drill) – October 20th
  • Fall Festival – Friday, October 28th

MONDAY – 9/26

  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)

TUESDAY – 9/27

  • Before School Run Club
  • EAR Training @ 9:00 am


  • Before School Run Club


  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Color Day – GREEN
  • AFP Family Night Out (Pizza Rev)

FRIDAY – 9/30

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
Music Class with Mr. Waczek

TK Days – Sept. 12 – 16

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Character Ed. (Responsibility)

Last Thursday we had our first Character Education lesson of the year!  We were lucky enough to have Dylan’s mom, Ms. Ali, come in and teach the kids Responsibility.  The kids loved how she involved them in talking about how to be responsible through different examples.  They acted out different situations and shared how they are responsible at home or in the classroom.  They also talked about making mistakes and how they can fix those mistakes.  She finished the lesson with a fun story about responsibility and the kids drew pictures showing how they would fix a mistake.  It was a great start to our Character Ed lessons!

img_2783 img_2787 img_2792

Interactive Writing

As we have been practicing a lot of interactive writing these last 3 weeks, (students are all writing the same authentic message co-constructed by the class, with a student model writing in front), we have been writing in the air or on the carpet with our fingers. On Friday, we passed out a writing kit to each student, consisting of a whiteboard, dry-erase market, felt eraser, and a name card. The students were so excited to receive their boards as they had been waiting all week!

Scholastic Book Order

Last Call…Since we only had 1-2 orders submitted for the Scholastic Book Order, the date was extended. If you didn’t get a chance to look/shop, take a look at the book options available. I usually purchase the $1 books each month in addition to a favorite movie or character book. Check out the options at all different ages/grade levels. Make sure to get your order in by the end of the weekend. Follow the steps below:

  • Choose books to purchase from any grade/age catalog
  • Use the class code: G6LT6
  • The books will be shipped to the classroom and books will be sent home in your child’s folder/back pack in about 2 weeks!

Letter Bb

This week we focused on the letter Bb. We practiced writing the upper and lower case correctly, in addition to practicing the sound of the letter and naming different objects that start with the /b/ sound. In addition we read and completed a Book of Bb. Continue to practice this sound along with the recognizing of the letter symbol that matches.

R-E-D Week

Each week we will spend a little time to spell and learn about different colors. The entire Kindergarten team participates in this. On Thursdays, we dress in the color of the week! This week was the color RED. Next week we will highlight the color BLUE! Save your blue outfit for Thursday!


Run Club

Have you tried it out yet? Super fun! Come on out before school and get ready to start running at 8:15 am! I’ll be out there running most Mondays and would love to see you all!

Shutterfly Class Site

Neda created a class Shutterfly site this weekend as a common place to share info and pictures. You likely got an invite in your email, but this is the website in case you missed it. The site is called  “EBSroom206” to share pictures with friends and class members. Come check it out at

Room Parent Letter

This past Friday, a letter from the Room Parents went out in folders. The letter introduces the three Room Parents and their contacts as well as explains the optional donation to create our our personal class funds for celebrations, activities, holidays, and a little extra to create the classroom basket.

 Upcoming Events:

  • Picture Day – October 5th (TK – 2nd Grade Photo Day)
  • Fall Festival – October 20th (Silent Auction, Food Trucks, BINGO, Contests, Etc)
  • EAR Training – September 27th (Reading training for your own child and for tutoring)

Birthday Shout Outs

Check out these cutie pies as they all celebrated their birthdays this week!

img_5317 img_5334 img_5335


Get Waddled for your birthday!

Did you know that you have your child get waddled for their birthday! Our school offers a fun little surprise for $25, that allows your child to wake up on the morning of their birthday, with penguins on their front lawn along with birthday sign. Here’s a picture of a student in our class who woke up to surprise waddle! If you’re interested in having your child waddled, contact… John Cary – 

img_5321 img_5322

This Week

MONDAY – 9/19

  • Run Club @ 8:15 am
  • Start of BLUE week and the Letter S

TUESDAY – 9/20

  • Run Club @ 8:15 am


  • Run Club @ 8:15 am


  • Run Club @ 8:15 am
  • Computer Lab with Ms. Martin
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 9/23

  • Music with Mr. Waczek

TK Days – Sept. 5 – 9

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This is what we’ve completed so far…9 days! Cheers to these 26 kids! It is such a big adjustment for them all to be in a new school, new class, new teacher, new friends, new routines, just about a new everything. This may leave many of your kids exhausted, crying, or possibly even changing their behaviors at home. You are not in isolation, in fact this is very common and typical. This first month is such a big adjustment for them in so many ways and likely it has been a big adjustment on you and your family as well! Hang in there, it all becomes daily routine for them and a second and loved home for them. By the end of the year they are so sad as we count down the days until summer.


This is some of that “productive struggle” we mentioned at Back to School Night. The beauty of you lucky TK families is that they get this entire year to learn, grow, adjust, adapt to elementary school all while learning academic foundations. Next year, when they walk into Kindergarten there is hardly any adjustment as they will be familiar with all of it!

I ran across this little helper in an article from a friend. Feel free to try these on when your child get home to make each day’s transition a bit smoother and more comfortable. They have been holding it together all day to do their best and when they get home they are letting loose in the place they feel the safest….home!


Lock Down Drill

We had our first school Lockdown Drill this past Monday.  This is a time for our school to practice staying safe in the classroom in the event of an on-campus emergency.  The kids did a terrific job following directions and remaining quiet in the classroom under desks until the principal told us the drill was over.  We are so impressed with how well they are doing with our school safety drills!

Run Club

This is an awesome before-school program that is offered at our school by amazing volunteers! My daughter participated last year and loved it.

It involves:

  • daily exercise
  • making new friends
  • reaching goals

Each day, from 8:15 – 8:30, participating students come to run laps around our joint-use field (above the basketball courts). After joining your student will get a personalized card with a barcode, so that each time they run a lap, they can keep track of the overall laps they’ve run by getting their card scanned.

Every 25 laps the students get a small prize and every 100 laps they get a ribbon in which I present to them in class! At the end of the year, there is an awards assembly, in which each child gets a certificate and if they run over 300 laps they get a medal! Its super exciting, and as an passionate long-time runner myself, I’m thrilled that my daughter has the opportunity to get jazzed about running at such a young age! It also means you get a better parking spot in the morning! Consider waking up a little earlier and come on out to run at EBS in the mornings!

*Younger siblings can join and run too! My son got a certificate last year for running with his sister on Monday mornings!

My daughter at last year awards assembly.


Thank you so much for all those families that stepped up to volunteer in the many areas that will make this year great. I know we are all in a busy time in our lives where there is little time, so we all say thank you for your time and commitment. If you missed the sign-up or are interested but unsure about any position, please come by or email this week and I can answer any questions. Most of the positions are typically filled by 2-4 people which makes the time and load minimal and doable.

We had 3 ladies that volunteered to be our Room Parents this year! Cheers to Rachel Franklin, Alison Jones and Neda Afshar. They are already organized and will be getting info out soon regarding some details about our class this year.

We are still in need of a Friday Folder Helper to unstuff and restuff folders the first 10-15 minutes of each Friday. If you have a little one, this could work for you as we have a hallways space and our students are gone the first 10-15 minutes each Friday or during Friday Volunteer Hours

CLEARANCE: If you haven’t submitted your clearance paperwork and you plan on volunteering in the classroom, please submit it soon as I will not be able to add you to the October Volunteer calendar without clearance status.

Family Photo Wall

Your kids love to look at these pictures as it brings feelings of love and comfort and remembering the ones they love most. If you haven’t sent yours in yet, help us turn our class into a little bit of home by sending in a family photo soon!


Birthday Shout Out

This sweet boy turned 5 this week! 



  • Read Alouds: We’ve been reading many stories about school. We talk about the story, the problem in the story and about the characters feelings. We have learned some new vocabulary such as furious and melancholy. Students love trying on these new words.
  • Shared Reading: This is a time where we all read together. We read familiar songs, poems and stories typically in a big book or shown on the Doc Cam so we can all read together. We continue to read familiar stories to practice fluency and read new text to practice reading strategies and as always we discuss the meaning.
  • Math: We have been working on sorting and classifying and discussing the different attributes that help us to sort. (ie, the color, the size, the shape, or any other unique attribute to the object).
  • Writing: We have continued to write and discuss some things writers do. Writers tell a story, when writers are done (with a story) they have just begun.
  • Interactive Writing: During this time we all write togetherto create an authentic message for an authentic purpose.  (Usually one white boards, but right now we are using “air writing” and carpet writing with our finger while one student writes the message in front of the class.) See our penguin wall below, where we wrote a title for the board.
  • Art: This week the students created their names using colored pasta.

file-sep-10-9-22-03-am file-sep-10-9-21-52-am file-sep-10-9-21-39-am

MONDAY – 9/12

  • Mrs. Hickson teaches today!

TUESDAY – 9/13



  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 9/16

  • Music with Mrs. Waczek

TK Days – The First Week

In this post: Our First Week, Back to School NIght Thanks, First Music Class, Daily Routine Reminders, Buying Lunch/Snack? , Fun Friday, Fire Drill, EBS Spirit Wear, REMIND App, Scholastic Book Order, Birthday Shout Out!

This is our first Weekly Blog Post. Each weekend a new edition will come out to highlight some of the past week and let you see upcoming events for the next week. As we put in all the emails, you will be receiving a weekly e-blast of the newsletter. Take a moment to scan it over and see what happened and what’s coming up.

Our First Week!

Well we finished our first week of TK and let me tell you these kids did awesome! I’m so proud of them. The first day can be overwhelming for many of them as EVERYTHING is so new to them! By the 5th day this week, they have already taken on so much! Its likely my favorite part of teaching TK…you can see growth within 1 day, honestly even in the first 2 hours! This week we did so much….we read stories about the starting school (Wanda’s First Day, The Recess Queen, First Day Jitters, to name a few), we each got a specific rug spot to sit in, we made Penguins, worked on writing, developed our class rules, sang many many songs, went to our first music class, worked on sorting, practiced recess safety rules, and played and ate snack each day! The students had an awesome week, but were definitely exhausted by the end of the day!

Here’s some additional pics that my husband captured from the first day of school! These are memorable moments folks! Love the pictures of the parents watching the class before they say their goodbyes!

Back to School Night Thanks

A special thanks to each of you who made it out on Thursday night for Back to School Night! I know it isn’t easy to get away for a night and have childcare! We enjoyed getting to know each of you better and being able to go over all that we will cover this year! If you have any questions please email or stop by.

As a small thank you token and memory we took some first day photos downloadable for sharing/printing! Enjoy!


You’ve heard it over and over that what makes EBS so amazing is the community that exists and of course our volunteers! The people here, such as yourselves, that make this school outstanding! Thank you for those of you that have already jumped in with both feet and signed up to be a part of this year’s planning and fun! If you are still interested in volunteering, but are on the fence please stop by to chat with us about any positions, questions or concerns. We’d be more than happy to speak with you. Also, don’t forget to get your clearance paperwork in soon so you will be able to start in a few weeks. In regards to the school positions, there are still a few spots open to be filled:

  • 2nd Room Parent – (1) one parent has already volunteered to share the position
  • AFP Representative (1) – attend 1 monthly meeting and forward minutes to class.
  • Character Education Representative (1) – Shared with 2 other parents.
  • Everyone A Reader – Optional training to help your student at home and possibly come in to read with students in class.

First Music Class

Friday was our first music class with Mr. Waczek! Mr. Waczek said the students did great and really enjoyed the class. This class is a teacher prep time, this is one period where the teachers are given to help prep for their next week while the students enjoy music with Mr. Waczek! He’s a very talented and kind teach who is knowledgeable and well-practiced with music of all sorts!

IMG_5268 IMG_5270

Fire Drill

You may have heard from your little one that we had a surprise Fire Drill on Tuesday morning around 9:00am. The irony was that we had a school-wide scheduled Fire Drill for Wednesday morning, but as fate had it, the cafeteria had an accidental burning of food and it set of the fire alarms. The students were able to authentically practice what do and were in great question about what was going on. They did fabulously! Many years, the first drill causes many to cry out of unknown experiences and fear. These kiddos did fantastic though. No crying or even freaking out, but they were wide-eyed! We luckily had 2 other adults in the room that were able to help so that we didn’t get separated going up the safe area on the blacktop!

Due to the drill we stayed up on the blacktop and started the school wide welcome assembly early since everyone was already out there and ready! Again the class did wonderfully! I’m so proud of them!

IMG_5253 IMG_5254

Daily Routine Reminders

Just a few reminders for the students in the morning.

  • In the morning have your child put away their folder, snack and backpack
  • Go back to the line to stand on their number until the bell rings
  • This week students will dismiss out the front gate (except on Thursday). Due to the many different care providers at pick up we appreciate your patience while we are learning all the parent faces and matching them up with our new class! We will likely have parents call out student names at the gate so we can quickly dismiss children to all the parents waiting for pick up. Thank you again!

Buying Lunch/Snack?

I believe everyone has their lunch number/pin with practice keypad. If you haven’t received a copy in your daily folder, please let us know and I can give you a copy.

  • Lunch – $2.25
  • Snack – $1.00
  • Milk – $. 50
  • Bottled Water – $1.00

If you would like your child to buy snack this week (or lunch at SAY) please let us know the morning of so that we know to add them in the lunch count and be prepared to help them go through the cafeteria. In addition, please have your child practice their number/directions listed on the sheet multiple times so they are familiar with the process.

If you wish to put money into your child’s lunch account you can go online or call at: (Visa or MC) or call 888-994-5100

Or you can pick up an envelope in the office to manually write a check to fill the account.

Fun Friday

This Friday we had our first Fun Friday! This is a reward time the students will get each week on Monday and Friday. They are able to play with different classroom activities such as blocks, legos, drawing, reading, kitchen, or play dough. This is also a great opportunity for students to practice social conversations and circumstances outside of the structured schedule of our day. Here are some pictures from our first Fun Friday!

IMG_5280 IMG_5279 IMG_5278 IMG_5277 IMG_5276 IMG_5275 IMG_5274

EBS Spirit Wear

If you are interested in buying a piece of EBS Spirit Wear, you can pick up and order form in the office and send the order/cost in your child’s folder and the clothing will be given to me to return to give to you. See a sample order form below.

IMG_5282 IMG_5281


If you haven’t downloaded the Remind App, please download. Text this message: @tk206 or Enter this number: 81010

We should be listed under Scripps Elementary. This app allows us to communicate with parents by phone/device as a group or individually. We can send a reminder to the class about an important notice for the following day or send a picture(s) out to enjoy!

Scholastic Book Order

This past week the first Scholastic Book Order went home. This is a great opportunity each month to build your children’s library inexpensively. I also will often buy books for birthday parties through this site. It also helps to buy books for our classroom as well. If you would like to purchase any book through their website, you can use our class code of G6LT6. Orders need to be put in by this week as it takes another 1-2 weeks to ship and sort. Thank you in advance!

Birthday Shout Out

We have so many birthdays this month that we are so excited to celebrate! We have 1 student that was currently 5 and 3 more are turning 5 this weekend! We took a moment to celebrate on Friday by singing our special birthday song to each of them, giving them their birthday crown and sticker and a certificate with a pencil! Happy days!



MONDAY – 9/5



  • Return Folders
  • Mrs. Hickson is teaching!


  • Return Folders


  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school
  • Return Folders

FRIDAY – 9/9

  • Music with Mrs. Waczek
  • Return Folders