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TK Days – Dec. 12 – 16

: 206 Winter Celebration, 206 Present, Generosity, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the beginning of your vacation. I wanted to take a moment to share our  sincere gratefulness for each family in our class! We wish each of you a wonderful holiday and hope you enjoy the break with your family!

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”
Each child had a gift that went home for their parents!

206 Winter Celebration

What a fun day we had! Thank you to our 3 Room Moms for planning and organizing such a fantastic day for our kiddos! These five-year-old cuties had a blast regardless of the rain in their pj’s with all their classroom buddies! We had a so much fun! Read about the events that took place and see the photo galleries for each event!

Directed Drawing – Before the party got started we had about 20 minutes left. As the parents came in and prepared for the fun, we did a snowman directed drawing! This is where I give (and model) step by step directions and they follow along (great listening activity). I’ll tell you, this was a challenging one and they did fantastic! My favorite part is that each one is different. These went home for families to enjoy!


Photo Booth – Neda was our resident photographer! She set up a seasonal backdrop and had props for the kids to pose with! The result was ADORBS!

Craft – For the craft, the kids made a hanging present with their picture inside of it! They also made a set of reindeer antlers to wear as a headband! So cute and so fun!

img_6028 img_6032

Christmas Tree Decorating – This was a team effort activity. Five students were randomly chosen (and agreed) to be decorated like a tree. They had a lot of fun wrapping their human trees and decorating them!

fullsizerender fullsizerender-1 img_6060 img_6063 img_6065

Book Exchange – Every student brought in a wrapped book to give to another class member. Rachel Franklin, had a special story that involved the words “LEFT” and “RIGHT” used in many different contexts. Every time they heard the word “left” or “right” they passed the book along to the neighbor on the correct side! We knew this would be a challenge and a fun and productive struggle for them…such a great activity. The kids had a green and red stars (one on each hand) to help remember left and right. We also had many adults in the room that also helped the students. More than the left and right being a struggle, it was challenging for some to get the concept of “we all pass in one direction.” Many students leaned to trade mutally with the person next to them. By the end of the book they got the hang of it and were left with a new book in their laps. They got to open the books and enjoy a new read to take home!

img_6071 img_6070 img_6067

Winter Snacks – While the human trees were being wrapped the parents decorated  the tables for a winter feast! The students had healthy, yet winter snacks. Check out the cutest treats everrrrr!

img_6058 img_6059 img_6072 img_6074 img_6073

Caroling at EBS???

Just as we were about to wrap the human trees at our party, Mr. Waczek came through with his 4th and 5th grade Choir to sing carols to the class. They go through the whole school singing seasonal songs. He let our class join in on one!

206 Present: Love, Mrs. Hickson & Mrs. Miller

We had a special gift to the whole class that was wrapped up! The students were curious! They asked questions regarding the present, such as, “Is it flat?” After answering enough question to give us a good amount of clues the students made guesses to what they thought was inside. It was a tough one! We finally opened the present and found a hopscotch rug inside to use in the classroom for Fun Fridays/Mondays!

img_6025 img_6026 img_6131


  • Meals for Mexico – Thank you for all the food donations to our Mexico Neighbors! Each day we took count of all the new bags that came in! One student in our class also gave the great idea of putting stickers on the bags! So easy and another fun way to decorate! On Friday we 39 bags of dry food….that’s 39 meals! Then at the end of the day as one mom came to pick  up her daughter she asked if it was too late to give their bag of dry food! I told her it was fantastic as she put us at 40 bags/meals! Thank you for your generosity to give. Its a busy season and for many there is sadness, pain, and for some hunger! Thank you for sharing the gift of food with others!
  • Tribute to Troops – Here’s a capture of all the beatiful, patriotic stars that came in to give to those who serve our country! Thank you for taking the time and sharing the opportunity with your little one!

img_6130 img_6024

Happy New Year & Happy Holidays

I sadly never got my holiday family card up on the wall (so if yours was late too, feel free to bring it after the break…we’ll plan to leave them up a few more weeks in January to enjoy. Just send them in your child’s folder). Since I couldn’t get it in the wall in time, I’m sending our silly card to each of you electronically! Please share with your two-O-sixer! Have a wonderful break and we’ll see next year on January 3rd in 2017!


Upcoming Events – WELCOME to 2017

  • AFP Monthly Meeting – Tuesday, January 3rd
  • Mother Son Bowling – Saturday, January 7th
  • Penguin Parade – Friday, January 14th
  • Martin Luther King Holiday – Monday, January 17th
  • New Year Day – Observed (enjoy the new year with your loved ones)


  • Mrs. Hickson teaches this day!


  • Before School Run Club


  • Before School Run Club
  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 1/6

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club

TK Days – Dec. 5 – 9

IN THIS POST: Character Education – Respect, Window Art – December, Writing with Mrs. Wick’s Class, Mother/Son Bowling, 206 Winter Celebration, Holiday Cards, We Have Heart, Pajama Day, Upcoming Events, Next Week.

Character Education – Respect

This week Meredith Nady came in to speak to the students about Respect. This is a big one when you are 5 years old. It can be difficult to distinguish respect as we are learning everyone is different which a huge concept. She read a book called, “Words are not for hurting.” This led into a conversation about how the words we say can really hurt someone and can’t be taken back after they’ve been said. She discussed our classroom rules and how they are all about respecting others, the school and ourselves. She also spoke to the kids about touching others (such as: hugs, pokes, and even a pat on the back) could be welcome by some and unwelcome by others.

After the story and discussion the students went back to their desks and colored and glued bookmarks that reminded us how to be respectful to others. We have continued to touch back on the topic as situations come up so it was a great topic and learning experience!

img_5940 img_5941 img_5942 img_5951

Window Art – December

Neda Afshar came in this week to create window art with our students. We read Snowmen at Night (if you haven’t checked this one out, you should borrow it from the library…the kids loved it). After our story, Neda passed out circles for each student to cut. They cut out a circle for each name in their letter in addition to one extra circle for the head of their snowman. After writing their name and gluing the letters together, they decorated their snowman! This was a great activity to work on practicing our names with lower case letters and to have some winter fun!

The students made up a title for the snowman art to match the book we read before making our snowmen!



Writing with Mrs. Wick’s Class

We are finishing our current writing series next week. This writing has been different than the writing we started the year off with. In this segment of writing we focused writing informational writing to describe something. There was also a heavy focus on the conventions of writing…starting their sentences with a capital letter, using finger spaces and ending their sentences with a period. This was introductory for many and was great practice for them all! In January we will continue informational writing but we will be using a different program (similar to September) that focuses more on the craft of writing rather than the conventions.

This week we visited Mrs. Wick’s class to join them for a writing lesson about Mr. Morici. We (both classes) interviewed him and then wrote all about what we knew about him!

img_5940 img_5939

Mother Son Bowling

Flyers went out this week for Mother Son Bowling! These are due next week! If you missed your flyer or lost it, stop by the office and pick one up! This is a special date night opportunity with your little man that is a lot of fun!

* In early 2017 information will go out for the Father Daughter Dance which is also a night of fun! Don’t miss out on these great opportunities!


206 Winter Celebration

Our 206 Winter Celebration is approaching! Official Flyers will go home today. The students will be doing some fun activities, crafts and having a light snack. All CLEARED parents/grandparents are welcome to join us (we kindly ask that adults only come in to volunteer and participate). Check out the flyer for details. NOTE: This is also Pajama Day for the whole school!

We are also doing a book exchange that day. Simply send in a gender neutral paperback book that is wrapped with your child’s name on it. There is a box in the classroom as we will be playing a fun game to swap books. Bring these in anytime before next Friday.

* Just a reminder this is a half day for the whole school. This means we will dismiss at the classroom door and there will be changes for the SAY program (it will act like a Thursday) .


img_5945 img_5944

Holiday Cards –

Just a reminder if you have your family Holiday Card, feel free to send one in your child’s folder and we’ll hang it up in class! Thank you for all the cards that have already been sent in!fullsizerender

We Have Heart –

Tribute to Troops – Just a reminder…decorated stars were due today. If you forgot, feel free to send them in next week as I got word I can send them next weekend as well. We got a lot back this week! Thank you!


Meals for Mexico – Bring these in next week. My daughter made one and has one more she would like to decorate. Its simple and fun and provides a whole meal for a family! Let’s see how many we can bring in!

So as you’re shopping this weekend, pick up a bag of beans or rice and fill them in a quart sized bag!

Get dry food & bag            Decorate the bag.         Fill with food and return.

Return by next Friday! Please share with friends and neighbors and see if they want to donate a meal as well. One bag is an entire meal for a family!

Pajama Day –

Next Friday our whole school will be having a spirit day….Pajama day! Find some fun pajamas to match the weather and come to school! I’ll be wearing mine as well! Parents feel free to participate…how often do you get to wear your pj’s out and about! (Just a reminder, students must wear regular shoes…no slippers).



Upcoming Events

  • Pajama Day – Friday, December 16th
  • Meals for Mexico Due Date – Friday, December 16th
  • 206 Celebration – Friday, December 16th
  • Winter Break – Saturday, December 17, 2016 – Monday, January 2, 2017
  • AFP Monthly Meeting – Tuesday, January 3rd
  • Mother Son Bowling – Saturday, January 7th
  • Penguin Parade – Friday, January 14th
  • Martin Luther King Holiday – Monday, January 17th
MONDAY – 12/12
  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)

TUESDAY – 12/13

  • Before School Run Club


  • Before School Run Club

THURSDAY – 12/15

  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 12/16

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Minimum Day for all EBS
  • Pajama Day!!! (Wear your PJs….no slippers)
  • 206 Winter Celebration! (10:30 – 11:30…adults are all welcome, you must be cleared)

TK Days – Nov. 28 – Dec. 2

IN THIS POST: Western BBQ, Holiday Cards, Rainbow Week, Firefighter Presentation, 206 Loves the World, 206 Winter Celebration Details, Next Week

Western BBQ – Wednesday, December 7th

Next Wednesday is the Western BBQ! This is fun event that our district holds 2-3 times a year. On this day, parents can come to join their child having lunch at school. Since our class dismisses before the lunch hour, we have been invited to join after school.

Simply sign in at the office for a visitor badge, then as we dismiss students at the gate, you can come through the gate and go up the cafeteria area to eat with your child. Students will need their lunch pin as they will go through the cafeteria to do so. Parents will pay as the register and then go through the food line. There are extra drinks, cookies, chips that are also for sale if desired. It can be a lot of fun for kids to eat with parents at school and with their friends. *If you didn’t return the form last week and plan to go, please return to the office ASAP on Monday so they can get an accurate count. 


Holiday Cards

We know this is the time of  year where many families create and deliver Holiday Cards. If you have an extra and would like to share it with our class simply send one in your child’s folder and we will hang it up. We are creating a wall for these to hung up on!

Firefighter Presentation

This week we were lucky enough to join the Kindergarten FireFighter Presentation! They have been studying fire safety in their Social Studies lessons and booked a Fire Safety presentation this week. Since we are a part of their team we were invited to join. It started with short assembly in the Multi Purpose Room discussing how to be safe in case of a fire, how to take care of burns, and what to do if you catch on fire. There was some video of local fire fighters who gave wise tips and advice on how to stay safe.

Next we went outside to listen to our local fire station share about their jobs as well as being safe. We got to ask questions and one kindergartner even got to try on fire gear! It was huge! What a fun day!

img_5915 img_5914 img_5913 img_5910 img_5909

Rainbow Week

This past week, we celebrated Rainbow Week. Each child wore their favorite color. Then we lined them up in Rainbow order and took a picture of the whole class! It came out so cute! Check these colorful kids out!


206 Winter Celebration

Our 206 Winter Celebration is Friday, December 16, from 10:30 – 11:30. Students will be making crafts, eating a snack, and doing a book exchange!

To participate in the book exchange, please have your child bring a wrapped, paper-back, gender-neutral book . There is a blue tub right inside the classroom door to put your wrapped book in. Bring your book in any time before Friday, December 16th, 2016.

* Just a reminder this is a school-mind minimum day.


206 Loves the World

  • Food Bank – Last month our school was collecting to donate food to the San Diego Food Bank. Our class was so generous. We counted each item that came in and we collected 58 food items! Hooray!
  • Meals to Mexico – Next week we are starting our collections for Meals for Mexico. There is a community in our neighboring country that we help support. Many of the families don’t have real home and are lacking in food to feed to their families. One way we found we could help them was providing a meal in a bag. The steps are simple and it offers a great conversational opportunity with your child regarding the multitude of needs in this world. To donate to this community 1. Get a quart sized ziploc bag    2. Decorate the bag with sharpie markers    3. Fill the bag with rice, beans or any other legume 4. Return by Thursday, December 15th. For more information, check out our WE HAVE HEART page.
  • Tribute to Troops –  Next week your child will be bringing a star home in their folder. Please help your child decorate the star in Red, White, and/or Blue. Be as creative as you can (just try to avoid glitter) and please write an encouraging message on the back thanking these men and women for all they do and have done. Students can sign (first names only) and their age.  Please return all stars by Friday, December 9th in Room 206 as we will send them out in the mail next weekend.

Upcoming Events

MONDAY – 12/5
  • Before School Run Club (Mrs. Miller will be there!)

TUESDAY – 12/6

  • Before School Run Club
  • Character Education – Meredith Nady (Responsibility)
  • Meals for Mexico bags go home.


  • Before School Run Club
  • Western BBQ (after 12:30 dismissal in the lunch courts)


  • Computer Lab
  • Whole School Dismisses at 12:30 (pick up at Room 206)
  • Mission to Save Table open at 8:00 am in front of the school

FRIDAY – 12/9

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Before School Run Club
  • Tribute to Troops  – Stars returned to class!