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The SCOOP – April 20 – 24

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Zoo Field Trip

You likely received your zoo field trip information on Thursday afternoon. This is our last field trip for the year. We are limited to have 40 people in our group, which allows us about 14 spots for Room 206. We’d love it if you could come out to join us. We will have a short class, take a tour bus around the zoo, eat our lunches, and then have a little free time at the end to explore the zoo. If you are able to join us fill out the gold sheet and return the bottom portion with the information about how many you are able to drive. We may pair up volunteers if needed to lower the number of cars traveling down.

If you are able (and cleared), mark your calendars and come with us to the San Diego Zoo!


  • What: Class, Tour, Explore the zoo
  • Date: Monday, May 18th
  • Who: Room 206 (TK/K) – all day event, plan to return at 3:00
  • Cost: $10 per student, $10 per parent
  • How will we get there: Parent Drivers

EBS Idol

Was that amazing or what?! This is a prime example of how awesome the EBS community is! Students had to apply, choose music, create choreography, audition and perform! The fun and creativity of this event is entertaining and outstanding to watch! If you missed it, you will want to make sure you attend next year! I teared up a few times watching the courage these kids had. There were kindergartners through 5th graders on the stage singing, dancing, and performing there hearts out!

The final act of the night involves the EBS staff. From what I hear, there is typically a whole staff routine. This year we performed Rock of Ages. There was a 20’s, 50’s, 70’s, and 90’s group. Each decade did a performance and then the whole group did one last song together. Mrs. Miller was in the 50’s group. This was all choreographed, planned, and coached by the infamous Lisa Olmore (an EBS parent who promotes to middle school this year…she will be greatly missed). I have been a variety of schools, and I can say it is a rarity to get so many staff members willing to learn, practice and perform together! As my first time seeing and being involved, I was blown away! I’m proud to be part of this penguin community!

EBS Idol 50's
Rock Of Ages – 50’s gang!


EBS Idol Rock of Ages
Its a little blurry, but a shot of the EBS Idol Staff at the end of the show!

Happy Adminstrator’s Week

This week our school celebrated Admistrator’s week! We are so very fortunate to work with such an amazing administration at EBS. We all know from past job experiences that the administration sets the tone/environment of a workplace/location/organization. I can tell you first hand that our fantastic administrators are the reason that EBS is wonderful . It is for this reason that we as teachers, students and parents applaud Principal Sloan and Vice Principal Morici!

Every class at EBS made some type of book, poster, sign, design to celebrate each of them (one for Principal Sloan and one for Vice Principal Morici). Our class made a penguin poster and a badge for them each to wear for the day! Here are some pics!

Photo Apr 22, 12 44 26 PM Photo Apr 22, 12 44 16 PMPhoto Apr 22, 12 44 08 PMPhoto Apr 22, 12 44 05 PM

Open House

We’re hoping you are all able to come on by to our annual Open House. Unlike Back to School Night, in the beginning of the year, where parents come without children to learn about the philosophy and details of the upcoming school year, Open House is exactly what it is called. Students are encouraged to bring their parents as they will be giving you a tour of our room and they will be your tour guide. Families will be coming and going throughout the hour as there is no set presentation. We are hoping you are able to drop by for a few minutes from 5:30 – 6:30 on May 14th. (FYI – in case you didn’t notice there will be food trucks and the Student Art Show that night as well, along with an EBS choir performance! Mark your calendars for this event as well!

Photo Apr 22, 8 37 46 AM

Earth Day

This week was the week of Earth Day! We read a book about Earth Day and wrote about how we can help the Earth (you may have heard your Kindergartner talking about this). Many of our students decided they wanted to help the planet by throwing away their trash or picking up trash. Others wrote about saving water, or riding their bike instead of driving in a car! Continue to encourage your student and family to help save the planet by making a commitment to make a personal impact on our world!

Run Mrs. Miller Run!

This weekend is my annual half marathon. I have run many different races, but this race, was my first! I ran that day and I committed that day that I would run it 20 years in a row. This Sunday marks my 15th La Jolla Half Marathon! I have run through heat, complete lack of training, early pregnancy, very late pregnancy (walked that one and came in dead last), 8 weeks off a broken ankle, and much more! Its a treasured race to me that I won’t miss! This is a picture of my husband and I running it together a few years back!


Monday – 4/27

  • PE with Coach Blower (don’t forget to wear your tennis shoes)
  • Renew Book Borrow Bags (return the bags on Mondays to receive new books) – READ these books 1-3 times each night throughout the week!

Tuesday – 4/28

  • Return School Library books – no check out until after spring break

Wednesday – 4/29

  • Library Visit –  (TK dismissal at 12:55 in the library)
  • Computer Lab with Ms. Martin

Thursday – 4/30

  • Minimum Day (dismissal at 12:30)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits!

Friday – 5/1

  • Homework/Reading Log Due (aim for 20 minutes of reading a session…break in two parts if needed)
  • Afternoon Run Club for K Students Only (Wear Tennis Shoes)

The SCOOP – April 13 – 17

Welcome to this week’s version of The SCOOP. Here you will read all about this past week and see a quick view of what is coming up in the week ahead.

Moby Max

Parents -Moby Max is a new online learning program that our school is trying out. We have a 30 day trial though there is a possibility to have it as a future program at EBS. Each child will be getting paper in their folder explaining the program and the log-in information. Please check it out! The kids tried it out in Ms. Martin’s class this week. They used the math section. The online program gave them a placement assessment and then gave them math lessons/games that coordinated with their working math level. Here’s an example of the letter you will have sent home with you.

Photo Apr 16, 2 44 23 PM

Volunteers… Thank You!

The annual EBS Volunteer Tea was this week! We just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped this year to prep for classroom projects, prep classroom parties, work with students, file papers, fill daily folders, teach Character Education or Fine Artists, assist every other week in PE, cut, staple, bind, count box tops, coordinate Jog-A-Thon and so much more! We couldn’t be more fortunate to have you all and thank you for giving of your time  as you cleared your schedules and/or took time off work for us! I can tell you that there is no way we could have accomplished all that we did this year without you guys! Thanks for making this such a great year for 206! Thank you!

Photo Apr 17, 10 57 42 AM Photo Apr 17, 10 54 44 AM

Here’s a picture of the tablecloth we made for the Volunteer Tea (Theme: Outerspace)

Photo Apr 15, 8 35 39 AM

PE – This Week

Our wonderful PE volunteer, Hilda Yu comes every other week during PE to help Coach Blower. This week she caught a cool photo of the kids doing a fun activity! Thanks for the photo!

Photo Apr 13, 11 56 32 AM

Character Ed – Perseverance

This week, Mrs. Angela Weathers came in to 206 to teach us about PERSEVERANCE! This term was not too unfamiliar to us as we have spent this whole year using DETERMINATION as one of our theme words! These too words are very similar. Mrs. Weathers read a book called Dumpy LaRue, which was about a pig that persevered to make her dream of dancing come to life. She also inspired others in the process (we sometimes forget that our own perseverance can inspire others to persevere too). After they read this story, students went to their desks to write about what they wanted to be when they grew up and what their dreams were. A few of the samples are written below! These kids are awesome!

Photo Apr 14, 9 17 30 AM

Photo Apr 14, 9 26 01 AM
When I grow up I want to be a Ballet Teacher.
Photo Apr 14, 9 24 50 AM
When I grow up I want to be a vet that works with puppies and works with other animals like rabbits and cats.
Photo Apr 14, 9 24 24 AM
When I grow up I want to be…. “a Queen.”
Photo Apr 14, 9 24 08 AM
I want to be an airplane pilot.

Photo Apr 16, 3 25 08 PM


This name rings a special sound in our hearts! We have all come to know and love this wonderful boy in our class. He has such a big heart and is full of personality. We are so very saddened he is leaving EBS and 206, as he and his family are moving! Theo, you make us laugh, smile and feel so loved! Best of luck on your move! (we hope you stay in touch 🙂

Friday was his last day! We celebrated with a class made book and an EBS memento to remember us by! Thanks Megan Brenk and Rae Peterson for making our last day with Theo so special!

Photo Apr 16, 12 31 27 PM

Photo Apr 17, 11 59 21 AM Photo Apr 17, 12 39 52 PM

Monday – 4/20

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Renew Book Borrow Bags (return the bags to receive new books)
  • Star of the Week Kit goes home (1-TK and 1-K student each week)

Tuesday – 4/21

  • Return School Library books

Wednesday – 4/22

  • Computer Lab with Ms. Martin
  • Library Visit with Ms. Tremblay –  (TK dismissal at 12:55 in the library)

Thursday – 4/23

  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits!

Friday – 4/24

  • EBS Idol
  • Homework/Reading Log Due (aim for 20 minutes of reading a session…break in two parts if needed)

The SCOOP – April 6 – 10

If you have any 206 friends who miss the information in this week’s blog, please feel free to pass the word on via text, email or conversation. Thanks!

Welcome Back

Welcome back from your spring vacation! Its crazy to think how fast this year is going and that we only have a little over 2 months left of this year! Ahhh! Way too fast! We have some great events coming up in the next month. Check out the calendar page to see the events through the end of the year.

  • EBS Idol – Friday Evening, April 24th
  • Open House – Thursday, May 14th
  • Zoo Field Trip – Monday, May 18th

Oh yeah and if you are wondering who the crazy lady with the teal hair is….its your very own Mrs. Miller! I decided to spunk it up a little and try something a little different and fun! I promise its the same me, just making the most of a fantastic year!

Spring Pictures

The kids did great today! There was a very helpful EBS parent there to help our class smooth, wipe, and prep these kiddos for the camera! Your children are beautiful!!!

EBS Idol Tickets

Talk is high about EBS Idol! As its my first year at EBS, I’m a bit in the dark, but from the little I know this is a big school event that is looked forward to with much anticipation! Students have had to plan, choreograph, turn in music and audition to get a part in this show! I was coerced into joining the teachers in the finale and have been practicing a couple times a week with some other EBS staff members! Seems like it’ll be a lot of fun! An initial set of flyers went home (white copies) that had an incorrect date. A corrected, green ticket flyer went home (and is pictured below) The tickets are $5.00 each unless you want the special seating in the front (those can only be purchased online).

  • When: Friday, April 24th
  • Time: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
  • Location: EBS Auditorium

Photo Apr 10, 1 36 26 PM


Subtraction and Some New Terminology for “equal”

This month we have focused greatly on the concept of subtraction (taking amounts away from a larger group). During our experiences with the concept of subtraction, we have told many types of stories, where the items/objects get eaten, lost, broken, etc. We have used many types of manipulatives to tell our math stories. Here is an example of a story the students are saying and some different ways to show they understand.

  • Math Story – There were 8 birds in the nest. Then 2 of them flew away. How many birds were still in the nest?
  • Picture to show understanding – O O O O O O O O
  • Number Sentence   8 – 2 = 6      or       6 = 8 -2   (See explanation below to show how students understanding of “equal/= ” needs to be flexible and clear).
  • Oral Reading of the Number Sentence: “Eight take away two is the same as 6.”
  • Answering the Question: (often forgotten) There were 6 birds in the nest.

 Equal   =   “The Same  As”

Many of the students have been exposed to mathematical symbols ( +, – , = ). Though many students have a misconception about the meaning of the “equal” symbol ( = ). It is often misinterpreted to mean “the answer is.” This can limit student’s understanding and can cause them to be inflexible in their understanding. We are trying to get students to see that the relationship between both sides of the “equal/= ” sign are the same (a balance on both sides. In reference to the example (number sentence)  above, 8 – 2 birds is the same as 6 birds (just as 6 = 6). This is a very key concept for students to understand in subtraction and addition. To help reinforce this understanding, we use the phrase “the same as,” when working in our math stories and number sentences. We have also reversed our number sentences (like the example above) to help show the equality.

I know when I was in elementary school, the “equal/= ” symbol was used to show the answer was coming. I have had to retrain myself to remember the understanding of the symbol and to then use the words that match the meaning of the number relationships. Try using “the same as” at home, especially when doing the Family Math Problems on the back of our reading logs.


We have had some writing goals as we progress to the end of the year to help us improve as we prepare for the next year ahead.

  • Writing Content Goals – Many of our writers, write one sentence to share their story.
    • We are working to add on to our stories.
    • Give more details to explain our stories.
    • Show what happened through our words.
    • Label our pictures to help explain them.
  • Language Goals – As young writers, sometimes habits have been picked up that need to be retrained. See the many of the habits we are working to retrain.
    • Using a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence.
    • Only use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, the word “I,” or for proper nouns. (many writers have built in habits of writing certain letters in capital letters, regardless of where the letters are being used.
    • Reread your writing to check for where the periods should go (end of an idea).
    • The writer should reread the writing aloud to make sure it can be reread.

Monday – 4/13

  • PE with Coach Blower (don’t forget to wear your tennis shoes)
  • Renew Book Borrow Bags (return the bags on Mondays to receive new books) – READ these books 1-3 times each night throughout the week!

Tuesday – 4/14

  • Return School Library books – no check out until after spring break
  • Character Education Lesson – with Angela Weathers

Wednesday – 4/15

  • Library Visit –  (TK dismissal at 12:55 in the library)
  • Computer Lab with Ms. Martin

Thursday – 4/16

  • Minimum Day (dismissal at 12:30)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits!

Friday – 4/17

  • Homework/Reading Log Due (aim for 20 minutes of reading a session…break in two parts if needed)
  • Afternoon Run Club for K Students Only (Wear Tennis Shoes)

Reminders for Tomorrow!

Spring Pictures

Just a reminder that Spring Pictures are tomorrow! Practice those smiles and be ready to say cheese! Our class will be taking our picture at 9:30 am.

AFP Fundraiser and Prizes

Tomorrow is our monthly AFP Fundraiser at Wendy’s on Scripps Poway Parkway. We help raise money for our school by eating a meal at Wendy’s tomorrow from 1:00 – 8:00 pm. This month there is a contest. The class that raises the most money, will win a free kids meal for each student! Let’s aim high….”We can do it!” All you have to do to help our class win is print the flyer below, fill in Mrs. Miller on the “Teacher’s Name: ____” line and turn it in when you order your food. So come on our and support EBS and join in the efforts to help our class win by eating out at Wendy’s….the FROSTY’s are my favorite!

See/Print Flyer Here: WendysFundraiser – April 2015

Scholastic Book Orders

If you are planning on ordering any books this month, please get your online or paper orders in by tomorrow. Thank You!