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The SCOOP for 206 – October 20-24

Apple Orchard Field Trip

A special thanks to all the volunteers who joined us on this day! Thank you for your time and flexibility as we transported 25 students to the Corcoran Orchard in Ramona.

During our trip to the apple orchard we learned a TON about apple trees and how they grow and what they need to grow. I think for many of us adults we too learned and realized how much information we likely didn’t know about apples and apple trees! ūüėČ It was a lot of fun and very informative. Our class was so¬†fortunate that we¬†to go on a perfect-weather kind of day!

When we arrived Mrs. Corcoran told us the story of their family orchard (how it started, how it grew, and how it changed over the years). We then went to sit at the picnic tables to hear a presentation with props regarding apple growth and tree information (just what we are studying in science). Then we were able to go into the orchard to pick 10 Granny Smith apples to take home and 1 extra apple to eat. We had a little extra time to enjoy the open field as we ate our apples and basked in the sun. Afterwards, we got back into our car loads and headed home! Thumbs up to a successful and informative trip to the Corcoran Apple Orchard!

Apple Orchard Photo

Computer Lab – Raz Kids

Have your child do the following sequence independently. They have practiced this in computer lab and will need to do this independently in class as well.

  • EBS site
  • Computer Lab
  • EBS Subscriptions
  • RAZ – Kids
  • Type in “ebs206”
  • Have your child click on their name (color/shape individual icons)
  • Click the Blue Planet

Books can be read in any order. They must get a green check for the listening part (ear icon) and the read independently part (eye icon). They get points for every book they read. The site will keep track of their reading progress.

They can log these books into their Reading Log/Homework.

Students working on Raz Kids RAZ Kids - Computer Lab

Mission to Save

This is a great opportunity that Mission Federal Credit Union offered to 1 school in Scripps Ranch. A flyer went home about a week ago with students regarding the program. For any student enrolled in our school, MFCU is offering a savings account. Only a quarter is needed to open the account and MFCU is able to guarantee 5% interest on the first $500 dollars that you deposit. Its a great way to start the conversation around earning, saving, and money with your student. If you missed signing up last week, they will be taking more sign ups on November 6th before school. In addition, they will be on campus every Thursday, so that students can make deposits even with change found around the house and car. Check it out to see if you want to take advantage of a great program.

Mission Federal Credit Union Flyer

Sight Words (aka High Frequency Words)

Please take the time to practice these each day. This can be done in the car, during breakfast, before bed, or any other little pocket of time. It is a valuable asset to their reading and is strengthened over time. I found many of the students don’t know many of these sight words I have included in the reading log each week. For this reason, I have changed the weekly homework log to only include 3 sight words rather than 5. I will also include review weeks as well. Another supportive idea is to make a set of cards to practice at home. Here is a sample set I use in our class and I have one in my own home as well. Each week you can add the new cards as your child learns them. If you are just starting to learn and practice them at home, start with 3 or 5 cards and build on from there. I’m attaching the latest¬†Room 206 Sight Word List¬†here in case you need to go back or see them as a whole. Next week’s words are included here as well.

Photo Oct 23, 11 58 08 AM

Book Borrow Program

Starting on Monday, students will be choosing books to take home. We will be choosing books with in their range. Please read the letter attached to the manilla envelope. It will be in your child’s folder. This letter gives a lot of information about independent reading for your student and book difficulty and fluency. Students will pick new books every Monday. They may log the SAME titles multiple times on¬†their log. If you child need extra motivation, ¬†you can purchase dot stickers to build a reading worm (1 dot per book read). See sample worm starter below.Reading Book Worm (extra incentive if needed)

District Survey Cards

These pink cards went home on Friday. Please return these as soon as possible in your students folder as we are required to turn them in for every student. Thank you for your support.

Run Club

We did our first week of Run Club on Friday afternoon (with our kindergartners). Students run as many laps as they can around the center shared field. Each time they run around they get a popsicle stick to keep track of the laps they’ve run. At the end we mark down the total number of laps run that day. Students¬†throughout the school have the opportunity to run in the mornings as well as with their classes to build their total number of laps. On these days our kindergarten students will need to wear the same tennis shoes they use for PE as well as bring a water bottle that day (we bring these up with us to the field).

Don’t Forget??????

Please remember to have your child put their name on homework or any other papers being returned. We have had some students homework, field trip forms, and conference sign up sheets returned with no name on them. Please check and remind your child to mark their name on their homework.

Monday – 10/27

  • Return Federal Survey Cards
  • PE – Wear Tennis Shoes that cover the entire foot.
  • Whole Body Listening Lesson

Tuesday – 10/28

  • Return Library books in order to check out a book on Wednesday

Wednesday – 10/29

  • Library Visit¬†NEW DAY/TIME¬†(TK parents …dismissal is¬†at the library at 12:55)

Thursday – 10/30

  • Color Day – Wear¬†Orange
  • Minimum Day (dismissal at 12:30)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits (see flyer for the deal and details)

Friday Р10/31  РHappy Halloween

  • Homework/Reading Log Due (5 days of reading minimum)
  • Halloween Party!! 11:30 –¬†12:30 (check to make sure you’re cleared…
  • Bring water bottle and wear tennis shoes for Run Club. (K students only)
  • Have a safe and fun night!

Candy Left Overs????

See the flyer below to donate your candy, help our school, and share candy with others to bring a smile!

Left Over Candy Information

The SCOOP for 206 – October 13 – 17

Fall Festival

What an event! That was my first EBS Fall Festival! It was so successfully fantastic! I was able to see some our 206 family enjoying themselves and all dressed up! I hope you all had a great time and were able to make it. My family was only able to be there for a little while, but we got to walk around and see the face painting, cake walk, the BINGO games, food trucks and all auction items! Did you get to see Ms. Sloan in her Penguin Costume?…she’s a trooper loaded with EBS spirit!

Thank You for all the Birthday Wishes!

I just wanted to thank you all for your kind birthday wishes. This has been a special year as I have loved going back to the classroom and being fortunate to have your kids in my class. I have bonded and become very close with them. I truly love them and am touched by how much love they showed for my birthday! The hugs, smiles, gifts, cards, and especially the birthday song were a special treat to make this birthday girl grin big for days! Thank you again! I brought the kids in a few treats to celebrate!


We have been focusing on numbers and counting. This week I added a new math activity for home. It was a look at different “Dot Card” combinations. We use these in 206 to practice subitizing. Similarly to sight words its a quick and easy routine you can practice in 2-4 minutes daily or every other day. It build number recognition, understanding number, and is conceptual basis for understanding parts in addition/subtraction. If your child enjoys a little mommy/daddy and me competition you can flip the card and see who names it first. We put ours on a ring and flip them. I have also seen the dots on paper plates. I use dot stickers to build the combinations, but you could also draw them on.

We have also been doing 3-5 word problems a week. (Note: Sometimes these are done in the afternoons, but I typically add one in the homework as well.) I usually start by verbally telling a story that is authentic and catches their interest. For example, I told them a story a while back about getting some flowers and needing to split them up into two rooms at my house. (the more details I add the more engaged they are…). I explained I had a glass vase and a plastic vase and wondered if I had 5 flowers how many I could put in each vase. This story¬†presented problem solving to understand there were multiple answers, as opposed to one answer. In mathematics, this is sometimes the case. We used a visual to help us solve (counters and brown sheet of paper (glass vase) ¬†and gray sheet of paper (plastic vase). The first student to help us showed us that you could put 2 in one vase and 3 in the other. My next question was is there another way we could have split them. This went on until all the parts to 5 were represented. See two of the charts below…one I wrote down their thinking (early September) and a more recent chart to show students thinking on our chart.

I try to vary the problems each time to remind them to understand the meaning of the question and to think about what it looks like and what its asking. We are also co-creating a chart of what we do when we do math. We talk about the tools we can use and that we sometimes change our thinking and of course that we try and try and try…De-ter-min-a-tion! Try some of these on at home as little math issues arise in your home. Your little problem solver loves to help and is using math in these authentic situations!

Math Chart - Focus on "What we do as mathematicians." Math Chart - Story Problem with 2 vases (multiple answers) Math Chart - Tools we use and how we show our thinking.
Critical Thinking

This week we reached the point in our Critical Thinking where we learned about the shape of a story. We reread a familiar text (Mrs. Wishy-Washy) and talked about the story and conflict in the story. As we reached the turning point of the story we saw how the story changed shape as it led to the resolution. Check out the chart to see our thinking regarding the story and the concepts/ideas/feelings that rose from this story and discussion. Love the perseverance these kids possess.

Shape of a story

Library Time/Day Change

Our class library time is changing. We will now be attending the library on Wednesdays from 12:30 – 1:00. Our TK’s (aka Yellow Group) will dismiss from the library and the Kindergarteners (aka Blue Group) will go directly to lunch after. Please note how this will change the book due dates.

  • Attend the school library on Wednesdays at 12:30
  • Return books the following Tuesday in order to check out a new book the next day.

Reading Log and Book Borrow Program

Copy of a blank reading is now attached under the Info and Resources Tab under a new page called “Resources.” Always feel free to use a blank piece of paper as well. We value the reading most of all.

I’m almost finished with all the start-of-the-year assessments on all the students. Starting sometime in the next week or so I will send a letter and large envelope for a Book Borrow Program. The letter will explain all the details as this will help your child practice their own reading. The books should be at their level so they aren’t frustrated when reading. The books can also be used to write down on their reading log. The goal will be for students to read the books multiple times over the course of the week to build fluency, reading practice, and confidence. Keep your eyes out for the letter and large envelope.

**Thanks to all the parents who have taken books home to be stickered/labeled in order to also do this Book Borrow Program.

Are you CLEARED? — if not you’ll want to be…

You will be receiving a flyer for the class Halloween Party this week (special thanks to our Room Moms…Soya and Megan for all the planning!) If you are cleared, you are invited to join us this day! The party will start at 11:30 and end at 12:30. We hope you can join us in the fun!

Monday – 10/20

  • Apple Orchard Field Trip – bring carseats and check the weather

Tuesday – 10/21

  • Return Permission Form
  • Return Library books

Wednesday – 10/22

  • Library Visit NEW DAY/TIME (TK parents pick up in the library at 12:55 or join us)

Thursday – 10/23

  • Color Day – Wear Black
  • Minimum Day (dismissal at 12:30)
  • Park Playdate for 206 (at Scripps Ranch Community Park -on Blue Cypress)
  • Mission Federal Credit Union at School for deposits (see flyer for the deal)

Friday – 10/24

  • Homework/Reading Log Due (5 days of reading minimum)
  • Math Demo Lesson in 206 (SDCOE presenter)

Character Education – Generosity

Megan Brenk came in this week to teach our second Character Ed Lesson on Generosity. I was an awesome lesson regarding giving to others. In the lesson, she read the story of Stone Soup to the kids and let them each participate by interacting to act out the story. At the end of the lesson she discussed how we can practice generosity in many ways.

One way our school and our 206 students can be generous is to give to our Kids Against Hunger box. It lives in our classroom all year as we collect money to give to other kids so they can eat. We spoke in detail about how there are other kids who don’ t always get to eat when they are hungry or have a snack as they don’t have enough food. This is a concept we will continue to discuss but definitely brought an awareness to our students about others.

We encouraged the kids to consider bringing in coins that they find or are laying around the house to donate. Some kids in the past have even raised money to contribute to this cause as it sadly is a real issue that many children in our own city deal with¬†from day to day. Besides donating to help others, its a great reminder to us about what current issues that others are facing. I am attaching the links to both our school’s Character Ed. site to read more and see future events our school does to contribute such as the food drive next month.¬†I’m also attaching a link to¬†the page regarding our charity partners (Friends and Family Communities Connection) and how they are the founder of the on-going project Kids Against Hunger, ¬†if you want to have additional¬†conversations with your child around this subject.

Stone Soup book with Kids Against Hunger Box

The SCOOP for 206 – October 6th – 10th

What a great week we had! We have all really bonded and have become very familiar with each other! I just have to thank you all for all the support! I couldn’t be more grateful and couldn’t do this job without you all! Thank you for partnering in this year in so many ways!

Fine Art Lesson

We had two of our 206 moms and one of our 206 Grandmas come on in and teach our first of six Fine Art Lessons. The kids were read a story this week to tell them more information about the artist. During the lesson they created their own art piece inspired by the artist.

Group Picture Before Fine Art

Computer Lab

Another great week for the kids in Computer Lab. This is becoming a class time favorite for 206! This week amongst many things, Ms. Martin showed the students a new website. Check out the directions to try at home:

  • Go to the school website
  • Go to Students
  • Drop down to Computer Lab
  • Click on the left to Ms. Martin’s Favorites
  • Click on
  • Choose K
  • Enjoy the games, (the kids love FuzzBugs)

¬†Ms. Sloan’s Birthday

Friday was Ms. Sloan’s Birthday! We made her a special card to tell her how much we loved her! We created the card during Interactive Writing. This was a negotiated and authentic message. Different students came up to help write parts of the text. Since it was a card, we all got to sign it!

Ms. Sloan's Birthday Card

Ms. Sloan's Card - Silly Faces


This week I sent home the Reading Log and I made a mistake on the front page. I didn’t mean to print the box on the front page with the table of sight words from last week. This week is a Sight Word Review week. We have had 4 weeks of lists and we want to make sure that everyone is practicing and knows all 20 sight words so far. Take this week to review or catch up on any words that your child needs more practice on. I also printed some ideas to modify or challenge your students as well. The back page explains in more details how you can review the words with your student.Thank you for your support and consistency!

  • Week 1: I, at, the, is, to
  • Week 2: it, go, me, and, we
  • Week 3: in, my, a, up, be
  • Week 4: on, am, like this had

Class Roster

I have updated some information in the class roster and will email this out. Please replace this roster with the previous one sent out. Thank you again to Angela Weathers for creating this!


I’m posting a new volunteer sheet outside the class tomorrow after dismissal regarding a few more volunteer spots. Please stop by and take a look if you are able to contribute in any way. Thank you!

The Week Ahead….

MONDAY 10/13

  • PE – Wear tennis shoes that cover your full foot. No Crocs, Mary Janes, TOMS, or slip ons.


  • Character Education Lesson by Megan Brenk (Generosity)


  • Computer Lab


  • Wear Purple
  • Return your library books
  • Minimum Day

FRIDAY 10/17

  • Return your reading log
  • Fall Festival!!!! ¬†5:30 pm at EBS


The SCOOP for 206 – Sept. 29th – Oct. 3rd

Drench Mr. Morici

Since Room 206 turned in all of their envelopes we had the opportunity to have a water party with Mr. Morici! Monday morning we walked our line up and were the first class to get Mr. Morici all wet. Students picked up the water shooters, filled them up, and took a shot at Mr. Morici on the count of three. They all got to reload and make a second shot! Afterwards they all got an enjoyed an Otterpop by the wall ball courts! It was a blast! (all pictures are in the Media Gallery)

Mr. Morici ducking for cover
Mr. Morici ducking for cover

PE with Coach Blower

Students enjoyed some exercise and play with Coach Blower last Monday! Please don’t forget to remind your child to wear appropriate shoes as students are asked to sit out if they are not in shoes that are safe. She asks that students are in tennis shoes that cover the entire top of the foot (this is excludes any Mary Jane shoes, Crocs, canvas slip ons, or TOMS). A classic velcro or lace up tennis shoe seems to work best. I suggest just wearing them every Monday so you don’t have to keep track of PE days. Thank you! Ms. Yu has volunteered to support our students at PE! Yay!

 Character Education РResponsibility

EBS was founded on the philosophy of educating the whole child’s heart and mind. It takes a strong partnership of parents, teachers, administrators, and children working together to develop children who demonstrate: Responsibility, Generosity,Gratitude, Respect, Forgiveness, Honesty, Compassion, Cooperation, Perseverance, and Loyalty. Megan Brenk came in this week to teach our first Character Education lesson for the year. September was Responsibility month!¬†Volunteers spend about 30 minutes per month in the classroom leading a discussion, reading a book, role playing, or even doing skits and puppet shows that relate to each month’s character trait.¬†Right now, Megan has taken on this role solely by herself. We are really seeking to have 1-2 more parents teacher a couple lessons this year. Its a great way to not only connect with students, but to share and challenge our students with traits and concepts that we value and want them to have as contributing members of society. Please let us know if you are able to help. …THANK YOU MEGAN!

Science – Trees

This week our class will begin our science unit on Trees. We will be observing and comparing trees. We will be choosing a class tree on the school grounds as well. Your students may come home with lots of information and/or questions about trees and their parts. Feel free to join in the tree study at home by taking your child for walks in your neighborhood to observer trees and other plans to compare how they are alike and different. Look at the leaves….what shape are they? Do the trees have buds, flowers fruit, or seeds? Enjoy the conversations with your little scientist. You might even discover some new observations about near by trees you never noticed before!


We finished a unit on sorting (to put objects together that are the same with 1 or more similar attributes). We are now onto our next unit which focuses on a true understanding of number concepts. I added a back page to the homework for families to practice and work together. Again this is an activity for you and family enjoy and connect learning at home. It is not necessary to turn anything in, but I strongly encourage you to try these on. The students enjoy the activities and it allows extra practice on mathematical concepts. To modify the task, change the numbers in the word problem. Encourage your child to show their thinking with words, pictures or numbers. Praise the EFFORT for attempting and sticking with it.

Room 206 Class Roster

The class roster was emailed out this week. I have had a couple of changes that parents have emailed to me. If you would like any of the information updated or deleted, please email me as I will be sending out a FINAL DRAFT next weekend. A special thanks to Angela Weathers for creating the roster for our class! Enjoy this tool as a way to connect with other families in our class!

Class Field Trip: Apple Orchard Here We Come

We will be attending our first class field trip to an apple orchard on Monday, October 20th. This trip supports our Science as we are learning about Trees. We will be using parent drivers for our transportation to this field trip. All the information regarding the field trip will be going home with your child on Monday. Please keep your eye out and return all the information by Friday, October 10th. Shhhh….don’t tell your student! I will be sharing the news with them on Monday…they are going flip with excitement!

Fall Festival

The EBS Fall Festival is the evening of Friday, October 17th. This is a family friendly event held at the school. All proceeds go the AFP to benefit EBS Students! I’m planning to attend with my family and hope to see you there. There will be¬†games, face painting, a silent auction, a chance to buy your EBS spirit wear, costume parade, and much more!¬†A flyer went home with your child this past week regarding the festival and pre-order purchase packages for Bingo Tickets.

Our Fall Festival Basket

Thank you 206 Families for all your donations to our class basket and a special thanks to Megan Brenk for putting out all the information and for creating our class basket on such short notice to be auctioned off at the Fall Festival! Room 206's Basket for the Fall Festival

 BOX TOPS РSend in your box tops!

You received a flyer in your child’s folder this week regarding the contest. The top three classes get a prize. Box Tops give cash directly to our school ! Thanks to those families that have already turned in baggies of Box Tops.

This ¬†week…..MONDAY

  • Music with Mr. Waczek
  • Information regarding upcoming Field Trip will go home

This week …..TUESDAY

This ¬†week…..WEDNESDAY

  • Computer Lab

This ¬†week…..THURSDAY

  • Minimum Day – LUNCH only today….no snack
  • Return your LIBRARY books
  • Color Day – Wear GREEN ¬†(….next week’s color is Purple)

This ¬†week…..FRIDAY

  • Return Homework
  • Return Field Trip Information
  • Our students first Fine Artist Program project
  • 206¬†weekly visit to the school library